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  1. A few shows I see in this thread that I actually enjoyed quite a bit: Phantom 04 (Delicious Piazzolla. Guard was kind of a mess but Oblivion sounds great and the percussion parts are great) Cadets 06, BD 05 (and 04, but I think whoever put that down had the wrong year in mind) Crown 06 (one of my favorite Crown shows from a design standpoint -- I wouldn't ever say a show was horrible just because it wasn't performed well) My actual questionable shows: Blue Stars 09 (least favorite Stars show since their re-entry into WC) Crossmen 08 and 09 Bluecoats 10 (least favorite Bluecoats show sin
  2. The "survival" aspect of the show refers to surviving in the context of being at war. "Corps of Brothers" in the title refers both to the Madison Scouts and to a unit in a military.
  3. I think it's a perfectly fine place to ask. People get drumset spots by auditioning as if it were any other spot. Generally, you show up, get behind the set and help keep time for exercises, then probably do a one-on-one with the staff; having a solo prepared is a good idea. If you're male, the Madison Scouts drumset/rack player aged out, I know there's a spot there. It's not always guaranteed which corps will have a spot, so you'll have to do a bit of research. Scouts have had a drumset player for the last three years, as have Cavaliers. But Crown, for example, had one in 2011 but not one
  4. I count 38 for Scouts off the pre-season roster, but our lineup changed pretty heavily. I'm pretty sure we ended up with more ageouts than that.
  5. I didn't really care for BK's show but I think their guard outfits were fine.
  6. Thread's too long, not reading at all. This just replies to the original post. I think it depends on your style of parenting. Your child will become much more mature, reliable, efficient, fit, and musically talented. S/he will also become slightly more gruff, exposed to the "real world", and there's a small possibility of developing an injury. You can limit the risks by starting them off in a corps with younger people and less demand. In a liberal style of parenting, I'd go for it. If you're conservative and want to mold your child's life until you feel they've become an adult, feel free to
  7. Yep, not long at all. Can't copy and paste on my phone, but the title is "Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival". Music includes Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" and "You'll Never Walk Alone." In 2013, the Madison Scouts go to war.
  8. Don't get too anxious about the show announcement. It won't be long at all until the world knows. :) (possibly even today)
  9. 1. 2006 Phantom Regiment 2. 1998 Cadets 3. 2004 Cavaliers 4. 2003 Madison Scouts 5. 1999 SCV 6. 1993 Star 7. 1996 Blue Devils 8. 2005 Bluecoats 9. 2007 Carolina Crown 10. 1992 Crossmen 11. 1992 VK Can only think of 11.
  10. Ah. Entirely possible, since I only know pit people from gmen.
  11. Not sure on details, but Crossmen get cross necklaces, Music City gets stars, Glassmen get shields, Colts get triangles.
  12. Winning guard alone wouldn't necessarily take them to a new ordinal, but one also has to account that visual and visual ge scores would also improve. Besides, it's all kind of moot anyway. Regardless of whether or not they would move up, one 14th place caption in a sea of 6-8th places can certainly be said to be a weakness.
  13. I'm just going to reinforce the fact that corps members receive entrance bracelets and are just eager to watch their peers. This feels greatly like another "back in my day" thread. Very overblown. Booing is uncalled for. Getting in to watch shows and accidentally choosing a taken seat is not.