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    1. have you tuned in yet?
  1. '99 was Jim Wren's final year. Klesch arranged '00 and '01. He ran a fantastic ensemble rehearsal. Loved having him on staff in '00 and enjoyed the '01 show, immensely.
  2. Honestly, the comment in question aside, I think this is all part of a greater discussion on goals and values and what we aim to be. If the aim is to BE the Phantom Regiment, and stay true to our roots in our show design and execution. Fine. If the aim is to bend to be as competitive as possible, regardless of what it takes. Fine. My guess is that it would be somewhere in the middle, but my greater point is I believe that defining those values are important in terms of what is judged as "Success" for the Phantom Regiment. I mean, maybe those values are already defined, I am not
  3. For me, I love the trombone / low brass moment of the show, I think it's the most effective, and builds up to what could be a huge moment, but it just stops there and loses all momentum. I've seen that as a huge loss in momentum and missed opportunity since I first heard the show. It seems like all exposition and no reward, in my mind.
  4. I think that they can stick to their identity, but make it completely fresh in modern design with new material that is in line with the corp's identity. But, they should be sure to not leave out the WOW moments, those must be there. You have to try and get the audience out of their seats. The show can't just 'sit there', or the audience will, too.
  5. This is why what Rennick does is so amazing. It's all about sound and musicality. The players all have an amazing touch, and the ensemble creates a beautiful sound from the battery. It is not overly harsh or intense, but "round" and musical. Not to mention what Sandy brings to the front ensemble. But, I digress...