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  1. If the MiM shows are the same as the shows listed on USBands site as "The Marching Band Series powered by USBands," here's where the shows are so far: -October 11th: Texas - this show will compete with a BOA regional in Conroe. -November 1: Annapolis, MD I also saw a show listed on their site for the Midwest on October 25th-no site given, but this may be a terrible idea as there's a BOA Super Regional that weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium, and I can probably count on one hand the amount of Midwestern bands that have participated in a USBands show.
  2. According to the BOA restricted composition list, the ban hasn't been lifted. http://www.musicforall.org/resources/copyright/restricted-compositions#RestrictedVideo
  3. I just checked my account. You're not the only one.
  4. 10 99's and 1 100 on the recap. It's still Thursday, right?
  5. They say the shows are in the bundle though...who knows?
  6. APD's are now out for The Southwestern Championships. APD's are not available due to music licensing for the following: Genesis, Madison, Blue Stars, Crossmen, Colts, OC, Surf, Pioneer.
  7. 1 Blue Devils 87.700 2 Carolina Crown 87.600 3 The Cadets 87.050 4 Santa Clara Vanguard 85.750 5 The Cavaliers 81.350 6 Blue Knights 81.050 7 Spirit of Atlanta 78.550 8 Crossmen 77.150 9 Blue Stars 77.050 10 Colts 75.450 11 Mandarins 72.450
  8. Jolesch looks like they're still in business as Jolesch Enterprises.
  9. Cavaliers website says their practice site is: Barker Middle School 319 Barker Road Michigan City, IN 46360
  10. Madison: Krueger Middle School 2001 Springland Ave Michigan City, IN 46360 Crossmen: Michigan City High School 8466 W. Pahs Road Michigan City, IN 46360 Blue Stars: Chesterton High School 2125 S 11th St. Chesterton, IN 46304 Legends: Knapp Elementary School 321 Bolka Avenue Michigan City, IN 46360
  11. 1 Madison Scouts 75.200 2 Blue Stars 73.300 3 Crossmen 71.700 4 Colts 69.600 4 Troopers 69.600 All Age Class 1 Minnesota Brass 77.600 2 Govenaires 70.400 Read more: http://www.dci.org/scores/index.cfm?event=e1521441-2e0a-4e2d-8d62-22b38b998c2c#ixzz2Xr3sIbhg