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  1. I'm still in London enjoying drinking my sorrows of this season away. Give me a few days. I'll be back.
  2. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Would have been a free ticket to finals!
  3. Well I was IN the show so I didn't get the same perspective as the audience.
  4. My Warsaw trip is on Uncle Sam's dime if it makes you feel any better lol...
  5. Can't believe the season is almost gone. I've only been to ONE show. Unacceptable. Whatever happens, it's been a year. Cadets, get back to being Cadets. Good luck to all the corps!
  6. How's this for dumb@ss? I leave for vacation for London on Monday. Come back to DC on the 23rd, then fly to Warsaw the next day.
  7. Still hoping they take out SCV. Go Crown.
  8. Do the corps get sponsorship with electronics and the costume changes every year as well?
  9. Good luck Cadets. Hoping for better quality next year.
  10. Just a reminder for anyone who missed it:
  11. I haven't been to finals since 2013. But I'd want to be there for this:
  12. Since you're not in this restaurant with me, you have no idea what my emotions are. Just stop while you're ahead.
  13. I'm gonna be bold. Crown is gonna take 1st.
  14. That drill doesn't exist anymore so I'm not sure what's causing your whiplash.