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  1. Well, he posted his own thoughts on how Cadets are doing so why would he have the need to check Cadets' financials. Can't understand why you guys are being ridiculous today.
  2. Yeah and he also got to look at how much gas was in the shuttle bus.
  3. Thank YOU for your sharing of information about Cadets 2020. With all the negativity that typically goes on in a Cadets thread (and I have been guilty of it in recent-previous years), given the information that's been coming out of each camp from many of the instructors who I've marched with, people who have close ties with the Cadets this season, I believe we would be better off embracing a more positive tone this year given what's happened in the past with this corps. The more people who have uplifting, direct knowledge to share about Cadets this year, the better. We need more of you.
  4. Yeah. But given this is a CADETS thread and there are quite a few people implying Cadets may not be touring this year, I think that person wanted to give a little more information about what's actually going on given he's part of those people who have been receiving and inventorying equipment...kinda providing balance to all the naysaying going on in this thread.
  5. Just because people come on here posting gloom-and-doom pontifications based on rumors from those they think are in the know doesn't make those rumors facts. I think we should wait for official announcements from those controlling DCI and Cadets before believing everything that's posted on a forum. There are certain people here who have made their agendas clear. P.S. Curious about this year's musical selections...
  6. So much pontificating on here. Everyone going off their own opinions and their own rumors based on people they CLAIM to know who have inside information, but no one knows for sure WHAT is happening. I would LOVE to know what music Cadets are playing this year.
  7. I think you're better off going to The Cadets directly to get the answers you need as opposed to listening to people on here who have an agenda.
  8. Why would they have been suspended? What else happened?
  9. I didn't even realize this was up for a vote.
  10. If "WE" were still in this mess, "WE" would stop coming online complaining and actually try to fix the problem. But instead, "WE" come on to this site and b#tch and complain. Stop saying "WE" when you really mean "they."
  11. I was once accused of sympathizing with the Maquis.
  12. Come on. You didn't know? ANYTHING with Cadets is suspect.
  13. ANYWAY.... Here's hoping Cadets get back to their RIGHTFUL place this year.
  14. How did I know someone would pick out THAT one statement on which to respond... OF COURSE it has to be earned. No need stating the obvious.
  15. They recently discovered a cure for the Vidiian phage.