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  1. In drum corps? Absolutely not. Can't speak for anyone else though. Every drum corps I marched in has been a relatively great experience. Outside of drum corps though, I can say I have experienced it a few times in my life, although not recently. Great to be back! Took a hiatus because my White House job was killing me. But I left last week and I'm excited to retire from the military very soon!
  2. Given that racism seems to be running rampant all over this country, it shouldn't be a surprise that they're fortifying the idea that it's not going to be tolerated.
  3. I feel like Cavies 2002 (Frameworks) is part 2 of Cavies 2001 (Four Corners).
  4. I see the cat's out of the bag. Superfan has been FOUND!
  5. It hurt. Badly. Just kidding. We all felt we had a rough night when we lined up after the show. But we were glad it was over. As much fun as that season had been, for me, even though I would have aged out in 2002, I was ready to be done with drum corps. August 12th was my very last show.
  6. Y'all are gonna stop bashing 2000 Cadets (and I played one of those "garbage" trumpets).
  7. Frankly, at this point, I really do not care. I am more concerned about whether or not the activity on which I grew up, the activity that made me the man I am, will survive. When the dust settles, what and/or whom will be left? This pandemic has forced me to rethink things that are important, and leave behind all the traditional thinking. I will learn to enjoy life more and savor the little things. I just hope drum corps will still be one of those things I'm able to enjoy.
  8. Been a while since I posted on this forum. I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. and that Normal, IL show is the one I will remember the most. I also remember how those band kids were going bonkers less than a minute before the end of the opener. Honestly, I wasn't really a fan of our show until probably San Antonio. I didn't really think it was a "Cadets" show and I really didn't understand why the crowd loved it and how we were able to go undefeated until Cavies tied with us. Now, I am grateful to have marched 2000 given my horrible rookie year at Cadets in 1999. One of the guys
  9. So they ARE keeping 2020's show for 2021.
  10. Why wouldn't they just keep the show they have this year and use it for next year?
  11. I'll bite: I had Cornish Hen for dinner....and a gimlet.
  12. What MORE information do you need? How many more questions do you need answered given that information has been presented on the DCI website, listed in this thread, listed in a thread created specifically for that topic, what's been going on in the entire freaking world?!?!?!?! OR ARE YOU LIVING ON ANOTHER PLANET?!?!?!
  13. I used to love my job. I now absolutely F_______g HATE it. I used to love drum corps. I am now debating walking away for good. I used to love this website. I am now sick of all the bad news. It may be time to walk away from it all.
  14. Well, health is more important so since NBA, NHL and life in general is cancelled, DCI might as well do it too. I'll tell you this much. I'm __________ angry and can't wait until November (that's when I retire out the military, just so there's no confusion). That's all I'll say about that.
  15. The plug was pulled? Cadets aren't competing this summer?
  16. I heard from a very reliable, very trusted source that I'm going to work today. Fortunately, the metro will be empty.
  17. Smoking causes cancer. You should quit.
  18. The drum judge I presume? I saw him running around trying to catch the snares at the end of the show.
  19. I think I've watched the last minute of that show 3000 times over the past 10 years.