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  1. Issue ? No....arent you forgeting one thing ? Corps = Unit = Family . Everyone is accepted and theres a no judgement type of zone. Geoffrey
  2. Ha ha ha, it took a long time for the rights for the chocolate bath can expect a much greater fanfare than this, when released......remember, in something new and or interesting happening competition-wise and nothing to do with politics or the board. Geoffrey
  3. Something very close to he announcement has indeed been posted here. Key word: battle Geoffrey
  4. Me too, its one of the greatest pet peeves I have. G
  5. Hmmm......1989, Cadets used both sides of the field(At the same time) while playing different parts of "Les Miz" Geoffrey
  6. Larry, they dont care about facts here. Just whats trendy and interesting and sounds good. G
  7. There was a recent best brass poll with many inaccurate claims as winners for the brass wasnt even addressed, let alone closed down. THeres plenty of people here that know the results, and marched the corps that created the results, yet the poll with the inaccuate information was allowed to stay open as truth...very bad for this pace and the activity. Geoffrey
  8. Just in case anyone is interested in reality, Blue Devils won brass in 1988. Blue Devils also won brass with Star of Indiana in 1991 Garfield Cadets won brass in 1987, there was no tie. There WAS a three way tie for brass in 1995. Three corps were awarded the brass title in 1995. Carry on G
  9. Im going from being there when these things were announced, the writings I wrote in my yearbooks and programs, the discussions from years past... I love how everytime I post I get a negative red mark, how silly ! It aint going to change the fact that what I have written is correct..... Geoffrey
  10. Again, in 87, there was no tie, there was different criteria for finals week and the brass award, same thing in 91 where BD/Star 1995 the brass title was awarded to three corps, it wasnt based on one day I made that mistake and was corrected by many here on DCP a few years ago. in 1988 Blue Devils won brass all by themselves, Scouts werent even second.
  11. Michael, this is not true. 1995 was announced as a three way tie and Blue Devils also won brass in 1991. There was no tie in 1987. Geoffrey
  12. I dont care what a "website" says, get your facts straight. You are making a poll and your posting false information, therefore your poll is nothing more than folly....simple as that. Sorry you see it as rude, but the fact is, its rude to present false inormation as fact. G