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  1. Can’t remember the year, but wasn’t Magic of Orlando “forced” to compete in Div II when the became active again? It was obvious competitive wise they should have been in Div I. They ended up winning Div II and even made finals in Div I.
  2. Man, where in the world did Gold come from?! Great show!! Looking forward to great things from them!!
  3. Well I’ve never actually had any “ technical “ issues, just questionable camera work some times. I use the Flomarching app on Roku and never had any issues. *knock on wood*!!!
  4. Well it’s more than a bargain for me as I also follow/watch BOA and WGI.
  5. Each broadcast had it own set of problems, but I thought the Nightbeat broadcast was spectacular!!! Great sound and camera work.
  6. Mandarins’ show is so deliciously weird!! So enthralling! Love it!!!
  7. IMHO I don’t think they can. Keith Potter who I feel was the top main driving force behind show theme, story boarding etc. decisions prior to 2017 is no longer there. He’s at Boston now of course and I think it’s quite obvious that the high energy, fan friendly type of show Crown was known for, Boston is doing now. And quite well I might add. IMHO
  8. The prop wasn’t repurposed. It’ new. The fire prop from last year was sold right after the season was over.
  9. Looks like Boston is starting to catch fire again around the same time as last year.
  10. Have always LOVED this piece since Blue Springs HS used it in their “ I’m Not Wendy “ show!!
  11. Man if Boston’s music doesn’t get your heart pumping nothing will. That was intense!! Can’t wait to see the show on the field!!!
  12. Boston's camps are actually held in Bradenton,FL at Lakewood Ranch HS. Tampa is actually about an hour north of here.