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  1. They just changed a bunch of guard work and drill. Let it clean a few days and see how they look thursday
  2. I said this exact same thing to my kid. He said "Then you're going to love the closer" I feel like it's destined for some sampling to add the sprinkles on top, but this is very well designed. like 2muchcoffee pointed out in his link, they're about a minute and a half short of full show.
  3. Not just at Camp Randall. That was pretty standard during retreat that summer to hear that line blocks away.
  4. There were rumors floating around at the time that lead me to think of that response as damage control.
  5. there's a hashtag and everything #allmyfriendswerehere
  6. The rumors around OC are not good, but it's clear the staff has all quit.
  7. Considering they share a program designer the Seven Lakes tie shouldn't be a huge surprise. Wonder if they'll pickup whatever props 7L used on the cheap.
  8. Seems like a thorough staff shake up. New BC, new PC, new GC, new drill writer, and vis staff. Some returning faces, but not a ton. Wonder what happened with Mike.
  9. Or a dead circuit, entire 15 minute productions just that encompass just one song... Presenting their 2031 program "Althea"
  10. 3 years between age out and brass cap? Good for him. I would have expected he stay with Crown a while longer before making a move like this. Nice to see new blood, hope it works well for Cavies, and LeBoeuf.
  11. is totally worth the read through.
  12. I've seen this video. The quality is terrible. The compression makes it worse. That said, this is not going to be understood by many who don't take the time to, at a minimum, read through what Mass is actually about. Hop said they were doing different things in regards to drill, and they're going to have to. No way traditional drill can be cleaned if that's what they're wearing, and what they're wearing is more than appropriate for the production. This one will be fun come San Antonio, but it's not going to fit inside a lot of people's "What drum corps is" box.