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  1. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but the former director or Arsenal, posted a long write up (with emails) about the suspension and the decision to put the evaluation on hold. I believe he is being truthful, and if there are no emails missing, then it shows that DCI gave them no attempt to correct the action.
  2. I’ve been vocal in a lot of social media places since all this stuff came out last night. I am in the opinion that this is a really harash reaction and decision for something that was pretty minor. Should have said what what he said? Probably not. Compared to all the issues DCI is currently facing, I think is really suspending the evaluation of a corps for a first time offense, and one that isn’t even that derogatory or inappropriate, is a very strong reaction. Honestly this is a “don’t do it again, and don’t post on reddit for the rest of the season” type of punishment and then you move on. It isnt like he made a comment towards a corps that is currently fielding.
  3. That.. was a dumb move by DCI. Espically if this story is still a week or so off from being published.
  4. This is my yearly request that someone do Symphony Fantasique on the field (again). Also, Star Trek First Contact Theme from Goldsmith, would make a beautiful ballad.
  5. They keep doing what they are doing (show wise) and I think they will continue to have kids come. They slowly increase the difficulty and I could see them easily winning (or at least contending) for an Open Championship, and possibly jumping to World.
  6. First chills of the day. Man, guardians are good, and only will get better. They are doing something way different and I like that.
  7. There is a lot of good In Open Class. I mean, Guardians has one of my favorite shows of the season.
  8. That was a Better run for them, than on Tuesday when I last saw it. I like that show, I kinda like the backup shiny pyramid things.
  9. Good show. I liked the parts I saw of it. Not a huge fan of the theme. But it’s performed wonderfully
  10. I’m not doing the theater for the first time, in what I feel like is 4 or 5 years. I can’t get out of work and make it across town in time, ontop if that I’m paying for Semis and Finals streaming wise so, skipping one night isn’t terrible. Now, I’m regards to heat wave, I’m super into them and that show. They did the best with what they have. When they get bigger and grow, they are going to be fun to watch. Also: it’s wonderful to have good camera work and MORE STEDICAMS IN DCI FINALS.
  11. Good luck to everyone doing the marathon today in that stadium. (Watching all corps for 12+ hours) just know if i if I had finals tickets I’d be doing the same.
  12. First time I’ve seen guardians this season. Holy Crap that is all.
  13. So I say some things that I can't repeat in a group chat about this show. It is so awesome and I love the ending. I can't wait to see them NEXT Tuesday, Probably gonna take the day and watch the rehearse. Just got to figure out where they are staying.