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  1. I do wonder why DCI has not lifted the Cadets probation yet.
  2. dans

    The Cadets 2019

    Very excited for Cadets camp (a short 20 minute ride from our house!) this weekend. I'm hearing really good things about the 2019 Cadets!
  3. Thank you sir! Common sense is so refreshing.
  4. Absolutely loved 88 Suncoast. One of my favorite shows!
  5. It's not about support. This thread (which basically is 3 people arguing) and subject is getting real old. Let the people in charge handle the situation. The back and forth and all the speculation and guessing are not solving the situation. Maybe someday this site will go back to talking about drum corps. DCP should have a site for lawyers where those that choose to can sit and argue about legal issues (which is what this thread has become) all day. The pissing contest on this thread is just silly!
  6. Whatever. I do believe I stated that I was not attempting to minimize the importance of this issue. No matter what you say on this site there is always someone waiting to pounce on you.
  7. Well said sir! All the arguing on here is giving me a headache. Could we possibly start talking about drum corps again? And before anyone jumps on me, I'm not minimizing the significance of the issue on this thread.
  8. dans

    The Cadets 2019

    I'm feeling very positive about the direction the Cadets organization is moving!
  9. Neil Larrivee is added as Percussion Consultant on the Cadets website. This is very cool! He is a great teacher and a solid part (16 years and 4 percussion titles!) of the Cadets history.
  10. Oh please, you don't even know me! You not very good at passing judgment...but you do it anyway. I will not respond to any more of your silly comments.
  11. So, we should hire unqualified women just to check a box? I don't think that is a healthy choice for the future of Drum Corps.
  12. If you noticed, Jim and I were able to present our opinions in a respectful manner. Obviously, that is something that you are not capable of doing...speaking of childish behavior.
  13. No, more qualified personnel in leadership positions is a message drum corps needs. If these qualified personnel happen to be women, that is great!