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  1. Welcome to political planet. This site is dying a slow death.
  2. Honestly, I was just wondering. I wasn't trying to be confrontational or imply anything. But thanks for reminding me why I visit this site less and less.
  3. The coronavirus has a 99.9% survival rate...that is a fact. Yet we're destroying businesses and people's lives over this. Just doesn't add up!
  4. 85% of infected people were wearing a mask. Are they idiots as well. There is no conclusive evidence that wearing a piece of cloth over your face stops the virus. There is proof however that wearing a mask does affect your respiratory system in a negative way.
  5. That's an impressive team that the Cadets have assembled! I marched with John Broshack in the Reading Buccaneers snare line.
  6. The only thing I have said bye-bye to in America is common sense.
  7. No, the FEAR has been pounded in to our society.
  8. Sorry that I took your comment the wrong way...my apologies. And I'm sorry to hear that you are high risk. That certainly changes the way that one looks at this virus.
  9. I will adjust my attitude about Jeff's comment. Thank you.
  10. If that was intended as humor, don't ever quit your day job for a career in comedy.
  11. Thank you for stating your views without insulting me...I appreciate your tone.