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  1. dans

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    Sunrisers had some fantastic drum lines! We (Buccaneers) had much respect for them.
  2. That NPR show was a disaster. I literally could not watch the Cadets that year.
  3. dans

    Business Privilege Taxes?

    Bingo! Follow the money.
  4. dans

    Your Ultimate Finals

    A finals show where the corps are not slotted prior to the show.
  5. Thanks for saying that. I have been thinking the same thing!
  6. dans

    2019 Predictions!

    Sorry xandandl...my comment was not against the people of New York. My problem is with the politicians in New York.
  7. dans

    2019 Predictions!

    So would I...New York is next. Bye, bye!
  8. I used to laugh every time I would say hello to him!
  9. "Dog puke" was always my favorite. Bass drummer in the Buccaneers...early 70's.
  10. dans

    Carolina Crown 2019

    WTF? What a strange response. Bitter party of one, your table is ready.
  11. Nope...still going with mindless. But thanks for your opinion anyway.
  12. Thanks Brasso. I actually would have moderate interest in this thread if there was discussion about facts vice speculation, bickering, and arguing about who knows what. And I do have interest in the outcome of this mess since I'm a huge Cadets fan. I just prefer to read facts instead of speculation and misplaced drama. Thanks again for you reply.
  13. Really, thanks for that mindless response. I actually do read the titles. I was under the illusion that this thread was going to be something other than a pissing contest!