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  1. My wife and I are finding it useful to get outside and walk on a regular basis...helps to clear the mind and stay grounded about the crisis. Additionally, my wife and I are limiting our exposure to the media. We're watching just enough to stay informed. Too much exposure to the media will get to you. Everyone please stay safe and positive!
  2. nytimes has been painful for some time now though
  3. nytimes makes great toilet paper...so it does have some value
  4. He is not right. I watched the Cadets cloud meeting tonight. DCI will decide about the 2020 season on April 15th. The Cadets are waiting until then to finalize their plans. I will refrain from commenting on the individual who reported that the Cadets were announcing that they were not competing in 2020.
  5. Cadets have 80+ members present for their virtual brass camp this weekend!
  6. With all due respect, what news and opinion shows? And the answer to this question will probably speak volumes.
  7. Cadets have a virtual brass camp this weekend...gotta love it! They are on a mission.
  8. You may be right Jeff. I do know that my dad liked your father and they were good friends.
  9. Tip of the day: stop watching the news. The hysteria from the mainstream media is exhaustive and not helping anyone. I spoke with a very reputable doctor in the Philadelphia area yesterday about the coronavirus. His views were refreshing and made me way more relaxed. He basically said unless you're a senior citizen (70+) with serious health issues, relax and enjoy your life. We will all be fine! The end of the world is not approaching.
  10. I actually marched in the Westshoremen with Jeff Ream's father. Additionally, Jeff's father and my father knew each other for years. Drum corps has literally been an important part of my life since birth. Stay safe and healthy Terri!
  11. I have no idea. Drum corps has been a part of my life. My father marched in drum corps and consequently I was at my first show when I was 3 weeks old! I literally grew up in a drum corps family. I marched in the Westshoremen (my father was on the board) for several years, I marched in the Reading Buccaneers for close to 20 years, and I met my wife there. Drum corps has been a life long passion for me. And sadly, my favorite corps (the Cadets) is finally poised to make a comeback this season. If the season is cancelled, I will miss it dearly!