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  1. Thank you! The tag ending of BOTW (with the soloist screeching into the mic) was cringeworthy Saturday night. Troubled that anyone in the Cadets organization thinks this sounds good. Way below the Cadets standard of excellence.
  2. I believe this is Neil's first year back. And I don't think there was any package deal between Gino and Colin. To my knowledge, Tom's departure from the Cadets had nothing to do with Colin.
  3. I was mostly referring to the tag at the end of BOTW. However, the tag at the end of the show is lacking as well.
  4. I'm obsessed with the Bluecoats this season. 2016 & 2019 Bluecoats are two of my favorite shows ever. The entertainment value is just off the charts. Bluecoats design team is on a different level than others...they really get it. Honestly, Bluecoats are one of the few shows this year that I would go out of my way to see again and again! Don't really care if they win it all this year, they are just heads above the rest this season.
  5. The Cadets arrangement of BOTW is very uninspiring and void of any emotional connection. And the tag at the end is just awful.
  6. How do the Cadets right the ship? Last night they were not even on the ship. I expected better from them. Really brass line...just awful.
  7. Oh my Cadets. Last night was just bad. Actually surprised they didn't place lower. Feel bad for the members.
  8. Yep, not fun being a Cadets fan right now. Oh well, looking forward to some great drum corps the rest of the show. Really intrigued to see the Blue Devils.
  9. They are better than Cadets. Didn't really enjoy most of their show though...meh.