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  1. Well that seems peculiar. If DCI is really trying to ascertain if YEA still operates the Cadets, might I suggest DCI call Denis Bonfiglio. I'm pretty sure she will answer the call!
  2. I just reached out to a friend of mine on Cadets percussion staff. He's heard nothing about potential probation.
  3. You nailed it sir! I have no problem with DCI allowing all instruments...as long as they are not marching in the drill with brass, percussion, and guard. That is a common sense solution to this issue!
  4. Last year I was cautiously optimistic about the Cadets. This year I am optimistic! Merry Christmas sir.
  5. It does really seem odd to me that some would have issues with a female drum major. There have been some amazing female drum majors through the years!
  6. Wow, that's amazing. There has never been a woman drum major in DCI. This is a major development! Sarcasm off.
  7. Enjoy! https://m.facebook.com/cadets.org/?tsid=0.11447741675093837&source=result
  8. I would really enjoy meeting you some time. It is truly a small world!
  9. I'm a dude. And I respect you and your thoughtful words on this forum!
  10. There is a story behind the new horns; however, I don't think it is my place to speak for the Cadets. All I will say is the Cadets had something special and unexpected happen!
  11. Yes, the brass was playing on brand new Yamaha horns. New pit and battery equipment coming soon.
  12. Just returned from Cadets camp. Percussion...OMG! The talent level is simply off the charts. They made a few great additions to an already great staff. They should be something special. The brass staff is establishing a strong program that should be something special once it matures. Not a brass player but word is the talent level is stepped up from last year. Brass and percussion learned about a minute of show music over the weekend. Great to hear the Cadets playing Jay Bocook arrangements again. Cadets fans can relax. The corps is in good shape and they are on a very good trajectory.
  13. This has nothing to do with treating people equally. I believe you already know that though.
  14. The woke crowd is ascending on our beloved activity. This is a bigger threat to the activity than the standard issues everyone complains about on here.