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  1. I'm not a brass guy so I hesitate to comment on the Cadets brass line. What I do know is that the brass staff is happy with the talent level and they are making good progress. The corps has been through a lot and they are definitely in rebuilding mode. I don't think anyone expects the Cadets to win this year; however, I do believe most will see a big improvement over last season.
  2. You may be right George. I guess 14 makes more sense.
  3. Hey George. Can you believe Cadets are marching 80 brass this season...and 15 are tubas! They had 78 brass on the field this weekend...several more arriving shortly.
  4. Feeling pumped...headed to Cadets shortly! 😍
  5. For years we have heard that people will come back to the Cadets if a certain person is not there. Appears that is was true!
  6. Headgear adds more depth and makes the corps look more finished and professional. Also headgear keeps you from focusing on faces and expressions.
  7. Thank you. Well said and well thought out. Definitely not a knee jerk reaction!
  8. I can relate. And my wife and I will be spending the weekend with the Cadets!
  9. Agreed. Hope you are well Jeff. Drum Corps shows are right around the corner...that's exciting!
  10. Thanks for actually trying to understand my words. Some have issues with reading comprehension.
  11. I was obviously referring to Hopkins when I said the Cadets have alienated fans.
  12. Thanks for staying positive George! I'm going to follow your lead. The corps is really strong going into spring training...I just don't want anything to mess that up. The Cadets have certainly earned the right to have a great season!
  13. I do not want the Cadets to be boring! The Cadets can be exciting without being social justice warriors. You made some good points waliman4444.
  14. The #metoo movement is silly and hypocritical. And I go to a drum corps show to relax and get away from leftist politicals...I don't need to have progressive politics shoved down my throat. And lets be real Jeff, the Cadets have alienated many fans with leftist politics and social issues. Is that what the 2019 Cadets really want to do...is it really in their best interest? Based on past experience, Cadets fans have every right to be skeptical until they see where the new staff is going to go with this theme. The potential is there for something amazing with this theme. Time will tell regarding how political they go with it.