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  1. Funny how this pandemic has made many aware of how often they touch their face, my wife struggles with that one. We both wash our hands a lot! Strange times we live in. Thanks for the civil response.
  2. Thin skin = not accepting accusation of not caring about people...very interesting.
  3. I care about others and I wear a mask where required. I don't wear a mask when I'm outside or in my car, and I don't wear gloves. Unless you disinfect the gloves constantly or replace with new ones, wearing gloves is just silly. That is what I consider common sense, but thanks for accusing me of not caring about others. This place is turning into the new RAMD!
  4. Anyone know what happened to Drum Corps Planet? I clicked on my link for DCP and it took me to this political discussion group.
  5. Thank you sir...well said. I don't participate in this site very much anymore. On occasion, I visit this site hoping to engage in meaningful discussion about our beloved drum corps activity. Unfortunately, I let myself get involved in the political nonsense. I should do better...I'm fully aware that civil discussion about politics is not possible right now.
  6. Sadly, this thread is just a small example of the environment in America right now. Not sure if it will ever change. We are very polarized.
  7. Very predictable response...thanks!
  8. You are one of the few voices of reason and common sense in this thread. Thank you sir!
  9. Please stop questioning my integrity. You don't even know me.
  10. Thank you sir. Watch your back...you will be attacked.
  11. You responded to what I didn't say...not what I actually said.