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  1. 85% of infected people were wearing a mask. Are they idiots as well. There is no conclusive evidence that wearing a piece of cloth over your face stops the virus. There is proof however that wearing a mask does affect your respiratory system in a negative way.
  2. That's an impressive team that the Cadets have assembled! I marched with John Broshack in the Reading Buccaneers snare line.
  3. The only thing I have said bye-bye to in America is common sense.
  4. No, the FEAR has been pounded in to our society.
  5. Sorry that I took your comment the wrong way...my apologies. And I'm sorry to hear that you are high risk. That certainly changes the way that one looks at this virus.
  6. I will adjust my attitude about Jeff's comment. Thank you.
  7. If that was intended as humor, don't ever quit your day job for a career in comedy.
  8. Thank you for stating your views without insulting me...I appreciate your tone.
  9. Parents have no power against the teachers unions and lawyers. And I don't believe anyone is send the kids back at all costs...that is media spin. However, there are many who understand the significance of getting our children back to school...minus the indoctrination.
  10. Fear is that something this important has been politicized, and the mainstream media is desperately trying to control the narrative.
  11. Which in the end will be driven by the teachers unions and the lawyers. So Garfield is correct.
  12. For the most part, we had no issues with the service. And there was a lot of content for the price. Some people will always find something to complain about.