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  1. I appreciate your thoughts. However, do you really think the current management team isn't very aware of the valid criticisms that are mentioned on this site? The Cadets are not hiding behind the issues they face. It's easy to sit behind the computer and criticize the Cadets. Bit of a different challenge to be tasked with fixing the issues they face.
  2. You bring up an interesting point. As hard as it is for most corps to survive these days, you would think drum corps fans in general would be pulling for the Cadets to rebound. It is a strange situation.
  3. The potential is certainly there if they can get the talent.
  4. I did hear that they are going to do some up tempo stuff in the show. And you are correct...the Bliss piece sounded good. Excited to watch this brass line progress under the new staff.
  5. The only thing I heard at camp was they will have over 3 minutes of music after the next camp in 3 weeks. They did learn a classic Phillip Bliss song though. Sounded really good...not part of the show though. The new brass staff is very impressive and the new brass caption head is the real deal. Clear to see why the Bluecoats were so good under his direction.
  6. His recollection was incorrect. Just speaking the truth.
  7. Your recollection is incorrect.
  8. Sorry, not worth the insults I will get. I had a great day with the Cadets...that is all.
  9. Say what you want. Not opening myself to the trashing I will certainly receive for saying anything positive about the Cadets.
  10. Just returned from Cadets camp. It was a good experience with some nice surprises.
  11. How the recent changes look should not be the Cadets main concern at this time. Would it look good and be good PR to let the Cadets fold? There are many factors and moving parts that are behind the recent changes at the Cadets. I wish some would become less cynical and actually support the survival of this great corps.
  12. I believe DCI's new requirements for remaining World Class was a factor in the Cadets recent changes. I'm sure all corps are taking a hard look at their long term financial health. I respect the management team at the Cadets for making tough choices for the future of the organization. I'm glad they are committed to the future of this great drum corps!