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  1. Marched with BAC 91 in that stadium. Once we were called to At Ease, somebody yelled, "Why the Hell did I just march over a pig?!" I explained the Razorback team. We had a laundry day in the area. As we were waiting for our laundry to be done, a local posed, "Hey, where y'all from?" I tend to be the spokesperson. I told him, "We're based in Boston." "I could tell by the accents," he told us. The accent comment makes sense until I realized I was sitting with a Bostonian, a guy from Tennessee, and a young lady from the Netherlands. And I'm from western Mass., where we have (what I like to call) a "New New MassaConnectiMont" accent.
  2. Then, it was performed for the first time at the BAC home show.
  3. Hey, Liahona, we just drove through Norwalk the other day.
  4. In the '80s BAC fed Madison often. The two corps also performed encores together in '89, as the corps' ages averaged 50.
  5. I remember BAC feeding Madison quite often - back when Boston befriended nobody. I hope that friendship continues.
  6. Love watching Josh's face after the Conquest grunts and scream.
  7. Could be. We had no weather problems to the west, but I could see lightning in the rearview mirror.
  8. I heard it tonight at Castleton Community Night. The CYO storm is unforgettable. I had the honor of herding the kids (4 corps) into the school gym.