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  1. Sold one prelims ticket, one still available (Sec 141, row 21, seat 8).
  2. I'd guess they are around the 38 yard line on the left side. It's one section off center and 7 seats in. You can get an idea of the view here, section 141 row 21:
  3. Semi's and Finals are sold, Prelims are still available. Make an offer (face value $59). Great seats!
  4. Last minute change of plans mean I have two great seats for all three nights in section 141, row 21, seats 7-8. Hoping to get face value ($59/89/139) and would prefer to sell as a set.
  5. I have 5 seats for Saturday's competition, toward the top of section 242 (currently sold out on Includes an aisle seat. May be willing to split if you don't need all five. Face value of $40/ticket. Thanks for looking!
  6. I have one ticket for all three days of DCI Championships, section 342, row 1, seat 3. Price is face value of $255. Thanks for looking!
  7. I have a four sets of tickets for all three nights in Denver. The seats are: Quarterfinals & Semifinals- Section 339, Row 17, Seats 13-14-15-16 Finals- Section 311, Row 17, Seats 13-14-15-16 I confirmed today with the stadium ticket office that seat 16 is an aisle seat in both sections. I am asking face value of $145/set, for a total of $580. -John
  8. I have 3 great seats for semi's available, sec 232, row L, seats 13-14-15. Original price was $40, and I am asking $30. I am already in Orlando so if you buy these, I could get them to you anytime up until Friday afternoon. Thanks for looking!