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    2 Tics Available DCA Championshp Sat. & Sun

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    some old corps photos

    Mighty St. Joe's on the inspection line at 1965 VFW nationals in Chicago.
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    some old corps photos

    Mighty St. Joe's of Batavia NY 1967 NYS American Legion, Buffalo NY
  4. Very nice review Tommy. I hope you will do it more often. I saw SCV tonight in Buffalo and they blew me away. I have always loved SCV, but tonight I probably saw the best corps they ever put on the field.
  5. msjbari

    Renegades May Camp

    Hey Benny, Jim says ask Pooh what happens when he hits those REAL high notes. ^0^ I don't even want to guess what he does, but with all those lovely ladies around him, he had a HARD time getting the smile off his face.
  6. Well, as an outside observer, I spent the better part of the 2 days at Renegades May camp last weekend. They are close to being finished with the field show. The design is much improved over last year. Full field coverage, which could tend to hurt them in some places. I noticed phasing between the baris and contras in Channel 7. Also some problems between the pods in Blue Sky. I am sure these minor problems will be resolved quickly. Brass is VERY!!! strong in all sections. Mellos and Frenchies are not up to last year's level (yet) but they are attempting to cut some difficult stuff I am sure with some extra rehearsal time and individual effort, they will be up for the task. Contras, 10, will most likely capture a third straight title. They are cutting some unbelievable parts in Channel 7, and playing them well. When they need to be loud, they are LOUD...ouch. Sops are really blessed, lots of talent with about 7 screamers including Laurrie Dastrup, Rich Duarte, and former Brigs Soloist of the Year, Roland Garseau (sp). It looks like Hall of Famer, Frank Dorritie, might join in the fun also. Baritone line is probably the best DCA line I have ever heard. Super talented from top to bottom, all 22 of them. What they cut, most lead sop lines would not attempt. Doug "Pooh Bear" Kenyon has an outstanding bari solo in Good-by Blue Sky, I think he hits a triple high E or maybe it's a Q# at the end. Percussion Is improved in some areas. Most noticeable is the quads or tenors, or whatever we are calling them these days. One of last year's snare drummers, Carrot Top, has moved to tenor and has brought the 4 man section up a couple of notches. Bases, 5, I think they normally have 6, are obviously the hardest working section. these guys have got it together. Again I must say they are the best I have seen in DCA, but what do I know, I am not a drummer. Snares, 7, have some problems. As an observer, I would say that 3 of them had better do some extra work in order to get on a par with the other 4, both in learning the parts and the drill. I think when they get it together they will be on a par with last year's snares. Pit is much improved. The addition of a couple of super talented musicians has brought this section a long ways. It's too bad the pit has to beg borrow and steal instruments when they come to Scranton. We should award them extra credit for making due with whatever they can find, like a bicycle, legos and such. Guard 34 If you saw the improvement from 2002 to 2003, multiply that one more time. There's no slackers in this guard. If anyone lets up, there are people on the sidelines that want your spot. I observed 10 rifles, 10 sabers and 14 banners. When all 34 of them are working banners, they are really together for the most part. Remember this is only May, look for them to be one of the top guards in Scranton. All in all, I was very impressed with where the Renegades are at this point. The work ethic is outstanding, no wasted time. The overall staff (which is super talented), work extremely well together and have their game plan down before rehearsal starts. I was blown away with how each member of the staff can interact without any ego problems. Unfortunately, I won't get to see the Renegades again until Scranton. I am sure what I saw last weekend is only the beginning of a very special season. I wish I could be in DeKalb, but St. Joe's has a show in Belleville, Ontario that night...boohoo. ^0^
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    Dead Corps You Want Back

    88 posts to this topic and not one mention of St. Joseph's of Batavia Was anyone around in the 60's? I must be getting old.
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I have been harping on this very subject for 3 years now. I think the upper lead sops try to hit the highest note possible at the end of every number. Most of the time they never hit the note they are shooting for and releases are irrelevant. last year in their closer there were 6 or 7 leads trying to out scream each other and they must have hung over at least 4 beats after their feature. This is not only amateurish, It degrades everything the brass section is trying to accomplish execution wise. With all the talent the Renegades have, you would think they wouldn't have to resort to such tactics to get a rise out of the audience. I know the judges in DCA don't appreciate it. One sop screaming a correct note and hanging for a split second is acceptable, but the Renegades have taken this to a new level. I would hope that Chris and Frank address this problem before DCA this year. I hate to see a great show downgraded because a few individuals want to be ham bones.
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    Renegades Brass in Boston

    So tell me Chris, how did you like Boston? LOL Go Celtics %-)
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    Poll: Baritone Hearing Loss

    The reason Scott failed his hearing test is because I have to turn the volume up on the TV so loud, it drives everyone out of the room. I have played Baritone since 1959. I am currently in the process of getting hearing aids for both ears. I guess 8 years of working on jet fighters didn't help much either. Benny Wilt
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    Another Kodak Moment

    Sorry about the links: I hope this works for pics of all the corps: My Webpage For St. Joe's sounds: My Webpage
  12. First off, I would like to thank all the groups that participated in the Classic this year for making this the best Classic to date. I didn't get to see very much of the show, but I will make a few comments on what I did see. The East Rochester Jazz Orchestra, Led by Ron Bowks, who is also the conductor of the Ghost Riders Mini Corps opened the show. This is a group of about 20 local musicians that rival most touring jazz groups. I only got to see about 2 minutes of their performance, but what I heard from this group was outstanding. Individual riffs were excellent in all sections. Reminded me of the Radio City Jazz Orchestra led by Wynton Marcellus. Thanks to Ron and the group for opening the show for the last three years. I didn't see the United Alumni from Canada. People who commented on them said they were a big surprise. Lots of old familiar tunes with some great solo work. I hope to catch them during the year. Thanks for coming folks, eh. Rochester Crusaders were not at full strength tonight but very entertaining. Percussion was most impressive. Donny Allen has written a book that will need a lot of work to pull it off execution wise, but they are well on their way. Solo work was nice, using all the lead sops. I was told that there were several members missing due to school commitments. Donny was the man of steel conducting, less than two months after major surgery. Thanks Cru for a wonderful performance. Empire Statesmen. These guys know how to work a crowd. They opened the show with about 30 horns and an equal amount of percussion. Just when you thought that was it, here come another 16 horns down the sides of the audience. What a balanced sound. New uniforms are sharp. Percussion is at the top of their game, lots of youth in the pit. Soloist were outstanding. Joey Pero is playing notes I never heard before and with the greatest of ease. Joey is my pick for Soloist of the Year in DCA this summer. Statesmen look to be moving up this year in DCA. Thanks go to Mr. B, and the Statesmen for making your first appearance at the Classic a memorable one. I didn't see Syracuse Brigadiers but I heard a tape later on. All I can say is Blue Devils never played Spanish Fantasy any better. Nice to see three of St. Joe's Alumni out there, all three are over fifty years old. Thanks Brigs for another great performance. Steel City Alumni. Didn't see them on stage but saw them warm up in the gym. Lots of talent in this corps. These guys can blow a house down. I really want to see more of them this summer. Thank for making the trip guys, you really know how to party. St. Joe's - seemed to be a decent job for our first performance of the year. We usually do the Harrisburg show two weeks before the Classic, but due to a scheduling problem, the Harrisburg show was the same night this year. Big percussion section this year. I think we had 9 snares and 6 tenors and basses. A little smaller horn line, around 60. Baritones are much improved this year. A little weak in the Lead soprano section but we had a couple missing. Had a couple of minor phasing problems in the new America opener, but overall a nice show. Harold McJury and Bob LaDuca have done a fine job to get us ready this year. Donny Allen's Arrangement of our opener, God Bless America/America from Westside Story/ America the Beautiful, is a gas to play. Thanks Donny for all your help. Most of the corps came back on stage for the traditional playing of Auld Lang Syne. As an added bonus, Donny Allen conducted his arrangement of God Bless America, which will be played in mass at all DCA shows this summer. About 200 horns, what a sound. Brought tears to most eyes. On to the party at Dandrea's Party House. The place was mobbed; all corps attended this year. The downstairs bar was packed, as was the dining room. Upstairs in the main ballroom, the DJ was cranking the tunes and everyone was dancing and having a good time. I didn't have enough time to chat with everyone I wanted to; there were just too many old friends there. I was going to call Jeff Ream in Harrisburg at midnight, but it was my birthday and lost track of time. I tried calling a 3am, but just got the recording. Must have been a short night in Harrisburg. Sorry Jeff. On behalf of Mighty St. Joe's Alumni, I would like to thank everyone who attended this year's Classic. Let's do it again next year. There are some pictures up on our web site along with some MP3's of our performance. For pics, go to: [email=][/email] For St. Joe's Sounds, go to: [email=][/email]