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    I love Drum Corp! Thats the first thing you need to know about me. I love going to church and mowing lawns. I own a lawn service and I run and maintain it all day everyday during the summer. So that takes away from some of my Drum Corp experiences but no doubt I atleast attend 5 shows a year and all of the shows in Oklahoma and most in Texas and Kansas. But thats about it!

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  1. I think i am going out for Southwinds Tenor line but not to sure i just told my parents about it and they flipped out....
  2. I agree very young! they do sound good but just think about the possiblities when all of these young guys stick in there. when they are all 20 it should pretty amazing!
  3. Okay for everyone that has commented on their favorite corp uniform here is your chance to tell us who you thought had the best guard uniforms in 2006? I personally loved the Cavaliers guard uniforms the way it incorporated with the show was amazing so tell me what you guys think!
  4. I agree Cavaliers unis are freakin sweet! I also love the Scouts and the Crossmen present uniforms!
  5. I agree thats cool to see bigger corps take care of the smaller corps. Its like a big family!!!!
  6. Let me clear so stuff up with you guys. I guess what i said came out all wrong! I love all of the corps and some of the corps that have cymbal lines are pretty cool too. I just think it is a waste of players when there could be more players on the brass or pit. Thats all not trying to bash anybody or anything. Sorry guys!
  7. Yea well its better than a cymbal line.... I am not in totally agreement with amplification anyway. What happened to old school drum corp? It’s starting to get a little fancy for me!
  8. Polaris who? I dont care about them...... I'm talking about real corps here!
  9. To be honest with you guys I hope no more cymbal lines pop up! I think they are a waste of time, players and staff personnel. I hope the corps are smart enough to fill those new spots with brass or pit! Let’s just not waste our time on a cymbal line!
  10. Where do I begin…… let me see The Cavaliers are on top right now because they have a great staff and they simply choose to be the best. The use of rehearsal time and the quality of players also plays a huge part in it as well. I’m very bias though, I have always been a Cavalier fan and I always will be a Cavaliers fan. You know what really takes the cake though. How come year after year they always seem to be the least expected to win the championship and also they never get the publicity that some of the other corps do. Now don’t get me wrong here….. But I think the Cavaliers deserve far more than any other corp. And yes I do love other corps but the Cavaliers are just the best when it comes to Drum Corp!!!
  11. Yea so far I love this stuff! Drum Corp is my life!!!!