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  1. SCV had Scott Johnson from 91-93 and Lee Rudnicki in 94 and 95.
  2. I would add in the company front that comes out of nowhere at the end of the opener (very late 80s, and there was another really great one at the end of 1997), and there was a drill move similar to 2006 in the drum break, where a rotating circle of horns eats up and spits out a line of other horns.
  3. 2010 was the last year they didn't go to Championships (Bummer, great show). Until then, it had been largely champs in even years, stay near home in odd years, except for 2007 when finals were in CA. They went to finals again in 2009 after winning open class in 2008, took another year off in 2010, and have gone every year since 2011.
  4. Wonder how permanent this would be. Until about 10 years ago, they only did the national tour every other year, by design.
  5. Perhaps. I'm okay with the general design itself. The saggy pants that straighten out with the boots seems to be a very much intentional look (maybe intended to hide a bit of visual dirt? Not that it's ended up being an issue for them), but the mesh underneath their tops doesn't fit right at all on many of them. They hike up, and mid-drifts popping out all over the place looks really sloppy in many of the bigger choreography moments. Luckily the members are performing the heck out of those moments and selling it on their own. I just wonder how much better it would look if they had ever fixed t
  6. I was actually thinking about this earlier in the season. They already have thrown in a few nods to classic moves. There's I guess what you could call a "modified" horn toast at the end of the opening hit (the horns are held out and more upside down, the other hand goes on their mask instead of their belly, and they go the opposite direction), and the cymbals do a little nod to the old Viper moves during the trap breakdown (which I see now was already mentioned a few pages ago. Whoops!).
  7. Just watching through shows on the site that shall not be named. This year is Bluecoats' to lose at the moment.
  8. The black harnesses on the white pants from 2016 always irked me as well, and they never fixed it. What baffles me is Dynasty definitely makes white harnesses...at least they did when Phantom was still playing them. Maybe not anymore.
  9. I've got one to throw... "Into The Light" should have been an SCV show.
  10. http://scvanguard.org/scv-2017-the-music-of-hamilton/ Some April Fools from SCV....
  11. SCV 93 - Gail Royer's retiring the year before and passing away that summer, mixed with an extremely young corps that pulled it out pretty well by the end.
  12. SCV 2000 - The members were marching double time through much of the more delicate parts such as the opener, and the rest of the show cooked like hell. Phantom Regiment 2007 gets a nod too.
  13. 2009 was when that swine flu made its way through most of the corps. I think it got Crown first if I remember correctly, but by late July-early August there were tons of holes night to night pretty much across the board.