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  1. Chops is still listed. I’m fairly certain that we’ve switched to Soundsport for the 2019 summer.
  2. That is correct. Neither corps will be participating in DCA this summer. Both corps will still be seen at Minnesota shows and in Indy at the Soundsport finals. Changing times mean a change of focus and a rethinking of what’s best for organizations.
  3. Hey! If anyone is heading to the Buffalo Wild Wings across the street from the stadium tonight, show this pic on your phone and show some support for Chops.
  4. *shrug* Class A is never so cut and dry. In 2005, Chops was seeded something like 4th or 5th going in to prelims. We came away with a championship that year. Take nothing for granted and seeding with a grain of salt.
  5. The pizza had Canadian bacon on it. ;-) Local band boosters took care of concessions.
  6. Good Luck with your show tonight ,can\t wait to see what you guys bring to the 50,

  7. Weather looks beautiful so far. Chops and MBI are here at LeSueur High School right now. Gorgeous day for preshow rehearsal.
  8. Fran Haring will be my spirit animal tomorrow. I guess I'm the announcer?
  9. Who else is hyped? MBI and Govies have been entertaining DCI crowds with no numbers to show for it. Chops has been pulling together an out-of-this-world performance under the radar. It's been all quiet on the Midwestern front... What sort of excitement can the Minnesota contingent of DCA bring to the field? See you on the 50 from beautiful LeSueur, MN, a small town with a Giant love for drum corps!
  10. Show logo for Chops this summer... It certainly gives a good feel for what's in store from the corps.
  11. It's been very exciting to see this show come together, too. Very enjoyable to watch.