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  1. The penalty was reversed. Recap was updated.
  2. Fran, You were the obvious choice for us. So you 'technically' got to be in finals with Bush plus that part of the show was judged and you didn't tick..lol John (Kamarag), all indications point to the rule changing as you mentioned which I am all for. Jim
  3. I actually went to the show since the school is only 5 miles away...the rain was light in the beginning and got progressively worst as the show went on...the same could be said for the audience...the conditions definitely affected all the corps performances especially the color guard members trying to spin and toss equipment..I thought the judges got it right in terms of placement..performance issues aside (many) , all corps were not completely done with their show in some way or another. There were a lot of disconnects with the programs out there in terms of visual to music as well as pacing
  4. First and foremost my dad Jim Sr. (RIP) taught me my first rudiment at age 6. Taught practically every drum line in CT in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Also taught many a good other drummers. Marched in the Hurcs in the 60's where they won a number of drum trophies. He was a winner every where he went.
  5. You are right Mike..it's their show and they can make whatever decisions they want...
  6. They denied the Hurricanes access to the New England championships in Bridgeport today...said something about a conflict of interest...whatever.
  7. Jamey Thompson is the one of the best in DCA and DCI with guard staging....always musical and gets to the arrival moments..
  8. I have a few..1966 VFW Nationals especially the volume with the Boston Crusaders..my parents got if for me for Christmas 1969 Dream with the Hurricanes cause my dad marched with them and the crowd went nuts. 1971 World Open with 27th Lancers..
  9. Just wanted to say that it was a complete effort of all the staff & caption heads that were present to come up with this new system...a side note..GE is also based on excellence..if its not performed well its not going to be effective therefore it will reflect in the score...DCA has 3 harworking prepared caption heads along with passionate corps staff that will make sure this system will work...
  10. I was old enough to be at the Dream in 1969 and witnessed the Hurricanes on fire and the crowd going crazy needless to say a fun ride home with dad and a couple of his buddies...
  11. When I was in junior corps way back when we played inside a Bradlees (department store) then we marched through the aisles...afterwards they handed out free 45's....records not guns..
  12. Dan, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Jim
  13. The Hurricanes will be outside this weekend learning drill written by Jamey Thompson. We are marching 48 brass 9/5/5 in the battery, 12 in the pit and 28 guard. We'll be ready for the Barnum which will be here before you know it. Seems like everyone will be in full swing this weekend...hope everyone has fun..
  14. 11:20 Diana Dugan Stack Park City Pride Snare Individual Go Diana...will be there to cheer you on....