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  1. I believe Dale Powers form the Defenders Alumni corps may have a couple check their site at I believe he had a brand new in the plastic soprano for a decent price
  2. Have you got any pics you can send??
  3. interested in one, possibly 2.... any pics available? Thanks Maria
  4. I have to agree on all the "dislike" of the blue juice crap, I have never(and have been marching for ever) had any luck with that crap. Give your horn a good flush with plain warm water, take out all the valves and slides, a good valve casing brush, available at most music stores will help loosen all the gunk in the casings. Wipe off your valves, give them a light spray of WD40, wait a couple of minutes, wipe them well and relube with anything but blue juice. Grease up all you slides after everything dries and put it all back together, that horn will play like a new instrument. Works like a charm on my 15 plus year old silver Mello as well as my trumpets and soprano bugles. I try to do that once a year to all of them and follow up with a light polish. Good luck with whatever you end up doing.
  5. Come on down, Join the fun. Yuo know you wanna.
  6. I am hearing through a VERY reliable source that Fusion will be adding sone very exciting changes and twists to their show for finals. On the heels of what has been a really successful season for them , I am sure it is not a show anyone will want to miss. Go Fusion, and good luck to all participants in DCA this season!!
  7. System Blue horns are made by King just bought a trumpet and love it!! Here is the link to thir site System Blue site I believe there is a link to dealers on the site. Good luck with your search
  8. I would be interested in photos and pricing on the vibes, marimba and xylo if still available please and thank you
  9. Ok, so this is not my oreview of the show, this came from one of my friends from down South that went to the show... opinions expressed in this revview are not mine but please enjoy!!!! Nokesville VA Sounds of The South DCA Show Review The day was Hot Hot and more Hot 105 F DCA Coordinator Vic Kulinski made the call earlier in the Week to Delay the start time of the Show because of the extensive heat. Smart move by Vic Kulinski and Sean Peck Director of Shenandoah Sound. Master of Ceremonies were handled by legendary DCA Announcer Fran Haring Carolina Gold: Kicked off the evening at 8:30pm. Temperature was 100 Degrees. The Gold Team went into more of a contemporary direction with a Program entitled Out of the Shadows. Last year Gold lit the place on fire with their Jazz Production of the City That Never Sleeps. Missed in this year’s show is legendary DCA Soloist Jonathan “Big Country” Gifford. The Justin Mabry led Drum Line is back with a very tasty drum book. The colorguard was well prepared with an almost complete book. The Gold Visual Team is very crafty on how they tastefully present the guard and the horn line. They keep the drill within the 30’s and never go beyond the back Hash. Strong moments for Gold: drum Line (Took Top Honors), Colorguard (Top Guard Tonight). Weak Moments: The Horn line, they play real conservative to the point of not supporting the sound. They rarely go above a MF in dynamic range. They truly miss “Big Country” (Whatever happened to him?) Fusion Core: Came on at 8:47pm. Temperature was 98 Degrees. Fusion Core is presenting a Program called “The Hit” The Music is centered on Themes from the Godfather throughout the production. The show starts with a Funeral March for the Late Don of the family. The question is “Who will be the new Don?” The story line develops between two rival trumpet soloist on who will become the new Don. These roles are played by former Syracuse Brigadier, and Connecticut Hurricane Soloist Paul Beaumont and former Hawthorne Caballero Soloist Rob Lais. You know they mean business with their first opening hit. Holly and Ralph Marino Directors of Fusion Core made the huge step of graduating to Open Class. In my opinion they made the right move. The Horn Line is very powerful and musical. The Corps is led on the field by Legendary DCA Drum Major Carol O’Brien. Carol in my opinion is the most musical conductor in DCA. Tonight the corps presented a complete package from beginning to end. Musically they performed Ave Maria, Theme from a Godfather, Nessum Dorma, Gangsta Jazz by Gary Gilroy and Scootin on the Hard Rock by David Holsinger. Fusion Core takes huge risks with the use of field coverage. They use everything from the 10 yard line to the 10 yard line. Tonight I thought they had the most complete package and risk taking of any corps. Strong moments for Fusion: Horn Line(Took Top Honors), Music Effect (Took Top Honors), Weak Moments: Colorguard got killed with a total score of 8.4 that is 4.4 and 4.0 out of 20. The CG judge (Mr. John Howell) must have had heat exhaustion, he also gave a score of 8.8 to Shenandoah Sound. I don’t agree with this assessment. I counted 18 Guard Members in Fusion and by all accounts they did not deserve this especially being in the heat. This one score cost Fusion on winning their first Open Class Show over Corps Vets. Keep Entertaining Fusion thanks for coming all the way down from New Jersey. Corps Vets: Came on at 9:10pm Temperature 97 Degrees. Corps Vets are presenting a show entitled God Save the Queen. The Corps is quite large with a horn line of 40 a full drum line and a very talented Guard. Talking to some of their staff members they made huge strides in the off season with recruiting and being prepared. They presented a wide range of repertoire that included Festive Overture by Shostakovich, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Crown Imperial by William Walton, Nimrod Variations by Sir Edward Elgar, Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen, Don’t Stop Me Know, and God Save the Queen. At first I said wow this should be a very entertaining show based on repertoire. On this night the first half of the show was strong and well presented while the second half came across jittery. The last minute and a half the corps stood still. The members and staff are very talented and should do well later in the season. Tonight they still won the show with an incomplete package. Strong Moments for the Corps(Nice Horn Line good blend) Colorguard did some real nice moves, again when complete they should do better. Weak Moment Drum Line, Battery have a lot of notes to clean, lining up the Battery to Front Ensemble. Thanks for coming to VA. I will look forward to seeing you in the Georgia Dome. Shenandoah Sound Came on at 9:27pm Temperature still 97 Degrees. Thank You Shenandoah Sound on producing such a great event in Virginia. I heard that you lined the fields for the visiting corps and provided ICE to each group plus great showers. CLASS ACT…. Shenandoah is making huge strides in developing a strong foundation as a drum corps. This year they hired legendary Composer and Arranger Robert W. Smith to write the book plus legendary DCA Percussion Arranger Vic Kulinski to write the percussion book. Their 2012 production is Promising Skies by Robert W. Smith. Sound followed Corps Vets in order of appearance …. In my opinion they did not disappoint. The music charts are written real well for a smaller group. The members enjoyed performing in front the home town crowd. The members need to just perform what is written. Strong Moments Horn Line, Weak Moments: Colorguard Judge killed the hard working 6 member guard with a 8.8 out of 20. I looked at the history of guard scores that are on the DCA Website there are no scores below a 10 out of 20. Again I blame heat exhaustion for the judge. Hang in their guard members I thought you were great Thanks again Shenandoah Sound on being a gracious host. I hope next year more of the Northern Groups will come south for this event. (Hawthorne, Reading, Hurcs, Bush, Windsor). See You Down The Road!!
  10. Hi Everyone, Not sure what thread to put this in so I am starting here. This is an open invite to the public for anyone who may be interested in watching Jersey Surf's rehearsal of this years show, BridgeMania!! Jersey Surf Drum & Bugle Corps will be rehearsing at Everett Stadium, 1953 Revere Beach Pkwy, Everett, MA 02149 on July 6th from 8am - 4pm before the CYO Nationals Show in Quincy, Ma. For more information on this Corps, please visit theeir website at
  11. A word of advice, you get what you pay for. I have been playing for over 25 years and my suggestion would be stick to the "names" King, Deg, Dynasty, Kanstul, Conn. You may find yourself a good used horn on E-bay, or even the Marketplace here on DCP. Good luck in your search.
  12. Show is Tomorrow Saturday the 14th, come on out for a great night!!!