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  1. Bluecoats' lovely ballad in 2010 (both show and ballad titled "Metropolis") was an original composition by Thrower/Rarick . . .
  2. "who" vs. "that" -- just sayin' . . .
  3. Let's try this: Part One: We are introduced to a cosmos where we are forced to experience a brand-new perspective, one that is modern, edgy, and unexpected.. What does Tilt look like? sound like? We explore the possibilities of this world where things are out-of-kilter. Part Two (through the ballad): It is possible that individuals in this strange world can come together and resolve it into a place of great beauty, passion, and love -- but only momentarily. Conclusion: Just as we think we can understand this place, it becomes obvious that things here are tilted too far from the norm. Ultimately, "things fall apart, the center cannot hold." Try thinking of "Tilt" as a piece of abstract or impressionist art or poetry that speaks to each of us in a different way. If you take a great poem and attempt to dissect it by "explaining" the meaning of each line, you ultimately destroy it. It's not meant to be experienced that way, but it is in many ways more meaningful than a "story poem."
  4. Doug Thrower writes and arranges brass for Bluecoats; Tom Rarick writes and arranges percussion. Amazing work from both of them.
  5. Paid $17 in Mansfield, Ohio. Theater manager kept checking with us as we waited and offered free popcorn and drink refills.
  6. 1995: Perfect musical choices for the Homefront theme. Loved the pose of the "V-J Day Kiss" photo. 2001: Latin Sketches. No one has listed this one yet, so I had to chime in. "Red Cape Tango" was beautifully staged; can still hear those final haunting backfield notes. 2010: Metropolis. Relentless intensity throughout! Loved the belly flop at the end of the flash mob. 2011: Brave New World. "Creep" has been called "pure sonic bliss." I agree.
  7. Garfield, Tried your link, but it came up "survey already taken." Thanks for the attempt!
  8. I have attended all three nights of finals for the past five years, bought my tickets through DCI or at the venue, have bought DVD's and other merch at the DCI store. I regularly get DCI promo e-mail, but have never been asked to complete a survey. Does anyone know why? Do you have to be a "friend of DCI"? I have things to say . . .
  9. High temperatures, high winds, sunglare, pouring rain, tall grass, slippery turf -- corps deal admirably with it all, but conditions are often different as the evening goes on. Yes, we see no difference in the performance, but some corps have more to deal with to make it all look easy. No big problem for the outdoor shows; it goes with the territory. It's just an extra advantage when the playing field can be level for finals.
  10. The marcher in my family experienced five rain-outs this season. Finals night, had it been outdoors, would've taken the number to six. I also attended shows where early evening temperatures were more than uncomfortably high, and I worried about the safety of the oldsters in the crowd. Maybe it will be another 40 years before an outdoor finals would be cancelled, but I'd rather not take that bet. I love the outdoor shows, but Lucas Oil gets better each year for the fans and provides conditions that are equal for all the performing corps.
  11. I'm posting here (only once) to add a suggestion . . . If we stop posting on this thread, it will die a natural, well-deserved death.
  12. This excellent video from the Fan Network is one I would show to anyone who wonders what drum corps is all about; think it also comes close to answering the "life changing" question: Whoever put this together for the Oregon Crusaders -- great job!! Hope they have a great year!
  13. . . . and that solo in the original "Asphalt Cocktail" was , I think, played by a clarinet. Obviously, matching the original instrument is not necessary.