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  1. Just thought I'd post this. Texas Color Guard Circuit, East Championships Hopson Field House, Missouri City TX March 19, 2016 "My Affliction" Music: Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots 3rd place, White Round (13 guards) 5th place over all (39 guards) So proud of these kids. They took on a very mature subject and just ran with it. It was written specifically with members of our guard in mind who all suffered from or still are suffering from some form of mental disorder. That includes the guard captain who happens to be my daughter, (anxiety and self harm). She goes into every performance kno
  2. Well, at least the DCIFN is still up. The WGIFN has been pulled off the air period... WGI Fan Network subscriberWe are writing to all past subscribers to inform you of the status of the WGI Fan Network service for the 2015 season. As valued customers, we feel it important to share with you a progress report on the challenges WGI is facing in the ever-changing world of “new media”. Due to copyright considerations that we are diligently attempting to find affordable solutions for, the WGI Fan Network was suspended onDecember 1. Unfortunately, it now appears that we will be unable to provide
  3. 1984 Suncoast Sound- Requiem followed by the release of the white balloon. Still gets to me 30 years later.
  4. It's been a while since I've posted in DCPland so thought I'd chime in. For those of you who know me, you know I can't stand the use of electronics. Especially mic'd vox. For those who don't know me, well now you know. I'll put it simply... I LOVE this show! My dark-horse of the year.
  5. Here is the video of our show, "Warrior" George Ranch High School Winter Guard 2014 TCGC Eastern State Championship Silver Medalists The 4 year old guard consists of: 1 Senior (on rifle and the only male) 4 Sophomores (2 on rifle) 7 Freshmen (2 on rifle. One is my daughter, front left in the circle at the beginning) 2 8th graders (both on rifle) Hope you enjoy it! This was my daughter's solo performance at The Lone Star Toss-Up on April 26. She was the overall intermediate champion. In fact, The Ranch took all three divisions, Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. There was a 3 minute
  6. When we design the shows for our guard, I purposely steer my wife towards unusual or older music simply because I don't want to copy or be copied by another group. I can't tell you how many times I heard "The Cave" the last three seasons! This year our show was called "Warrior". We started off with a haka that went directly into a song by Vanessa-Mae called "Emerald Tiger". The crowd seemed to eat it up.
  7. Our guard, George Ranch HS, Richmond, TX (Scholastic Reg. A) just finished it's season last weekend. Sadly we can't go to WGI. Our district only allows one out of state trip per year so it's saved for the band and color guard. In just our 4th year, the kids had a fantastic season. Three shows with three first place trophies and then a silver medal at the TCGC East Championships.There were 24 SRA guards divided into two rounds of 12. We were the #1 seed going in but, without going into it, "something" happened and we brought home the silver which we are still very excited about! This was done
  8. I can't remember who they were off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there were a couple corps that used them last year.
  9. A lot of you seem to be forgetting, ww's already are allowed. Granted it's pre-show only, but passing this proposal puts them one step closer to the main show. Anyone laughing now and saying "Just get over it. It won't happen" (you know, like you did when you said a&e, and mic'd voice will never pass?) are having their day, but I give it another 5 years or so. Then those of us who said "told you so" will welcome you in with open arms. And once the ww's hit the field, I'm hitting the exit stands.
  10. The final vote was 17-3 in favor. Cavies, Pioneer, and Racine voted "no" in the instructors caucus Cavies, Pioneer, and Colts abstained in the director's vote
  11. Will you still be saying that when the "all instrument" proposal eventually gets passed? Because of this rule passing, that issue now comes to the forefront. My guess, because of this passing, woodwinds will be on the field within 3-5 years.
  12. Pandora's Box revisited! This just opened up the door wide open for woodwinds.