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  1. This is for every corps show theme: If you can't summarize the concept in more than three sentences (ideally three key words), you're overthinking, which will not impress fans.
  2. He is not known for dramatic readings, but the narration's voice had definite Dan Rather inflections to me.
  3. I didn't realize the theater I attended had a subwoofer until Bloo.
  4. Thank you for all the Crown "Inferno" votes. Hands down my all time CC favorite, with E=mc2 a close second. While it may not be a Top 12, "Rach Star" closely matched "Finis" as crowd friendly.
  5. 'When corps officially announce upcoming shows, please consider less is more. 30+ years in journalism taught me brevity is the soul of wit. If it takes a corps more than three sentences to describe their production (not including music), you''re talking to the tall grass. A longer, more detailed announce could be attached. Yes, our performing ensembles are a dedicated bunch and I've been a fan since Madison introduced me to DCI in 1975 via PBS. I do not need rambling paragraphs resembling navel gazing on what to expect. Also, shorter announcers are likely to get more social and existing media for access).
  6. I've been hoping for years some corps music staff woulf re-discover Blue Lake. Current band directors, for the most part are more modern day composers, but I believe heritage composers deserve a second listen. The Cavaliers opened 1987 with Claude T. Smith''s "Festival Variations," one of the rare performances of his composition ever recorded.
  7. Do you believe World Class Finals will end with a new record high score?
  8. Greensboro, NC theatre Thursday (why only top 15 instead if 17?). Friday and Saturday nights via in front of 49" diameter 4K Smart TV. It helps having 100mbp internet speed.
  9. Anyone have details on DCI opening the season with a cinecast, like in the past few years? My guess is there is a June 1 embargo.
  10. I believe DCI needs to clearly define amplification versus electronics. Based on last night's cinecast, I hear way too much synth bass throughout nearly all shows.
  11. One secret is to sign on to as early as you can.
  12. Show descriptions requiring more than one paragraph make me think of navel gazing, or lack of oxygen by designers. Judges, don't get me started. When they buy a show ticket, their own travel expenses and souvies, I'll slightly consider their competitive opinions (and no pressure on corps to change uniforms) As far as old school, I'd like to see pre-show inspections return.
  13. I love how caption scores have been all over the place all season. IMHO, medalists are set, although placement not locked in. Crown's percussion has finally gotten judges to take them seriously and score accordingly.