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  1. I am not one to go out on a limb (I am too fat for that).  But, i just have a feeling that someone might nip BD.  Their show just kind of lays there.  And I am just not sure it is all that.  And is it just me or were there some significant dirt in brass and guard tonight.  So I just do not know that we should be anointing BD just yet.  Please keep in mind that I anointed them last week. LoL.  

  2. 27 minutes ago, George Dixon said:

    agreed! That's the second worst in the show - the change to "swing swing swing" Motif in the jazz section was pretty terrible early on, now it seems into and out of the ballad need the most work. Like a pit bridge into as you suggest. They've got a couple pacing things to sort out and they'll be strong in Indy.

    Better to have transition issues at this point rather than fundamentally bad show designs that are not salvageable.   Like in some recent shows.  

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  3. I love this year's show.  But, I think transitions need work.  Especially ially between the Jazz segment and the ballad.  They seemed to take a beat or two tonight, to let it breath.  It needs more.  I am hoping for some musical interlude that is closing of the club, evening over kind of moment.  Then lead into that fantastic ballad.  They just need to let some portions of the show breath and resolve.  I can't wait to see them in Indy!

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  4. Just my general thoughts after watching last night.  General disclaimers - not live, first reads for most, etc.

    Generally I feel like each of the Top shows has flaws and generally speaking I did not love any of them.  And what that usually means in a DCI season is that BD will in Indy.  And based on last night, I would not argue against that.

    Crown's show was just too much.  It had Phantom 1991 and 1992 levels of fabric. It had an attempt at times to be Bluecoats from something like kinetic noise.  It had the Cadets drill from Power of X and the Christmas show.  Then it had the classic 1980s drum feature move where the hornline uses a cape or maybe a flag to add visual stuff. They chose Garfield's 1988 ribbons.  And finally I think this is the heir apparent to New Era and Do Better.  Too much.  And the cheese at the beginning is just annoying.  It is such a shame because all of the parts are there.  That hornline! A much improved guard who earned that 1 in performance. And a salvageable drumline.  Just a shame they are hamstrung by this mess of a show.

    BD had me from Moonriver on.  The beginning just felt like it was going in fits and starts.  They will figure it out I am sure.

    Boston this year is so much more enjoyable to me than years past.  I love the clarity on the field and their effective use of the props.  I that they have room to grow.

    SCV had moments.  And the drumline is what it always is.  And I did enjoy all of the flag work by the guard.  I also liked their uniforms way more that 2019.  But the show just seems flat.  And I fear that maxing out performance levels can't make up for it.  

    Finally, I did not think Bluecoats had a solid run yesterday.  Once again a supremely talented corps from top to bottom, but the vehicle they have been given this year just won't get it done.  And the actual words being spoken in their narration (not the fact that it is narration) is possibly the most insipid I have seen in DCI.  And yes it may be from the source material, but insipid is insipid.  

    I reserve my right to completely change my mind when seeing them live at the end of the year.  It is not uncommon for me to underwhelmed at first, but totally changed at Indy.  So please don't come for me!


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  5. So, I have decided to try to wear the first drum corps t-shirt I ever bought in Indy as a way to celebrate the anniversary.  It is a classic Cavaliers Hornline shirt from 1988.  If I can squeeze into it!  

    Interested to see what others first t-shirt was and if anyone else has anything they are doing to celebrate the anniversary.  

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  6. Quick Thoughts.

    Love the Colts drum line. I love when I can actually hear dynamics in a drum line. And I think the show is a very good vehicle for the drums and the corps.  

    Madison's show was shockingly boring visually.  And the lack of actual marching by the corps proper was sho king.  Possibly my least favorite Scouts show ever.  On the flip side,the Brasssounded strong (but it should because of the lack of movement).

    Blue Stars strong as usual.  But, I really wish they could learn to edit visually. They always have just that extra clutter that gets in the way.  Still enjoyable.

    Bluecoats musically just seem very bland to me this year.very strong ensemble,  But, they did not get an opportunity to really shine. On the bright side, the narration stopped before it got to the point that I found so insipid that they lost me completely.  Only so many eye rolls allowed in one show!

    Very happy to get a good listent o Phantom's music.at the theater, the audio was totally screwed up.  Very enjoyable program. They will definitely be a crowd favorite in Indy!

    Can't wait to actually see everyone live!

    Oh, Flo Marching was actually pretty solid for me tonight.  Pleasant surprise.



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