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  1. Still think there is much that can be done with the fallen section. The end of that I would have singers ripping off their robes and really belting out their own riffs and I would have the corps members really push forward beyond the sideline, almost into the stands. And I if it does not already happen, I would have the drum majors lose their costumes and essentially get off the podium and join in the bachanal. I mean no one actually watches the drum majors anyway!
  2. So, since I have always conceived of this show as a Cadets drum corps metaphor, I suspect that letter is a G and that at the very end there will be some introduction of the shako. And what it all means, roughly, is the Cadets started off in 1983 as "simple" evolved through time and lost their way by losing faith in the simplicity of drum corps and who they are. After losing track, they are getting back to understanding and believing in themselves and who they are. And after all of the costumes, we will get a G and a shako. Just a thought.
  3. So, having not seen anyone live yet, I will do as most do and go ahead and chime in on this one. CAN the Cadets medal? Absolutely. Will they? Time will tell. Anyone who has not seen everyone live at this point is talking out their $!#÷$ and cannot pass judgment one way or another. As a viewer of a couple of events either on line or in the theater, I am of the humble opinion that none of this year's top corps have that combination of special design combined with talent to make them untouchable. This year will be all about whoe works the hardest and times it just right. Just like the 1992 Cavaliers.
  4. Wow, I said it after seeing Crown at the theater, and ai will repeat it here. This show jumps the shark halfway through and no level of performance can possibly get it back. So talented, but not the show this year.
  5. Generating emotion and audience appeal is solely in the eyes of the beholder. They got me with Simple Song. And with the closer. And do not confuse letting a song develop means plodding. If it does, then I will gladly accept plodding shows mving forward. And we (assuming you are not there) are not there live. Really difficult to tell what the actual reaction was. I will of course reserve all judgment until I see them live.
  6. I think it difficult at this stage, but I really feel like there is still much more to come from the Cadets. There are some really special moments in this year's show. If they start to connect them, then I think they might be on this HYPE thread. We shall see.
  7. They stayed in uniform for that!?!? At least play 3 or 4 tunes.
  8. So BD has a cool opening, a great ensemble sound and some nice moments, but on the whole, this show seemed a little lacking to me. I do love the throwback ballad, they should have just stood in a concert arc to really complete the effect. And if Crown is looking for what "deconstruction" looks and sounds like for the end of their show, just watch BD. And exactly how many drum breaks were there in this show? But, all of that being said, I think they win it all this year.
  9. And if you want something really special, check out the clip of the girl singing this song on that old tv show that was like American Idol, but the goal was to pick the worst singer. All I can say is "here we go"!
  10. Wow. Phantom sounded . . . not the best. Not sure if it was the mic placement or just no bueno. But, wow! On the bright side, is it just me or is that solo in the ballad the opening of All By Myself? Now if they had just played that straight through, then that would have been something!
  11. Wow! Mandarins mean business this year! If their brass and visual performance can get to the same level of that guard, watch out. I also am assuming that the real drill for the end of the show is not in yet. Very strong show!
  12. Wow! As a long time fan of Mandarins, I am really excited to see where they go this year! Keep it going!
  13. The Cadets are on the list. Am I missing something?
  14. Granted, not to read too much into it, but I am intrigued by the one GE judge placing Cadets only .3 behind Bloo. I can only comment based on my read of Bloo from the theater, but is it possible that they are not quite the GE monster they were last year? While they no doubt will have great captions across the board, without the GE pop of last year, I think Bloo might have a struggle to stay on top. Time will tell.
  15. I hear you. It was nice. But more and more about less and less. I will reserve judgment (of course) til I actually see them live! But last night I left a little underwhelmed.
  16. So, having seen nothing, I am going to go ahead and call the season. SCV will win it all this year. When they are this close to BD at this point, and nothing offered last night will likely win, it is really open for SCV.
  17. Helpful stats. Thans for the research, but quite frankly other than 2015 and perhaps 2014, the Cadets shows during this sample really don't measure up to really good shows. I have no illusions, this show is not likely to win, but, it is something that I think they need to explore. I think that they will end up like a great (recent) SCV show where they will get a tremendous 4th or 5th place. But they will set the stage for a show next year with The Age of Anxiety and Jeremiah Symphony where they will take that next step.
  18. So can someone explain how anyone can possibly pass judgment about where this show is going to end up when not all precincts are in? Is this show amazing at this point, no. But is there room for growth? Yes. And for anyone to say that it, categorically, will not be top six is a real stetch. There is a whole lot of season to go, and 4 points behind a show that was (quite frankly) not as amazing and fresh as lasr season is nothing at this point. It is about how high you score in August, not the first show. Patience and faith.
  19. Wow. Those Vanguard unis are . . . Something! Need to see them live, but yikes!
  20. I think they should evolve to the point where the removal of a robe by one final individual or individuals becomes a moment in the show. Make it less large groups and more indidual drama. That is where the potential impact will be. Make ot a point of drama rather than a simple task that is doen all at once.
  21. One notice tonight, but the robes in the first act give a real Ventures feel! If the Ventures can win a title with skirts, then surely the Cadets can win with robes!
  22. Just back from the theater and a couple of thoughts. First, the theater was pretty full and the Louisiana audience was VERY different from all of my prior experiences in Philly and NYC. They were very appreciative and gave lots of applause. Good to hear everyone into the shows. Second, while I have learned years ago to never decide on the fate of a show in June, I will say that I am not getting that "special" vibe that I have had in the past when I have seen a championship show early on from any of the shows tonight. Which is a good thing for everyone there because they are all on fairly even footing (albeit not solid footing given that BD and SCV are yet be heard from). Some thoughts. Bluecoats were OK, just not special. And following a special show like last year is going to be very difficult. Crown was awesome to start, but man did that show jump the shark when the concert broke out. Cavies show was so much about nothing that it felt like nothing at the end of the day. Not mch can be done about that, except perhaps add more tenor spins. I thin kthe Cadets show moght have a lane this year. Needs some work and the permance from brass and (apparently) percussion need to step up. But at least the show felt like something. And I always like something more than nothing. Blue Stars had the most cringeworthy moment of the night with Lady Marmalade. But, they looked well put together and solid across the board. The crowd in my theater loved Crossmen. Really connected well. We will see if they have aomething apecial brewing this year. All of that being said, overall a very solid start to the season. Can't wait to see where these shows and all of the rest of the shows go from here! It is only June!!!!
  23. I really thought the program worked much better tonight with (most of) the costumes. I think I will wait to pass judgment until I see it live, but two basic comments: 1) i still feel the robes might be on a bit too long, and 2) the "12/8" section needs to be revamped. I would definitely slow it down to give it more of down and dirty bluesy feel (see original recording of Mass and not the Nagano recording) and it should onclude a slow, constantly revolving block that disintergates to complete chaos with the choir riffing into mics and trombones and trumpets blaring into mics. I would even have members breaching the front sideline and really pushing the action into the audience more. They have a chance, but they really need to push it much further. Much better feel for it after tonight.
  24. Having watched the streamed show tonight, I am still liking my concept for the show (which was pitched many times before they ever announced they wer doing Mass this year) more. I am still waiting to actually see them in competition before passing judgment, but I have three general comments. First, they need to let the 12/8 section breathe and try to get a little more down and dirty bass sound under the whole segment. Second, they can't possibly wear those full uniforms that long and be successful. Third, they need to really not be so literal in costumes and in concept. Not sure why the guard have to wear alter boy outfits? Sometimes less is more and the fans can fill in the blanks. But, like I said, I am not saying anything until I see them in person.
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