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  1. At Indy, I didn't hear any narration. It sounded like there was a big bit of nasty feedback just before they began and then I didn't hear any narration. I guess they had some amp troubles? I think I also heard some fans applaud and cheer when the nasty bit of feedback occurred. I guess the anti-ampers were out in force.
  2. Based on what I saw in Indy, I think the Cavaliers need to be included in this discussion. I realize that Indy was a very friendly venue for Phantom, but the standing ovation they received when their score was announced really shows just how their show is connecting with the audience. I think the Cavies are vulnerable in GE, which is precisely where Phantom is strong. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Phantom nipping on the heals of the Cavies during Finals week.
  3. Was it just me, or was SCV's performance on Saturday night infinitely better than the afternoon? I actually thought they should have lost to BK in the afternoon, but by the evening, I had them ahead of BAC. So much cleaner (although still not clean) and some fantastic passion and power. They were soooo much better. I really think that they will pass BAC and possibly challenge Crown. Allentown is going to be great!
  4. IIn the hotel getting ready for tonight's show. Just wanted to post some quick general comments about toay's show. A more detailed review will follow. On the whole it was areally solid offering today, but some of he shows while solid in performance, left my friend and me a little flat. KK: Trying hard, but the show is still filthy. Sitting up high, I am really more focused on visual perfomance than on music (always tough in a dome). Pioneer: a really nice show today, with solid visual performance. A really nice show from them, better than they've been in long time. Troopers: Excellent show. Best sound I've heard from them in years! Guard was not that solid, but they marched extremely well. Great to see them progress. Esperanza: Nothing memorable musically, ut solid corps. Nice guard perfrmance today. The Magic: To quote my friend: "Musically good, but a visual mess!" They woud be sooo much closer to the corps ahead of them if they could just march. The drill was a wreck today. Capital Regiment: Don't dig the prop. Solid sound, but dfell apart at te end. Southwind: One of the big winners todAY. gREAT SHOW! mUCH CLEANER THAN lOUISVILLE (OF COURSE), BUT STILL A LOT TO BE CLEANED. vERY SOLID SEMIFINALIST IN MY OPINION. (Sorry about the all caps, it was an accident). Seattle: No narration today. Very solid show from them, but the props are just silly. They lined up the wings of the plane incorrectly too. Pretty solid show today. Mandarins: Big disappointment!!! Loved the opening and the closer. The rest was not that good. Very ineffective today. Prety good guard performnce today. Spacing was just awfulin spots, not what I would expectfrom the MAndarins. Colts: Only 3 postcards today - a problem with the harvest card. Good show but I don't see i catchin Spirit or Glassmen. Crossmen: Getting much better, but the demand really isn't there, especiallyvisualy. Prety clean and the guard had a strong show. Don't se this in Finals either. Top 12 is done. Spirit: Dead opener, but the rest relly cooked. Excellent show. I had hem ahead of G-Men. G-Men: Very strong show today, excellent visula perfomance. Very strong, but still had them below SPirit. BK: This sow coked today. Such fantastic drill and performance. I had them ahead of SCV. SCV: solid show with alot of potential, but I saw o many visual problems (out of step and its almost August?) Really expect more from SCV. The drill is just so elementary compared to BK and it really showed going on right after BK. Oh well, off to the big show tonight! I xpect the Cadets to surge ahead of Cavies tonight. . .
  5. Phantom is still playing on Broadway. I think that since the theme of the show is Broadway, it really makes no sense to use the London theater. Are you sure that you didn't just misread the Playbill? I mean it's playing at the Majestic Theater in New York and has been since it opened. I can see the confusion between "Her Majesty's" and "Majestic".
  6. I think the more interesting part of these scores is The Magic. They beat Capital and Seattle in Music, but is still geting killed on Visual Performance. I was very impressed and indeed surprised by The Magic in Louisville this year. I think they might be the one corps to really sneak up on those above them. With a 13.9 in Visual Perfomance, they obviously have the most room to grow in that caption.
  7. Nice article. Too bad the program described for Madison is from last year.
  8. I think the cut in SCV's jacket is what makes the biggest difference. It seems to be a shorter jacket than even the past couple of versions they've used. As a result, especially with horns up, the white simply overpowers the red. Also, in pictures, the pants don't look quite as tailored and crisp as they were. They look almost blowsy. So it seems to me. But I'll have to wait to pass final judgment until I see them live in Indy.
  9. I believe it was Richie Cunningham on Happy Days when he was the band leader and Jonie and Fonzie won the dance marathon, defeating Jonie's chief rival, Charlene Tilton. This is right up there with all of the great dance marathons. And I think Fonzie actually was taken out on a cot at one point. (I did just recently see a rerun of this episode).
  10. After listening to tonight's show, I really have to say that I really think that the BD show misses out on some potential drama by having the show run in reverse (i.e. end of the marathon to the begining). Yes it does lend itself to a more upbeat ending, but the whole point of a dance marathon is to see which couple survives. I've not seen the show, but it seems like by doing the show in this way, they've missed an opportunity to really have some drama in their show.
  11. The judge did put Phantom 3rd in Brass, ahead of the Dance Derby. I think Phantom in 3rd is a fair placement. In fact, they tied for the highest score on the on brass subcaption. Next time check the recaps before starting a rant.
  12. I suspect it will be a very uneventful evening. I think Indianapolis will be moving day and SA will set the stage for the moving. 1. Cavaliers 2. Cadets 3. Blue Devils 4. Phantom Regiment 5. Madison Scouts 6. Bluecoats 7. Carolina Crown 8. Boston Crusaders 9. Santa Clara Vanguard 10. Blue Knights 11. Glassmen 12. Spirit from JSU
  13. For some reason there is no Colts clip on Season Pass and no explanation for where it is. Is it just me, or is it just not there?
  14. I really don't see any sort of theme or story taken directly from Kill Bill, just the tune and the guard unis. Also, I believe it was the Munsters who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
  15. I've emailed you already with a couple of questions, but if these are still available, I'm interested.
  16. I need two sets of tickets for Finals Week, but will take whatever good seats are available. Club Level or Premium if possible. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks.
  17. So after seeing the show tonight in New York City (where the audio was loud enough) I thought it would be interesting the compare who we all liked the best tonight. You know, which shows stood the test of time? My Top 3 were: Vanguard, Star, and Blue Devils My Friend picked Cavies, Cadets, and Star. Who were your favorites?
  18. My favorite was always L'Academie Musicale. I really thought they were on their way up after 1997. What a shame that that was it. I was really looking forward to their 1998 Program, "Le Titanic". Alas . . . it was never realized.
  19. I was surprised that the Cadets were not on the list. I voted for the "others" category to represent the Garfield Cadets/Cadets of Bergen Co./The Cadets.
  20. I just finished watching the '85 DVD and I noticed something pretty shocking! During Festive Overture (I believe) I know I saw a guard member grand jeteing with a baton in her hand! She was not shown during any tosses, but she was definitely there. Can it be that despite all the awful things said about the Cadets' baton boy, that it was nothing more than a nod to Vanguard '85? And does this mean that those who hated the Cadets because of the baton should now have to hate Vanguard because of their baton girl? At least hate the '85 show? Oh well, just something that caught my eye.
  21. These tickets are still available. They are Section 533 , Row 6, Seats 4and 5. Just looking for face value. Get back to me if interested and we'll set something up.
  22. Before I begin the actual review of the show, I have a few things to say about Giant Stadium. It is without a doubt the loudest stadium I have ever been in as the constant background noise. Because the seats on both levels are below the concourse, there was a constant murmur that was quite loud at several points. It was just awful! Also, a note to YEA! Why was there no coordination with the New Jersey Transit Authority to get the bus running between NewYork and Giant Stadium? Thank goodness the Creflo Dollar Ministries had a meeting at the Continental Airlines Arena with NJTransit buses going there, otherwise many of us would probably not have been able to attend the show last night. OK, on with the show. Mandarins: I was very shocked that they scored below 75. They were infinitely cleaner than they were in Orlando! Marching looked good, the guard had a really solid night and the new helmets looked cool. FOr those who have seen them, the corps proper now wears a modified version of the drum major's helmet wih the horns. The singing was completely inaudible due to the loud concourse, but the horns played much better tonight and seemed to have more vlume than in Orlando. The balance between the drums and horns is just about right. I think this show could really push for a semis spot, especially if they can keep improving at the rate the did since Orlando. Great show Mandarins! Blue Knights: Quite frankly, after I saw them in Orlando, I was convinced that they would easily be Top 12. Unfortunately, they were really off tonight for some reason. The horns had real ensemble issues and just lacked the same quality of sound that I heard in Orlando. The guard had a rough night it looked like. But since I was low, I was really able to watch a lot of the marching tonight. The forms were not clicking like they did in Orlando and I noticed a lot of phasing and step problems -- not stylistically, simply staying in step. Also, it seems like they upped the tempo for "I Go On", which really destroyed the impact fo the song for me. I just seemed rushed. On a side note, kudos to the BK Drum Major!! She was the ONLY drum major who DID NOT flash that cheesey smile after her salute that every other drum major (except SCV) does. Very classy. Carolina Crown: Well I love this show and really think it has so much potential. Unfortunately, the performance level was lower tonight for them than the other times I had seen them. First, I noticed far more brass ensemble issues tonight from them, especially trumpets. The guard had a good, but not great night. But once again, because of my vantage point, I saw some pretty dirt marching going on! The introduction to "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a mess as they marched and played backfield. I swear, the Tubas (even just 4 at a time) were never in phase during this entire sequence and for the most part, there was always someone out of step during this segment. In addition, they had some other form issues all night. Just not their best visual performance tonight. As for the amped stuff, they have changed the "beat" voiceover. Gone is the little poem about the drummer and in its place are some random msings about the "beat generation". Oh, and the guy who narrates is using a real mic. instead of his wireless headset! You can actually hear and understand him now. (For better or worse). A little off for them I thought. Oh yeah, I think that they added a part at the very end where the guard lay on the ground and spell out a word on the inside of the heart. (I think it was "Crown", but I could be mistaken, I was low. Crossmen: Much stronger than Orlando. Their marching looked much improved and the guard (despite a couple of exposed drops) are finally starting to resemble a Crossmen guard. They are still having problems with Both Sides Now. I'm still hearing some phasing problems with it. But Puma is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the recapitulation of all of the themes from the show before they finally finish Puma. It just seems to cut Puma and keep it from really reaching its potential. They are improving rapidly though. Tonight I thought they were closer to Crown than to Blue Knights. But we'll see in Denver if this keeps up. Bluecoats: I love their opening. But they really seem to lack that last notch of volume to really knock it out of the park. Great sound!! But it just builds and then plateaus. I'd liek to hear them just let loose there. Now, they marched a fantastic show tonight. It was just very well done. Great technique and the forms were all held together well. I did notice some phasing in the feet, but nothing too egregious. The drums were very aggressive tonight and very strong. The guard had a realy rough night though. Lots of drops. While I think that this is a very talented corps with a pretty difficult package, I just have not been able to get into their music. So while I appreciate what they are doing and how they are doing it, it just isn't connecting with me. Phantom Regiment: After Orlando, I was thinking that this show was not that strong and that they could very easily fall in the rankings. Tonight showed me that I was wrong. This show has some fantastic elements to it and it really was performed well tonight. They really sold the show tonight. That being said, there were some problems. First, I think that the horns sounded a little top heavy tonight. Maybe it was my position, but I didn't hear the baritones and euphonia the way that I should with Phantom. They had some feet issues tonight as well. Forms still aren't rock solid. And the ballad imho doesn't evolve the way it should. When they turn around and hit us with the big hit, it is too sudden and doesn't really grow from the music leading into it. Also, I'm really not a big fan of the heart drill formations -- bad HS experience with the heart formation. I do think that this show still has a lot of potential and could be fantastic in Denver. Blue Devils: Still not digging this show so much. Excellent horn quality, rock solid drum line and a stellar guard. But, the music just doesn't do anything for me. They really are perfoming this show extremely well for this time of year. I really don't see how they could have marched a much better show than last night, everything was pretty much locked right in. The gurard did have a few uncharacteristic drops, even on relatively simple spins. I haven't seen recaps, but I would imagine that they lost guard, drums and music ensemble to the Cadets tonight. The ending of the show still doesn't work in my opinion. The final jam ends too abrubtly and then the actual ending, while thematically appropriate just lies there, not very effective to me. Actually one problem I do have with the drill at the very end is why do the corps members just walk around after they hit the endzone? If they are a train, doesthat mean there was a derailment? Shouldn't they just keep following the leader into a solid block in the endzone? Maybe if it were more constructed, the ending would work more for me. I thought Cadets were much closer to them than .9. Cadets: My oh my, they have finally made this show work. After seeing it on a few other occasions, I really didn't care for it, but last night, they were finally able to put it all together and wow! I was amazed. The much maligned drill was finally performed solidly and what a difference that made. The horns, who sounded so good in Louisville, but so mediocre in Orlando, were outstanding once again. The drums were fantastic as usual. But the guard! Wow, they were absolutely top notch last night. Without seeing recaps, I would be shocked and horified if they lost guard to the Devils. Just fantastic work and the baton twirler had his best night in the times that I've seen him. With that being said, the opener is still a little bit of a drag on the show, but once the shirts from the guard come off, the show just cooked! Maybe it was being on their home turf, but this was infinitely better from them than when I saw them in Orlando. So everyone who was wondering if Phatom will catch the Cadets in Denver or if the Cadets would challenge for the title: my answers are NO to the former and YES to latter. Thanks for reading and I apolgize for being so wordy. Next show Denver.
  23. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned it or not, but what in the world was Spirit thinking in 1981?!?! They looked awful! I guess they figured it out because they were back to their original look in 1982.
  24. It took me this long to finally decide to do it and I am very glad that I did! My real drum corps experience started in 1987. SO many cool things happened before then and it's really nice to sort of educate myself about the history of the activity. I'm through '82 and getting ready for '83 (and I'm a Cadets fan) so I can't wait.
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