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  1. I always thought that the Cadets would have won that year if they did not have the Olympics. Oh well.
  2. Since others are doing it, I too have posted on the Market place for two tickets in Section 239 for Thursday night.
  3. Have two tickets for Thursday. IM me if interested.
  4. So happy to hear the positive feedback on the Cadets. Seeing the show live was my main reason for my last minute decision to go to Indy! Can't wait to see the. Live.
  5. Does anyone have any updates on the Cadets? Their move in was supposed to have been June 28th I think. But nothing.
  6. IIRC, SCVhad to wait out a weather delay on Finals night and I recall their performance on Finals night as being electric. They easily had their best night of the week and moved up deservedly. May have been an old school show, but it sold well that night for sure.
  7. Almost forgot to give a shout out to Bluecoats 1996 today. To date, the best tribute to Labor Day in DCI ever!
  8. I completely agree. That Wednesday run was amazing. I remember saying this exact thing that night. And it was needed because that whole night was very strong!
  9. General thoughts of 2002. I loved DIi-III Finals. That is the reason why those corps always deserved the right to do prelims with everyone else. One of my favorite nights of drum corps. Cavies: still meh on this show. Scales are fun and all, but wow. BD AND Cadets were strong, but neither really seemed fully realized. The Cadets had too much cheese for me -- and I am a huge Cadets fan. I loved the SCV show though. That was my favorite of the night. Only other thoughts from Finals were how much I enjoyed Bluecoats, Crossmen, Magic and Cascades. It was an odd Finals when the pre-intermission group was more fun and enjoyable than post intermission. IMHO.
  10. I will also add my support for numerous BK shows. Very strong drill in many years outside the top 6. Also Crossmen of the early 90s. Some really good stuff from them during those years.
  11. Just started watching my list. And if you have forgotten about Colts 1999, do yourself a favor and re-watch it. I still believe it is possibly the best 12th place ever. What a way to start a Finals show!
  12. You guys were amazing in 2002! I thank you and all of Crossmen 2002 for a great year!
  13. 1. 1987 Cadets 2. 1993 Star of Indiana 3. 1997 SCV 4. 2005 Madison Scouts 5. 1991 Blue Devils 6. 2000 Blue Knights 7. 1992 Crossmen 8. 2006 Carolina Crown 9. 1996 Bluecoats 10. 2018 Mandarins 11. 2016 Academy 12. 1999 Colts
  14. Must admit that after attending Finals in 2001 and even purchasing the DVD, it has been years since I have watched or listened to any of these shows (except for SCV). I think I might have to revisit this season since all of the discussion makes me remember some cool shows I had forgotten about.
  15. How bad was the sickness floating around the corps then? I had heard it was pretty bad and that was a primary reason for the stagnant scores.
  16. I just rewatched the Scouts and I think you are right. I had completely forgotten about that show. What a mess. And that guard. Yowza! Was guard on the sheets in 2000? I forgot when it officially became a caption. But yes. I would have place SW above them too.
  17. So after rewatching 2000, I actually did end up agreeing with the nod to Bluecoats. Southwind did everything they were given very well. But, the Bluecoats' show just seemed much more sophisticated. One thing I did not realize until I rechecked scores is that the Bluecoats were way ahead of SW all year. I think up by as many as 9 points. I wonder if they even had SW on their radar until right before Finals week. Very close.
  18. Then they all got it wrong. Simple as that! 😆
  19. Interesting you say 2019. I would agree but for me it was Pacific Crest. Loved that show!
  20. As there is no DCI to watch this summer I have decided to take a look back at some 13th vs. 12th place shows from past season. Particularly to see who got "robbed". Any recommendations for particularly egregious years? My first thought was 2017 Mandarins. I will rewatch and see if I still believe that.
  21. So 10 days and the score is about 1 point higher. That is crazy. That must have been very frustrating!
  22. This was around the time that their scores basically stopped improving right? I remember they were treading water in scores for a long time that summer.
  23. Oh and one other thing to keep in mind: I have the Lgacy collection through 2007. So anything after 2007 might be difficult to see the full show.
  24. As I look for ways to get my DCI fix, I have decided to do a Finals a week. To help me decide which years to watch, I will look to my colleagues here on the board to share their recommendations. So what are your top 6 Finals? From these recommendations I will prepare my summer viewing schedule. Thanks in advance!
  25. So today I officially worked through my 4th of July Top 12. And here it is: 1. 1992 Star of Indiana 2. 1995 Cadets 3. 2002 Cadets 4. 1995 Bluecoats 5. 2014 Cadets 6. 2002 Boston Crusaders 7. 1984 Suncoast Sound 8. 1986 Troopers 9. 1974 Troopers 10. 2013 Bluecoats 11. 2014 Troopers 12. 2000 Cincinnati Glory Interestingly enough, in order to do an American show you need to play a variation of America, march a flag down the 50, and play a bit of Appalachian Spring. Those 3 elements are the most common elements of an American show.
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