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  1. How bad was the sickness floating around the corps then? I had heard it was pretty bad and that was a primary reason for the stagnant scores.
  2. I just rewatched the Scouts and I think you are right. I had completely forgotten about that show. What a mess. And that guard. Yowza! Was guard on the sheets in 2000? I forgot when it officially became a caption. But yes. I would have place SW above them too.
  3. So after rewatching 2000, I actually did end up agreeing with the nod to Bluecoats. Southwind did everything they were given very well. But, the Bluecoats' show just seemed much more sophisticated. One thing I did not realize until I rechecked scores is that the Bluecoats were way ahead of SW all year. I think up by as many as 9 points. I wonder if they even had SW on their radar until right before Finals week. Very close.
  4. Then they all got it wrong. Simple as that! 😆
  5. Interesting you say 2019. I would agree but for me it was Pacific Crest. Loved that show!
  6. As there is no DCI to watch this summer I have decided to take a look back at some 13th vs. 12th place shows from past season. Particularly to see who got "robbed". Any recommendations for particularly egregious years? My first thought was 2017 Mandarins. I will rewatch and see if I still believe that.
  7. So 10 days and the score is about 1 point higher. That is crazy. That must have been very frustrating!
  8. This was around the time that their scores basically stopped improving right? I remember they were treading water in scores for a long time that summer.
  9. Oh and one other thing to keep in mind: I have the Lgacy collection through 2007. So anything after 2007 might be difficult to see the full show.
  10. As I look for ways to get my DCI fix, I have decided to do a Finals a week. To help me decide which years to watch, I will look to my colleagues here on the board to share their recommendations. So what are your top 6 Finals? From these recommendations I will prepare my summer viewing schedule. Thanks in advance!
  11. So today I officially worked through my 4th of July Top 12. And here it is: 1. 1992 Star of Indiana 2. 1995 Cadets 3. 2002 Cadets 4. 1995 Bluecoats 5. 2014 Cadets 6. 2002 Boston Crusaders 7. 1984 Suncoast Sound 8. 1986 Troopers 9. 1974 Troopers 10. 2013 Bluecoats 11. 2014 Troopers 12. 2000 Cincinnati Glory Interestingly enough, in order to do an American show you need to play a variation of America, march a flag down the 50, and play a bit of Appalachian Spring. Those 3 elements are the most common elements of an American show.
  12. So I have decided Star of Indiana 1992 is the 4th of July champion. I thought it was Americana schlock, but after seeing Blast! Right after 9/11 and hearing the Amber Waves ballad,, I learned to appreciate it more than when I saw it originally. So 1992 star is my 4th of July champion!
  13. I am thinking of creating a special top 12 for the 4th. What shows do we include and which is the top show for a 4th of July themed show?
  14. Just rewatched 2002 last night. Still love the Crossmen show and I completely forgot what position they finished that year. An enjoyable show is not made less enjoyable simply because of where the judges placed it. One of my favorites in 2002 for sure.
  15. Just wondering if you saw it live? I can understand your position based on video alone.
  16. I always used the following title for the Cadets show that year: Stonehenge: the Adventures of Rifle Boy and Saber Girl!
  17. I can't wait to see how this goes. I consider the Crossmen 2002 show one of the great "could have been" shows. I think they took captions from BD early on in NJ that year. But they all got sick iirc. Crossmen are amazing, but always seem to have the worst luck. But, I can't wait to see how the season goes from a member's perspective!!!
  18. So just checked the Marketplace and found out that I am sitting on a gold mine! LOL. When did the Legacy collection become so rare? I saw someone apparently paid $125 for the 1996 DVD!!! Is it just me or is that crazy? Thank goodness I purchased the entire Legacy Collection back when they were not so rare!
  19. Suddenly I feel like Pacific Crest should do a Guns and Roses show. It's so easy!
  20. Mandarins should do a show based on the music from the movie Suspiria. Either version. Who better to bring a coven of witches to the field!
  21. I'll play. In no particular order: Crown Pacific Crest Blue Knights Jersey Surf Colts Spartans
  22. So, given all that has happened with the Cadets the past few years, I would love to see a show about becoming a Cadet (or any corps for that matter). Essentially follows the process of auditioning and doing all of the hard work to make a corps. In the case of the Cadets, it culminates with wearing the maroon and gold with an actual shako. I imagine a big company front at the end to What I did for love. Everything leading up to the end can be as modern as you like, but the end would be intentionally old school. Anyway, just a thought.
  23. Yeah, both myself and a guy in my row ended up buying the same Mandarins zip up hoodie. They got me!
  24. I see two paths forward based on prior examples: that of Vanguard and Cavaliers when they slipped a bit in the rankings and that of Madison Scouts. Please just don't chose the path of perpetual changes. Chaos is never the answer!
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