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  1. Pacific Crest did not come to play with these fools! Wow!! It is such a shame that that show will not be in the Cinecast. Love them this year.
  2. Much improved from Allentown Cascades! Way to fight for your spot in Semis! Bravo.
  3. And it is not just a Cadets thing. I would have been horrible in this environment. I could never could keep track of that many measures of doing nothing!
  4. Just arrived downtown Indy and see a group of Devils (assuming showcase participants) walking around in uniform. They look like fancy streetwear in this environment!
  5. The lack of playing is very obvious, especially as an ensemble, when the complete show is performed as a standstill. That is when you can really see who plays and when.
  6. Seems to me the flaw in this year's show is that it is not artistically coherent. Things happen and they just do not make any sense collectively. The performers are doing all they can, but honestly if this show was being done by a corps in the group just out of finals, they woud be lucky if they made top 17 or so. At this point it is simple: enjoy what you can about the show and the performances and work on things next year.
  7. I would love it if they cut the vocals there. It is hard to watch.
  8. Because the broadcast was limited to a live show for the Top 6. They (I think) entered Finals in 7th. And then moved up to finish 6th in Finals. Would have been huge for things like recruiting for the whole show to have been broadcast live. Would have made them "elite".
  9. Exactly. And that is why the shame is that Pacific Crest will not be in the cinecast.
  10. So here's what stinks. I do not think that this show will be on the prelims broadcast. Such a shame if it is not. This could be like Crossmen 1992. Finish in 6th, but not be in the full broadcast. Always wondered how the impact of being in the broadcast could have affected the Crossmen course.
  11. First time seeing them live this year. Just Wow! They are the next Mandarins!
  12. So, I think the performers are doing pretty much what they are being asked. It is just a problem with the what they are being given to perform. I think they finish in 8th. And there is nothing wrong with that!
  13. It is really going to come down to visual in my opinion. I just feel like the SCV show is a little clutteresd and unfocused. And other than percussion, SCV will lose the music captions to Crown.
  14. My thoughts tonight (for what it is worth). Everyone is pretty much placed where they will finish. I will say it should get interesting between Crown and SCV. And I still feel like Cadets will somehow get above Blue Stars. Really not a fan of that Boston show too. Yikes! I am throwing away my shot!
  15. Boston should be getting a penalty. Can totally hear their brass during Cavies. Bad.
  16. Love pacific Crest this year! So close to Finals!! Keep working and they will make it, I am sure!
  17. Finally saw Madison live last night and enjoyed it infinitely more than online. A really enjoyable show. I think they will be a very solid show in Indy.
  18. So I am actually shocked that BlueStars are as close as they were tonight to BK. I would have had them closer to 2 points behind BK. That show has reached its peak.
  19. So BDA are repurposing BDB from last year? Dias de la muerte redux.
  20. Just Wow! Thank you Blue Knights!!! An ansolutely beautiful show. And that ballad just about brought tears. So powerful this year!
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