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  1. It is really going to come down to visual in my opinion. I just feel like the SCV show is a little clutteresd and unfocused. And other than percussion, SCV will lose the music captions to Crown.
  2. My thoughts tonight (for what it is worth). Everyone is pretty much placed where they will finish. I will say it should get interesting between Crown and SCV. And I still feel like Cadets will somehow get above Blue Stars. Really not a fan of that Boston show too. Yikes! I am throwing away my shot!
  3. Boston should be getting a penalty. Can totally hear their brass during Cavies. Bad.
  4. Love pacific Crest this year! So close to Finals!! Keep working and they will make it, I am sure!
  5. Finally saw Madison live last night and enjoyed it infinitely more than online. A really enjoyable show. I think they will be a very solid show in Indy.
  6. So I am actually shocked that BlueStars are as close as they were tonight to BK. I would have had them closer to 2 points behind BK. That show has reached its peak.
  7. So BDA are repurposing BDB from last year? Dias de la muerte redux.
  8. Just Wow! Thank you Blue Knights!!! An ansolutely beautiful show. And that ballad just about brought tears. So powerful this year!
  9. Have to say this Scouts show is soooo much better live! They look and sound much better and the traditional Allentown crowd loved them.
  10. Much appreciation for the Chorus Line show. I always thought this would be a good show to use where the goal is actually to make a corps and earn the right wear a uniform.
  11. The food trucks sound awesome compared to the restaurants downtown that all seem to close at 3:00! No wonder I always eat at the same places in Allentown!
  12. Honestly they really are missing a potentially big opportunity to focus the attention of the drum corps world on them in a positive way. And even without performing here this year, they should really put something together for next year's Finals in Indy and in Allentown. Celebrating the corps's history in a big way like that can help push it foward. I just keep thinking of how huge the response was to SCV's alumni corps in Indy. The Cadets deserve that kind of moment too.
  13. Dear god, I will be 63. Why have the Cadets foesaken me!
  14. It just baffles me that the announcement was we are doing an alumni corps and it WILL be performing in Allentown. Rather than, an alumni corps is being put together. More info to follow. I think I should sue them for fraud!
  15. Any information would be appreciated. My one thing is DO NOT anoounce a performance in Allentown when there is nothing in place to do such a thing! I literally booked my trip almost as soon as it was announced. Just poor form!
  16. I have never marched with Cadets. To paraphrase Boston, I threw away my shot! But, I always vowed to be a part of the corps in some way. For me it has been financial and just general fandom. This has really made me think if I respond with my usual support. Just really disappointing.
  17. Seriously? Wow! In the future, do not make announcements like they dd unless it is going to happen. I have made a special trip to Chester and Allentown just to see the previously announced Cadets Alumni Corps! I will be at Finals next week, so now I feel like this whole trip is a collosal waste of time and money. And I still have the latest request to renew my Maroon and Gold Club donation! Hmmmmmm . . .
  18. So did I miss something or is this not happening? There is no listing of them in the line up. Anyone know?
  19. Well I guess this proves that stationary props are just as damaging as moving props. Also, I love how any Cadets related threads can just go on forever! Yea needs to sponsor more shows. It will save DCP!
  20. The pit area was completely covered from the beginning. So they accounted for that much. Also, with respect to how wet the fround might have been, I would be shocked if an MLS stadium could not drain off one storm in at least 3 hours.
  21. I am simply saying that each corps knows what it can do. And just because one says it is a no, should not mean that everyone after should abide by the same decision. That is why I think it was a decision by the venue. That is all. I could be wrong. Would not be the first time!
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