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  1. Honestly they really are missing a potentially big opportunity to focus the attention of the drum corps world on them in a positive way.  And even without performing here this year, they should really put something together for next year's Finals in Indy and in Allentown.  Celebrating the corps's history in a big way like that can help push it foward.  I just keep thinking of how huge the response was to SCV's alumni corps in Indy.  The Cadets deserve that kind of moment too.

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  2. Seriously?  Wow!  In the future, do not make announcements like they dd unless it is going to happen.  I have made a special trip to Chester and Allentown just to see the previously announced Cadets Alumni Corps!   I will be at Finals next week, so now I feel like this whole trip is a collosal waste of time and money.  And I still have the latest request to renew my Maroon and Gold Club donation!  Hmmmmmm . . . 

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