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  1. I really did not notice a tangible difference between the Crossmen, Cavaliers and Surf props and those of BAC. If a corps decides that it cannot move its props, then so be it. Let them do an exhibition. But if Vanguard and Cadets can, then let them do so. I thi k this was absolutely only based on the decision by the stadium. They saw the tracks from the early corps and then freaked out when they saw the BAC walls.
  2. So one final comment on actual performances tonight. Vanguard is a championship quality corps, but I just am not loving this year's music that much, but more so, what about that Vanguard show makes one immediately go to those lavender and pink pajamas? Undone based on that alone imho.
  3. Just don't get what changed? Boston has like 5 rolling props. How is that any different from Surf and Crossmen at the start of the show!
  4. Nothing at all. Beautiful night. It rained severl hours before the show. I think it is all about protecting the field from the dreaded rolling props!
  5. STANDSTILLS!!!! DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS! They have been rolling props across the field all night. Why now? Unreal!
  6. I like what Cavies are doing this year. Most powerful brass they have had in a while. Only gripe (we all have at least one) is that they do not have more room for more expansive drill when they do it. The big moves all seem too compressed somehow.
  7. Well I really wanted to like the Crossmen, I almost always do. But man that show on first viewing was just loud and about as subtle at the hatchets the guard toss. Clearly a Finals corps, but just not quite my bag this year.
  8. Really nice show from Surf this year. Big step up from the past few years. Well done!
  9. Fingers crossed. Starting to clear in Philly after some heavy stuff moved through about 2 hours ago. I came all of the way from New Orleans for Chester and Allentown! The weather will hold up!
  10. Really dig Pacific Crest this year! Can't wait to see them live next week.
  11. I have been in downtown Birmingham a few different times over the past couple of years. I live in New Orleans and moved here from Philadelphia. Downtown Birmingham is not scary. There are a lot of cool things going on. It is a city and things CAN happen in any city. Do not let one incident ruin an entire city.
  12. So it seems to me that the issue is one of getting the organization in a solid state before any concerns with placement. Placements can only result after the solid foundation is there. Just do not go crazy like the Scouts!
  13. So Bluecoats win. And that makes perfect sense. Not so sure BD or SCV have a fun or it show this year.
  14. Wow! First time seeing Pacific Crest this year. Awesome job! Very strong corps from them this year!
  15. Thank you Scouts for You'll Never Walk Alone. Personally, I would love to see that be the final company front for the Scouts this season. Give the old folks something to love.
  16. I think it might be more interesting to compare a drill not written by Zingali with a modern show. I think you should use one of the most difficult show in terms of total demand on a performer ever, 1993 Cadets.
  17. Two cool aspects of this years show: (1) the overall color pallete is not unlike their last Beattles show way back when and they end with the same line "and in the end . . ."; and (2) nice flashback to the last time they used a similar concept with the "drum speak" when they did the whole tabla thing. Nice to see some tributes to the past.
  18. I will be at Elmwood outside of New Orleans. And of course that theater has a full bar, it is New Orleans after all!
  19. I would have this way up on the list for sure. Still remember seeing it early that year on the West Coast and it was one of a few shows that I saw live early on and knew I was watching that season's champions. In my defense,, I did not see BD that year until much later in the season. And we know how that ended up . . .
  20. Any word on performances? I might have to go to Allentown this year! And the Bluecoats have announced their performance at Semis in 2022! Seems like something needs to be announced soon.
  21. Still think a Vanguard show based on the Death of Klinghoffer could be amazing. Oh, and the Mandarins doing the Cultural Revolution Ballet from Nixon in China would be cool too!
  22. Bump. I think this is more accurate than the FloMarching poll.
  23. With respect to the Ocean show and La Mer, SCV 1996 (I believe) was pretty good!
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