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  1. I have four available for each night. Please check your messages for details if you are interested.
  2. Here is my list based on viewing the corps at: Innovations in Brass, Akron, 6/20 DCI Eastern Classic, Allentown, 7/31 & 8/1 TOC, Massillon, 8/3 Prelims & Semifinals, Indianapolis, 8/6 & 8/7 Bluecoats - I'm a Bluecoats homer, so naturally, they are on my list. However, when I first saw the show pre-season, I thought that they might have gone overboard with the electronics. When I saw it in Akron however, I was floored. It really needs to be seen live and in a large stadium for it to have the full effect of its design. Brilliant show. I love the direction that the Bluecoats have been going with their style. Carolina Crown - When I saw this show in Akron, I was amazed at how complete and well performed it was. I wondered what they were going to work on the rest of the season. The opening hit was pure power. The changes and additions that they put in place throughout the season just built on that rock solid foundation. My only quibble was that I thought the addition of the white cover at the end of the show was just a bit too much. Same as Cadets tarps last year. Blue Knights - I did not enjoy this show the first time I saw it. My mind kept waiting for an opening hit that never came and that kind of threw me for a loop. However, with each subsequent viewing, I fell more and more in love with this show. I have to say that I feel a genuine loss for not being able to see this live again. I loved last years show and this was a step up from that. Looking forward to the coming year to see what they bring to the table. They may be the next Crown/Bluecoats. Colts - This is a show that has to be seen more than once to fully appreciate. The first time I saw it was at Allentown and my seat was down low near the narrators. I focused on them almost the entire show due to their proximity to our seats. The next two times I saw them, our seats were up near the high cam position at Lucas Oil. It is a completely different show from that perspective and already knowing the story made for a great viewing experience. In the past, I have thought that the Colts horns have been a bit too loud/brash. Not so the past few years. They have a really full and mature sound. I also thought that the singing worked very well in the show. I would not want singing and narration from every corps but the Colts did it very well and had a very entertaining result because of it. I hope that they can continue in this vein given that there will be significant staff changes. Oregon Crusaders - Top to bottom I feel that this is a very mature corps both in design and execution. There are times when a lower ranking corps puts something in the show for the sake of difficulty or because the top corps are doing it and it just isn't executed well. In these cases, I find the addition to be more distracting than beneficial. Oregon does not make this common error. Everything in their show works well and is performed at the capability level of the members. If anything, I think the talent that the Crusaders have warrants a more demanding show next year. Again, I really like that direction that this corps is going. Incidentally, my top five list for 2014 would be the same five corps. All five have had a really strong two-year run. Looking forward to three in a row.
  3. I have two tickets for each night for sale as follows: Friday night: Section G, Row 14, Seats 16-17 Saturday night: Section G, Row 11, Seats 10-11 $40 each. I will be at the show each night and can meet you there to deliver the tickets. Thank you for looking.
  4. I have two extra tickets available for Allentown each night as follows: Friday - Section G, Row 18, Seats 11 & 12. $40 each Saturday - Section F, Row 20, Seats 20 & 21. $35 each I will meet the buyer at the stadium to deliver the tickets. Please PM me if interested.
  5. Thank you for putting this together. I will look forward to downloading it once it is available.
  6. Two of my favorites: 1987 Santa Clara Vanguard. At the end of the opener, the hornline is in four parallel lines and does a high step/mark time to split it into 8 lines. Excellent visual resolution at the end of one of the all-time great openers. 1988 Madison Scouts. During the closer, Malaguena, the corps forms two triangles, does a 360 degree spin forming one large triangle and does a high mark time. Subsquently, babies are thrown.
  7. Earlier in this thread, there was some discussion about this show being at the Glass Bowl vs. Doyt. Here is an interesting fact with regard to this... In 1961, the University of Toledo procured a genuine rocket from the U.S. Army missile program. The one-ton rocket, which sits outside the Glass Bowl — aimed to hit the 50 yard line of arch-rival Bowling Green's Doyt Perry stadium — carries two sets of fins and a propellant booster capable of guiding the missile to supersonic velocity. (source NCAA WIKI)
  8. Posted on the Bluecoats' Facebook wall... We are exactly 7 days away from our first full day of rehearsal! We can't wait! Oh, and a big announcement coming on Monday... Hopefully the full show announcement!?
  9. Do noobs ask why people are booing when the Bluecoats come onto the field?
  10. Massillon, OH Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - 6:30 PM Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Drum Corps Competition 330-458-2048 or 800-533-4302 Massillon Paul Brown Tiger Stadium 1 Paul E Brown DR SE Massillon, OH 44646 Performing Corps Listed in reverse order of performance. Bluecoats - Canton, OH Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA The Cadets - Allentown, PA Troopers - Casper, WY Blue Knights - Denver, CO Madison Scouts - Madison, WI Spirit - Atlanta, GA Pioneer - Milwaukee, WI I haven't missed this show in years. Of course I live about 15 minutes away. This is always a stong show and the crowd really gets into it. It is not a typical "drum corps" crowd. Just a bunch of local people who go to the show because it is part of the HOF activities. Those who don't know what to expect, are blow away by the quality of the performances. Standing O's for the 1st corps and every corps therafter are not unusual. The facilities are about as good as one could want for a show as well. You'll be amazed that this is a high school facility.
  11. I like the salutes in DCI. The one the the Cavies used before the Machine show was cool. SCV usually has a cool one as well. The one thing that bothers me though is how the DM's turn around prior to the salute. Most of them take several steps in place to turn around. In the Air Force, I was trained to turn around in one motion with your feet starting and ending in a "V" shape. You simply move your right foot behind your left foot so that your calves are touching, and then pivot to the right on the ball of your right foot and the heal of your left foot.
  12. How about a high tech floor with LEDs built in to it? The LEDs could light up from one set to the next. It would make teaching drill more accurate and less time consuming.
  13. Bluecoats 1995 "Homefront: 1945" show had the crowd on its feet at the end of America the Beautiful/I'll Be Seeing You (Iwo Jima tribute) and about 16 counts before the end of the show. Powerful and emotional.