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  1. Hey Marc, thanks so much. Not sure when the soundtrack cd will be commercially released but I will post when it is available. So glad you dig it. James
  2. Hey Matt, thanks so much for your kind words of praise. It is great that you are marching in drum corps as it will help you develop the discipline to compose and put in the long hours associated with film composing. You will find that there are very few things in life that will push you as hard as marching corps and you can take that into the professional world and kick some serious ###. Awesome that you have the desire to be a film composer. Study hard, listen to the classics (especially the 20th century) and develop your own sound. Don't try to sound like anyone else. Know that it is a long, hard road but if you persevere, you will succeed. All best, James Peterson
  3. Hi Chris, thanks man. I would like to meet Lee and hope to see you after the Renegades show in July. I may be up for the show on June 21st working with the Vanguard Cadets and maybe can see each other then. Jim
  4. Thanks Matthew. Let me know your thoughts after you have listened! All best, James
  5. Hello Everyone, I just returned from Prague having recorded my latest feature film score for a movie called "The Red Canvas." We recorded it in the Czech National Symphony Hall on May 13th and 14th with 84 members of the Prague Phil. As always my music seems to be heavily influenced by Drum Corps as both a member and fan since the late 70s. I have continued my participation with drum corps as the composer of SCVC 2008 show "Perspectives" To hear some of the music from the movie even before the film is released go to my website You can also leave comments here and on my myspace MYSPACE Thanks so much in advance for listening. Enjoy! Hope to meet you all this summer at the shows! All best, James
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for checking out the site. Let us know if you need any arranging or originals. We would be happy to help you out in any way we can. Jim
  7. whoever can play the highest, fastest and loudest on G Bugles with two valves!
  8. I will make sure to type future content in iWeb as opposed to copying it from another app. Thanks for your time and tips. James
  9. Hi Bob, Thanks for this. I am a composer and not really a web designer. I put this together using iWeb. The concerns you addressed are totally new to me so thanks very much. Is there any way to add text from a search engine point of view (or meta-tags? etc.) or a way to convert the output of iWeb to address these concerns? We definitely want to get this in front of as many eyes as possible and don't want to limit our searchability. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback. Very cool. James
  10. Hi Harry! Thanks for the feedback! Was it high, fast and loud enough for you?
  11. Thanks Daniel. I have a preference for websites that are easy to navigate, that you can find what you are looking for easily, and make logical sense. I also like a minimalist design approach. I am glad that you like the design. I just checked out your website. Very cool to meet a colleague in the band scoring business. Best of luck to you. James Peterson