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  1. Just putting this out there. I know that some personalities on here are currently in contact with and participating with the corps. If the leadership of the corps is looking to 'broaden' the idiom with rules changes and new instrument allowances... Please do so by proposing a new division of competitive ensemble and not by proposing divisive changes to the current (albeit stretched) idiom of drum and bugle corps. The Drum and bugle corps idiom is not broken... nor is it outdated... nor does it need to be disbanded. There are no ethical faults in the existence of instrument exclusiv
  2. That's unfortunate. The proposal, not the failure. It's naive... not considering the greater consequences.
  3. If it's secret ballot then we won't know who supports/opposes it unless voting members make statements. Just would like to know which organizations are on board with this direction. The instructors caucus doesn't really mean much because there is a tactic to voting passage for a proposal in order to deliver a clear defeat in the final vote.
  4. Anyone have the vote tally? That kinda matters for the future.
  5. Ultimately, it's a likely outcome in the long run that there will be a split among organizations over this issue (on top of others). A D&B division will emerge somewhere.
  6. Just thinking into the future here... I'm pretty sure that the first time that I see flutes pop to the press box... I will throw up in my mouth a little. Pretty sure.
  7. I agree. If DCI wants 'inclusion' (again it's a false narrative), there is no reason why they can't essentially have a Field Band division.
  8. I watched it, but they didn't offer insight beyond the numbers.
  9. Also would like to see the names associated with the split. Anyone have a link to that?
  10. Whoa... I walk away for a few minutes and this thread took a turn and a half... I'll see myself out.
  11. Anyone know what time the voting is EST? Just trying to schedule when I should peek back here for the results and the initial explosi... I mean... commentary.