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  1. They ALWAYS underestimate Bloo. And Bloo doesn't mind. Wait for next year's thread... It'll be a gas... full of all sorts of pseudo-statistics and historical projections. Looking forward to it. For me, Cadets projections were the most surprisingly off... including my own.
  2. Bah haha.. Some more. Compare the sheets from 2016 to these. The show scored remarkably high in both demand and achievement... look at the sheets. Compare the top 2. Campare with 3-6. Compare with the defending champs. This was the very best Bluecoats that there has ever been. Competition is much more circumstantial than you make it out to be.
  3. Bahahaha... Ha..heh.. heh. Did you not see what they just did? and the margins that they did it in? Time for the drawing board... but not for reinvention or damage control. Time to write the next crowd slaying show that everyone else will wish that they had written. Keep doin' what you're doin' Bloo.
  4. In this situation, I think the winning points are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. These groups were scoring all around each other for weeks... often pulling subtly different caption margins each night. Ultra competitive (with pretty high scores there at the end as well)... Unusual for this to happen, especially in spots 1-2.
  5. Next order of business... Get Come Together/I Want You scored for encore performances.
  6. Outstanding, Blue Devils! Congratulations on a very well played and marched show and a well fought victory!
  7. Bloo. Amazing! Can't wait to see you rock our world in 2020. You set THE standard for quality entertainment in drumcorps. 6 words.
  8. Wonder when/how he caught the show? That would have been a great boost for the kids to hear that.
  9. Once more unto the breach... Have a great show tonight! Don't forget that others "compete"... but YOU "define". 6 words, Bluecoats!
  10. I have eyes to see and read and it's easy to compare the two. No advanced degree needed.