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  1. oops! I just found another thread VERY similiar to this one. excuse this one if you want too.....
  2. i wish they were sequened too. the real ones have these weird overlaping layers of somtheing...i like the color tho.
  3. there is this GREAT dm camp in Boise Id. its the best. is you want more info google it. its called 'calvalcade"
  4. Bluecoats are coming to Boise ID this year!!!! I believe thats west of the rockies. :)
  5. ok. i feel like a complete idiot asking this but umm...whats the significance in this picture? i know it an encore performance with a random trooper dm over there...whats the deal?
  6. i avsolutley love it. i wonder if theyll ever change their logo to teal...mopst likely not.
  7. You know your a drum corps fan when.......
  8. My right stick tends to be lighter because it is played with a bit more harder than my left hand....yes....due to rim shots. good point. I never tape my sticks...i use vics and i hate all the extra junky weight on the sticks when you put tape on them. anyways...back to the topic.. I would use an electric scale ( the ones that go to the like 100th place :P ) and do that. most high schools should have one somewhere in there athletic department...
  9. I would like to see blue devils/phantom take a classic tune and put a really really huge spin on it. Im talking all the best in one show with one huge spin. Kinda like how they took Rhapsody in 05 and made it into a whole show....except a lot more complicated It would rock...and add a buch of power chrods and some amazing gaurd work.....
  10. ???? is the heavier one supposed to go in left or what?? (playing traditional style)
  11. hmmmm...drum corps radio station...i would listen to it 24/7. dont know how hard that would be to get on air tho...
  12. they had assigned material...but we need to perform a piece of our choice...thank you!
  13. the cavaliers cancelled their europe trip to go to hogwarts this year.....
  14. ummm....i dont think so. nope. sorry to be so straight forward but yeah....