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  1. Looked like they utilized the whole field. Props are used tastefully, they added to the production, didn't overwhelm it. Color guard had group features, and also were interspersed inside the horn structures. I don't think the horn line played back field once, they are staged perfectly. I really think the talk after Thursday night will be how the horn line talent has risen.
  2. Saw the performance tonight and the Corps will definitely be knocking on the door for the fourth and hopefully the third spot. Everyone knows this won't be easy, but I firmly believe Boston will take down one of the heavyweights by Allentown August 3rd. The guard will be as good as last year, the horn line talent and book is far superior from last year. Someone else can comment on their drums, not my forte. Looking forward to seeing them go up against Bluecoats and Crown, not something I would have said 3 years ago. It is an upfront, in your face show. The staging is brilliant and the horn line is up front numerous times. Will please both the casual fan and longtime followers. Looking forward to Thursday night.
  5. Went through about 4 electric razors in 12 weeks one summer!!!
  6. \ I was there in 1983, we didn't come to the aid of any other corps but our own. As the horn line marched off to find a place to warm up, they passed the projects where a young thug asked a girl horn player to blow him instead of the horn. She told him to F##K off. He went back and got a number of gang members and went searching. The drum line, which was smaller than the horn line (not by much) took the brunt of the attack when they recognized the uniforms. the drum line had a girl was 10 years old. They instructors came running and eventual sirens started, so they ran. The injuries were bruises and scratches, we were very lucky that was it. To be honest, most of the kids ran, I didn't blame them, these animals came with pipes. But for a few older vets, the drum line was very young. All the instructors and management were mostly alumni, thank god they all ran into the fray, instead of out. I was still shaking as the corps was performing lol.
  7. You don't have to go down that main drag all the way when you get off the highway, there is a road that is parallel to that, take any side street down and they all take you to the school. Dunkin donuts is a bit off a ride though!
  8. I know I'm getting sucked in to this, but I have been around the Boston Crusaders for over 50 years, I have friends who have marched in Alliance, 27th, Royal Brigade, Blessed Sacrament, North Star, Pembroke Imperials, Rockland Defenders and so on, and I have never heard that phrase that Guardling used regarding the term BAC. I have a feeling He made that up, along with most of what he posts here from his Mom's basement. While I do cry occasionally ( which I certainly will on our 75th), it will be for joy, and never because I've been behind anyone. Looking forward to a great celebration this week with family and friends!
  9. The Morgan House in downtown Lee Ma. is an excellent restaurant!