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  1. Regarding modern dance, drum corps taking more influence from modern dance is a very good thing. But by modern, I mean within at least the last 100 years. Drum corps is just now barely even catching up to Isadora Duncan. The is a long way for drum corps to go to catch up to the dance world and personally, I'd love to see what could happen if this was sped up a bit more. I agree! Would love to see some William Forsythe ish out there on the field.
  2. I'm really interested to see Light Brigade! They are back with blazing technique and their show was far from finished at the Raleigh Regional from what I hear. I'm a sucker for solid technique. Im also excited for First Flight. It is the most interesting show that I've seen from them in the upstairs captions. Other than that, Independent A is a blood bath and it will be interesting to see who ends up in what neighborhood. Sigh... I miss block scores.
  3. I will just say the same thing I tell my kids when they scoff at the thought of dues. Things cost money. I didnt have money in high school. I sold lots of fruit. Hocked cookies. Hustled and bamboozled. Hit the streets and do the fundraisers. While your at it, work on your roll step.
  4. I will bite. I will divide this into captions. Equipment- SW I have been floored by Trumball for years. This is the first time I think everything was on the next level though. I agree with Scott that their technique is stellar. Their catch technique is amazing. To me they are the gold standard in SW equipment. of course, They didnt win equipment because caption judging is a myth, but thats another topic all together. Runner up; West Johnston... underrated in equipment... alot... IW SCV was the most amazing twirling I have seen since the season finale of Toddlers and Tiaras... Their work is so difficult in a handsy non-traditional way. Well... tradtional for Jim Moore and Greg Legola. There is a third guy who writes for them but the name escapes me. Makes me reconsider strapless rifles, which is (again) another topic. Runners up; Corona... They are just fearless. what i like about Shapiro, he pushes his team to through those sevens... a lot of them... with turns... and feet... and (you get the point) Alter Ego... seriously, what are the feeding kids in CT. Movement- Full disclosure... not my forte. SW Arcadia- there is a level of polish to their extensions and commitment to length through their movements that turn my crank. Every year. runner up; Carmel. They were triad with a capital T! They werent just holding their equipment while dancing. It was full body composition. Loved it. And to do it wearing that uniform with the line... wow. IW SCV- Again, they have full body equipment that I think is what everyone should aspire to, but too few do. runner up; Opus X... they are sooooooooooooooooooo trained. but nothing really new per se. But they set new standards in execution. Ensemble- SW Carmel- moving 24 stools throughout an entire show and it is effortless the entire time. Depth of composition, and the vertically planned events are near perfect. Runner-up; Logan. Deconstructed reconstructed WSS. Mark Metzger is out there and I like it. IW (bring the torches) Onyx- heads are still reeling and eyes are still rolling but this show was an event. It was a game changer in what is considered ensemble. This scares a lot of people but it really gets me thinking of other options as a designer. The how may not have been perfect put there was plenty of WHAT? It reminded me of William Forsyth. Me and Scott disagree on this one. We already moved on. Love you boo! runner up; SAC! I was really pulling for them to get 3rd. This was so close with Onyx. I love the music choices and the staging had so much depth while still achieving such clarity. Their equipment book was so demanding and innovative. But... you have to keep it in your hands. God I wanted them to medal!!! General Effect- SW- West Johnston. Interactive colorguard. Duffy did what everyone always joked about... a 3D show. It was a testament that there are still ideas out there to keep colorguard fresh. It was a simple clear idea that was done to the nth degree. and a fleet of plasma screen hdtvs... runner-up; Carmel. It wasnt a guard show, it was a motivational clinic. IW- SCV- intelligent complex design with accessible music woven into orchestral pieces to create a new whole composition. Layering pieces to tell a different story and done the best I have ever seen it. Runner-up; Onyx. Being that this is about new standards. Mike really opened up the options for how to achieve effect. Even if you didnt like the show... it was refreshing to see how one can be effective in non-traditional ways. That is where they succeeded in my opinion. I didn't clap once during it. I stood up at the end. In awe. Then screamed my head off.
  5. Let's here it for groups that have beent trying for years to make finals and did for the first time! Delazure, aTX, Nuance, Cpex... Anyone else in forgetting?
  6. Well to steer this in a POSITIVE direction... I loved Black Gold and would have loved to see them again! In A class I loved the group that did Dexter! I understand why they didn't make the cut but I expect great things from that program. And I was really pulling for Green Hope! They are so close every year!
  7. Hello - have 1 ticket in section 216. Awesome seat! I do know there are no more tickets available in these areas. $60. Can arrange to meet at UD. Let me know ASAP.


  8. Any one got an extra ticket? Or... Does anyone know if they are sold out ?
  9. I think that the fact that the uniform is such a defining feature can hold a program back. People have complained about the Cadets looking dated. Their last championship was when they did something wacky to the uniform. Nostalgia is a very powerful emotion, but it will never exist if we dont move on to something new to appreciate the old. I love the Cadets uniform. I will always be fond of it. But, when they bring it back, which they should, it will be WAY more special. I dont think the maroon and gold is what makes them the Cadets. I see what I perceive to be the true Cadet Spirit in ensemble rehearsal, in their horns up, in their horns down, in their technique, in their sound. Just watching them rehearse makes ME excited about hard work and excellence. And I never even marched there.
  10. Stop reading this and go watch Braddocks show on the Fan Network.
  11. OOOOOOOOO he has spaces in his name! tricky ricky over there! haha
  12. Umm... I dont know what happened here but I am DutDutOut. I didnt say any of that. And I certainly havent had the good fortune on seeing it live. However, At least whomever that was gave some insight. lol I actually think the show makes a lot of sense with the talking. Its a commentary on the state of art and how definitions can limit it. They are Onyx and its becoming their identity. I know a lot of people hate it. I love it. I have things that drive me crazy that I think is leading the activity in the wrong direction. But this is not the arena for me to gripe.
  13. I am calling the corona vs. onyx battle this year "Paper or Plastic". I love that Fantasia is doing Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral, but they need to "proceed" to tech block. Along time ago I was told that catching is a basic skill. And while I appreciate the risks they are taking, you can't drop that much and not have it effect your upstairs numbers. Well... outside of California. That being said, I love it! Welcome back Fantasia, and Corona... you bettah get it!
  14. Also really excited to see what West Johnston does with their 3-D show...handing out 3-D glasses to the audience members is going to be such a neat thing. Great idea! I saw them at the richmond regional but their flags and costumes arent in yet. All I am gonna say is, the first things the rifles do is an ensemble seven. LOVE IT! They spin extremely well. The show is a riot, lots of fun. They have their closing flags and when they picked them up the audience gasped at the effect with the 3d glasses. I havet seen it on the fan network yet because I havent renewed, so I dont know how much comes across.
  15. Good rifle lines are just a part of a colorguard. Their difficulty is to be expected. They are the elite. To really judge a guard you have to look at all the parts. The flag line can ruin a show if it is dirty. Also, movement is included. That being said. I still had Cavies at that score but thought Coats should have been a lot higher. Their flag book was really good. And BTW, Cavies got a perfect guard score in 2002 and the first thing out is a rifle drop. The Perfect score is not nor could it ever be actual perfection. Its just what the judges see that day. They are up top. Thats a long way away.