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  1. It’s so bad I left the stadium to go have dinner at a sit down restaurant. I’ll just watch it on Flo.
  2. DCI is aware of the situation, and there is nothing they can do about it. This is on the Lucas Oil side, I don’t think they were prepared for this weekend. According to one DCI official I spoke with, Lucas Oil officials say they don’t have enough scanners. Translation, they don’t have enough people to work the scanners.
  3. Quite honestly, the service at Lucas Oil this week has been absolutely terrible. They were not prepared for this at all. 45 minutes lines to get drinks during the intermission. Horrible customer service. It’s been nothing short of a disaster.
  4. Was just told by a security guard that the wait to get in is at least an hour. The line is wrapped clear around the building.
  5. As I’m watching that run I’m thinking “holy crap, do they have a chance?” Brass really put some work in and added a lot of texture.
  6. Boston had a terrible run tonight, but that’s OK. Would much rather get the bad run out of your system tonight then have it next week. Don’t let the scores fool you, they’re still in this.
  7. “They’re always ready”, “They were born ready”! Haven’t we worn these out already?
  8. This is the third out of the past six years that I’ve been to the show that it gets canceled before crown comes up. I understand they can’t control the weather, but when we were in Charlotte, we didn’t have this problem. Had they waited an extra 10 minutes they could’ve put both blue Devils and Carolina crown on. It’s stopped raining the streets and the sidewalks are completely dry. It was never fully raining, just sprinkling a little bit.
  9. That was a solid run for Crown, probably their best in the past week. Seems like they might be getting healthy.
  10. I can’t help but wonder, as I’m watching BD, how this season doesn’t impact recruiting for Crown in a negative way. Or the past several seasons for that matter.
  11. From and entertainment standpoint, the corps is doing its job and connecting with the audience. From a competitive standpoint, this show is getting eaten alive. The fact that there have been no major changes signals to me that the design team may have thrown in the towel and is trying to make the most with what they’ve got. Nothing wrong with that, it is what it is at this point. That said, this has been 6 years of subpar design that has to leave everyone wondering, does Crown still have it or are they in decline? How does this impact recruiting? Can percussion ever get above 6th place? What’s going on in brassland? Lots of questions to be answered, but it looks like the rest of the activity is passing Crown in terms of design, and it might be time to blow this thing up and start again. This is making Leon May look like a genius right now. Is Jim and Nancy’s way of running this organization finally catching up to them?
  12. Looking at the weather, all three shows this weekend look like they’re in serious jealousy. Supposed to be a washout in this south this weekend with record rain.
  13. So, this will either be the last time we see this show as is, or they’re going to spend the next three days cleaning the sh1t out of it. I expect some changes while they’re in Memphis. Let’s see what happens.
  14. Looks like they’re dealing with some Covid issues.
  15. Movement 5 - the thing that is causing the issues at the beginning is the corps is so spread out, it creates timing issues and a lack of clarity visually. It would be much better if the horns we closer together possibly in a block of some sorts doing visuals, rather than trying to run and play spread out across the field.
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