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  1. So a couple of notes to put things into perspective: - From what I’ve been told the staff took a slightly different approach to spring training this season and pushed the kids to get the entire show on the field by preview. - The guard is still learning their show but there seems to be a huge buzz in the air with the work that Erin is doing. More so than we’ve seen the past three seasons. They were noticeably cleaner last night than past preview shows. - the corps just learned the drill for the closer this week. In fact, the last 12ish sets were taught on Friday. They did their first run of the entire show on Wednesday. - Having been to spring training the past 10 years, I can say this group has a much better work ethic and reminds me a lot of the 2013-2015 groups - This was the most excited and most receptive I’ve seen the preview crowd in more than a few years. This show does a much better job of connecting with audiences live than the past few seasons. Standing ovation started on the last note when they hit the Crown set. That’s a good indication. - it’s way to early to tell if this show can win, but it will be competitive and more importantly, will draw fans back into the program, which is something the design team needed to do after the past few seasons.
  2. Company Front to Crown set to end the show!!!!!
  3. I’m not, but you have to admit it would be a fun finale week touch.
  4. If there were a tarp, and that’s a big if... I think I know where in the show it would happen...
  5. There is some symbolism to the black and white photos... you’ll see what I mean in a few short days. If you’re looking for a tight narrative or storyline, similar to what you’ve seen with Crown in years past, this show probably won’t be your cup of tea. There is an overarching theme to the Crown show, but the primary focus is on the performers and using the music and motion to provide the narrative. Not as sexy as Jack and the Beanstalk. But can still be just as effective.
  6. The unis actually look very impressive under the lights. The feeling I get is that the performers are the canvas. My sense is that as the show goes on they’ll be adding more and more color.
  7. Just got back from ensemble and watched tonight’s run. The corps was in their upper half’s tonight, and the unis are going to look sharp. They added 10 pages of drill to the end of the show tonight and I’m beginning to think this ending isn’t so temporary after all. And it’s a #### good ending. Got to watch the guard tonight a little more carefully and am convinced they will be much stronger than in past seasons. There’s a vibe with this group that I haven’t seen since 2013...
  8. I have seen zero evidence of a tarp to this point.
  9. Hey y'all, I was just trying to give an honest assessment of what I saw and heard. I was pretty careful to say there is no real way of knowing what is going to happen next week, I was taking an uneducated guess. Everyone take a deep breath... Crown is fine. They will be fine this season. All is well in Purple Land.
  10. It’s impossible to tell (based on a standstill performance on video) how a corps is going to fare at the beginning of a season. I’m excited to see both BAC and Crown this August, and to be honest the scores and placements mean very little to me. What does matter is if the show moves me, and I do think both corps have vehicles that will get me on my feet. As for placement next Thursday, I’m not a judge. I haven’t seen BAC on the field. But based on what little I know, I wouldn’t be surprised if BAC comes out of the gate leading by a full point, and my hunch is that the GE number is what will move the needle.
  11. I've had a couple of people message me and ask how I think Crown will do against BAC and others this season... so here's me honest take: The show design is better. Is it spectacular? Not in its current form, but there is tons of layering that needs to happen. But I do think in the early season they're going to take a hit on GE. To be expected as they add more to the show. The concept generally follows what we've seen from Crown the past several years. They will be technically brilliant and battle for high brass and maybe high drums, but can they add the GE? Not sure at this point. All of that said, the show design is a big improvement, and there are some great drum corps moments. If you're a fan of Madison from back in the day, you're going to like the end of the show. The hornline has the potential to be on of the best Crown has ever put on the field. I don't know that I've seen a Crown hornline playing this well in spring training in my 10 years following this group. I'm not a guard guy, but I can tell the unit is better than last season. And the design around the guard is better. That said, I still didn't see any big wow moments, however, they are still writing and teaching the show and the way the visual program is designed there are more opportunities for impact moments with the guard. Stay tuned. Without seeing the west coast corps, Blooo or Cavies, I would say this corps is a solid 3rd - 5th right now. There is potential to go higher, but a lot of that depends on how much GE they can build into the show. One thing is for certain, I think this show will resonate with fans better than the past 2-3 years.
  12. Wowza! This is going to be quite the year. I’ve seen four corps so far and every single one of them have amazing shows. Excited to see what BAC can do with this!!
  13. Oh my God! Saw the corps do their first run tonight... and it was fantastic! A couple of observations from someone that has gone to a lot of spring training rehearsals over the years: 1. This corps is talented. All three sections. Anyone that thought this group was going to fall behind this season is dreaming. 2. This is probably the best designed show Crown has had in 5 years. 3. The full show is on the field... kind of. They have a temp ending in place, but when they get the final ending set up, you’re going to goosebumps. Think old school Madison. 4. The show design is contemporary mixed in with old school drum corps. “We don’t give a f—k, we’re gonna ram some good old fashioned drum corps down your throat”. This will get the fans on their feet multiple times. 5. No singers (yay). 6. If you’re not prepared for the first note, you’ll probably need medical attention. (You’ve been warned). 7. The ballad will move you to tears. I had goosebumps and there wasn’t even a front ensemble tonight. Thank you Michael Klesch. That’s all for now.
  14. They've just begun working on the final movement with the goal of having the entire show on the field by Detroit. Not sure if the weather is going to cooperate.
  15. See, I give you guys hints at various points during the off-season and you’re not even paying attention... LOL
  16. It's June 7th... give them time to layer. There's more to a brass book then 32nd note runs.
  17. As for whether this is a championship show... who knows. There are way too many variables. I think the more important question - will this be a better designed show and better received by audiences? Yes, absolutely. The guard and visual program is already step above what we’ve seen the past couple of years. The front ensemble will have a new look. The battery is equal to what we’ve seen the past couple years, and the horns are amazing as always. And visually this corps is MOVING. Much more so then in the past. I would say the overall package is the best since 2013-2015. One thing that Crown might have learned from the past three years, that GE score is incredibly important and you need to make a solid connection with the audience. The corps most recent show designs have been incredibly complex and have lost touch with its fans. This show turns then back in a more familiar direction while still allowing them to explore musically and visually.
  18. We tried to tell you guys this wasn’t anything like the past couple of years. And wait until you hear the first note.... wowsa!
  19. I've been trying to think of how to describe this show... and I really can't. It hits several different genre's, its got a bit of a groove in certain sections, but overall (at least for June 3) the design is just so much better. And they've done a much better job of exposing each section, including the guard. It's more refined but will still be extremely crowd friendly.
  20. There is quite a bit of good buzz about Music City. They had over 450 kids try out for their horn line, which I hear is much improved. I see them battling for a top 12 spot this coming year.
  21. I would agree that the book this year is much better. It's hard to describe, but this isn't the same Crown we've seen the past couple of years. As for an update, the corps is much further along this year than the past two seasons (thanks to the very small amount of rain we've had here in the Carolinas). The corps finished putting movement 2 on the field this weekend and should be close to getting the full show on the field by the preview show. I don't know when they're planning to announce the show but would guess it will be soon!
  22. Please, these puns are under-whelming us... 😉