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  1. Nice job Blue Stars! Love the quote from Jack London's "Call of the Wild" at the beginning.
  2. Mice crowd. Stadium has been renovated since I was here last. Very nice. But parking is still a cluster.
  3. The highlight of this show may be the Scouts and Blue Stars with combined encore.
  4. It is actually turning into a lovely evening outside here in Rochester.
  5. Very hot and very humid here. Stands not crowded. I have been here when they had people sitting on the grass outside the end zones. About to check out the grass situation.
  6. Cleaning, shaping, and Lots of new stuff. Kevin Ford id a great teacher, along with the rest of Blue Stars' staff.
  7. Blue Stars have occupied every position in DCI world Class finals except 7th, 4th and 1st. Of course they won first place 4 times in Class A-60/ Division III.
  8. Kevin Ford, the drill writer, is also here to modify and clean.
  9. Contest will resume 8:22 pm. Central time. Intermission js now to allow dryoff. SoA warming up on the field.
  10. Scouts sounded great. Love their jaxzy arrangement of Young People's Guide....
  11. Y'all need to see this show live to really appreciate it.
  12. If you have only seen this show in the theatre you are missing a lot. Even in person you can miss much on first viewing, especially with the great field coverage. i have seen this show more than a dozen times live, and every time I see several new things. The parts fit together very well IMHO. Glad y'all are giving it a chance. 🙂