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  1. This is my campus. Of course, the stadium was built with the state high school track meet in mind, so the stands extend on one side to give the best view of the finish line. Field house is completed on the outside, with work being done inside. Set to open this fall. I hate it.
  2. Don't worry about size, Another snare and another tenor drummer will be added soon.
  3. Blue Stars look and sound great live. Much better hornline than previously. Don't sleep on them.
  4. Frank Sullivan for the 2008 Blue Stars show. Note for note.
  5. Blue Stars had "only" 94 horns. 28 trumpets, 28 baritones, 18 mellophones and 20 tubas. Source: volunteered 3.5 weeks at spring training,
  6. Both Sun Prairie (madison) and cedarburg are very good drum corps venues. Sun Prairie in on the side of a hill, maybe 30 rows up (no track). Sun Paririe is at least 3 times the size of Middleton, where the Madison show has been the past several years. Cedarburg is maybe 25 rows up. Both are great for viewing. La Crosse stadium is at the university and is two tiered, about 50 rows up and very wide. Excellent drum corps stadium.
  7. That's how much they cost, especially built to our specs. Also read the FAQ on the significant upgrades. It's gonna be keen!
  8. Do y'all not know that Lizzie Miller has been Assistant Director of the Blue Stars for 3 years now?
  9. I believe that is correct. The only ones close are July 25, 2009 then July 26, 2010. 2008 was July 30. Last year (2018) it took Blue Stars until Aug 2 to break 87.
  10. Blue Stars 2.7 over Mandarins and 3.3 over the Cadets. First time for Mandarins to beat Cadets, ever.
  11. Check out this perspective by Blue Stars choreographer Kris Galbreath.
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