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  1. Looking to buy 5 tickets (seated together) for Finals night only. Center section preferred. Thanks!
  2. Looking to purchase 3 DCI Finals tickets only. Sections 140, 240, 340 Possibly sections: 139, 141, 239, 241, 339, 341 P/M or email at Thanks!
  3. Are there still tickets out there? Thanks!
  4. Alliance has opted to perform in "Exhibition Only" in our first year of DCI Atlantic Membership. We exceed the 35 requirement with just our brass and battery, and are looking forward to getting our first score next weekend in Tennessee! See everyone there!
  5. Through the Years: Featuring The Cavaliers 1983 through 1990
  6. ALLIANCE Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce their 2008 production; “The Hand of Fate”, featuring the music of James Newton Howard! James Newton Howard is one of the most respected film composers of the last two decades, composing over 100 film and television projects. He is best known for his spine-tingling scores in every M. Night Shyamalan suspense thriller, comprising The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water. Other well-recognized film scores include The Fugitive, Wyatt Earp, The Devil’s Advocate, and Waterworld. One of Howard’s most recent projects involved a unique collaboration with prolific composer Hans Zimmer, on the Batman Begins soundtrack. To this point in his career, he has received an Emmy Award, and has been nominated for six Oscar Awards, six Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards. Alliance’s 2008 production will center on James Newton Howard’s eerie motifs from Signs, and will be supplemented with additional music from his extensive film library. Visit for more information regarding our 2008 Season!
  7. ALLIANCE Drum & Bugle Corps will be hosting our 4th annual Open House/Audition Camp for the 2008 season on Saturday, December 15th, at Sprayberry High School in Marietta , GA. The camp will be held from 1:00 to 8:00pm with refreshments being provided for all attendees. Open House is a great opportunity for prospective members to get acquainted with the staff, meet current members, and have a great time playing, drumming, or spinning! Many important announcements will made at this first camp, including details of our 2008 Program and tour schedule. Audition requirements and materials are available for download through the ALLIANCE website. We ask that all who plan to attend Open House complete our online interest form also available on our website. All positions in the corps are open for audition. ALLIANCE will be seeking new leadership for the Drum Major position in 2008, and all interested individuals are encouraged to audition. You are not required to be an Alliance veteran to audition for Drum Major. Stay tuned to for more information regarding Open House and our exciting 2008 Season!
  8. For sale are 4 seats to each night of Quarters and Semis in Pasadena, CA for DCI World Championships. Seats are in Section 18 Row 32 inside the 40's. DCI Tickets on eBay Auction starts at $30 with no reserve.
  9. I am also interested in 2 last minute tickets for Atlanta! Thanks.
  10. I understand your points, and really do respect drum corps pre-DCI. I'm not trying to work the numbers in anyone's favor; this particular poll was just about the DCI-era.
  11. BD's best 10-year period was 1976-1985 (you can also use 1977-1986 and get the same result) with an average of 1.7. Cadets' best 10-year run was 1992-2001 with an average of 2.0. Cavaliers best 10-year run is their current one (1997-2006) with an average of 2.3.
  12. Just vote for the feat that impresses you most! Feel free to discuss... BD's 32 consecutive top 5's is my personal favorite. Longevity! <--Poll Fixed--TM>
  13. I think there are may actually be 9 One Hit Wonders. The DeLaSalle Oaklands placed 7th in 1974, and it looks like they never competed again.
  14. It's not me! Freaky; never seen another person with my name....