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  1. Someone probably already told you, there are only 3 volumes for 1974.
  2. Following is a list of vintage drum corps vinyl I have for sale. Contact me for price and details. VINTAGE DRUM CORPS RECORDS FOR SALE. 1958 flp 2001 The Princemen in stereo high fidelity Side A: Studio recording. Side B: Field recording (2 copies) fslp 2002 Off the Line Caballeros, Reilly Raiders flp 2002 Same as above in “Hi Fi” 1959 flp 2011 Horns Aplenty
  3. Echoes in the Valley, a 50 year history of the Watkins Glen Squires, Legion Cadets, Seneca Chiefs and Pages drum & bugle corps. $27.50 shipping included. More details below. From: Jud Spena 333 Loughlin Rd., Binghamton, NY13904 judspena@aol.com Echoes in the Valley Watkins Glen’s Squires, Pages, Legion Cadets andthe Watkins-Montour Seneca Chiefs. A Half-Century of Drum and Bugle Corps Activity in Schuyler County, New York. Echoes in the Valley is a history of the drum and bugle corps activity in Watkins Glen and SchuylerCount
  4. For sale: Volumes 4 and 5 of the 1984 DCI Championship contest. Albums are brand new, unopened in shrink wrap. Corps on discs are Vol. 4: Troopers, Sky Ryders, Geneseo Knights, Florida Wave Vol. 5: Bridgemen, Boston, Avant Garde, Les Eclipse $35.00 shipping included.
  5. 1968 VFW Nationals complete set for sale. Volumes 1,2,3. Fleetwood FCLP 2216 ,2217, 2218. Kilties, Troopers, Vanguard, Royal Airs, Cavaliers, Blue Rock, St. Joseph's, 27th Lancers, Blue Stars, Argonne Rebels, Racine Scouts, Norwood Park Imperials $49.99 shipping included.
  6. Just re listed book on Ebay. Echoes in the Valley. The 50 year history of the Watkins Glen Squires and 50 years of drum & bugle corps in Schuyler County New York. Great Christmas gift. Ebay item number 223264745178.
  7. Indianapolis. Thursday tickets Section 340. Row 1. Seats 1,2. Friday same two seats. Email address below for all the information. Contact: garrynayl@aol.com
  8. Selling a complete 5 volume lp set of the 1960 American Legion Nationals. Recorded at the Orange Bowl. eBay item 223036534761. Check it out and get in touch directly if you like. Thanks for reading. Jud
  9. Ebay item : 223036488976. 2000s vintage Cavaliers zip up jacket. Champion size medium for sale. Check it out on eBay. Contact me directly if desired. Thanks for reading. Jud
  10. Items for sale: Just get in touch and make an offer. Thanks 1978 DCI Championship Program D.C. Records: 5 lp set of the 1960 American Legion Nationals. Portrait in Brass (flp 2056) Skyliners Through the Years. Skyliners (2110) Yankee Rebels, the corps from the Chesapeake Bay (2080)
  11. A friend sent me her Dad's dc record collection. Here is a partial list. Get in touch if you're interested. The Troopers are Coming Hawthorne Caballeros 2 record set (fclp 2277) 4 sides with indoor and outdoor performances. 1960 American Legion Nationals 5 volume set NY Skyliners Through the Years I have more if you're interested I can type up a complete list. Jud
  12. If anyone's interested I have DCI championship albums volumes 3,4,5 from 1977 for sale. Just get in touch. Jud
  13. Selling volumes 1-5 of the 1978 and volumes 1-5 1979 DCI Championship finals recordings. Discs are in great shape. Get in touch if you're interested. Thanks, Jud
  14. 1984 DCI Championship program for sale on eBay. Item #222949687672. Check it out or contact me directly.
  15. I have a 1984 DCI Championship program book for sale. Get in touch for details.