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  1. Someone probably already told you, there are only 3 volumes for 1974.
  2. Following is a list of vintage drum corps vinyl I have for sale. Contact me for price and details. VINTAGE DRUM CORPS RECORDS FOR SALE. 1958 flp 2001 The Princemen in stereo high fidelity Side A: Studio recording. Side B: Field recording (2 copies) fslp 2002 Off the Line Caballeros, Reilly Raiders flp 2002 Same as above in “Hi Fi” 1959 flp 2011 Horns Aplenty Cambridge Caballeros, Audubon, Paterson Cadets, Selden Cadets 1959 flp 2007 The Princemen Vol. 2 Princemen, Empire State Grenadiers 1960 flp 2013 Skyliners Skyliners, Ambassadors, Buccaneers Drum Quartet fslp 2014 Skyliners (same as above in stereo) 1961 fslp 2080 Yankee Rebels. the corps from the Chesapeake Bay 1962 repertoire in outdoor “concert” formation 1962 field performance, 1961 field performance, “pass in review” flp 2109 Through the years … Skyliners “Competition and Concert 1963. Competition 1958 through 1963” ln 3341 Skokie Indians. Selections. Epic label flp 2045 The Music of the Hawthorne Caballeros Side A: Outdoor concert of 2 season’s repertoires Side B: 1961 field recording fslp 2056 A Portrait in Brass Skyliners 1962 repertoire outdoor ‘concert’ recording Skyliners 1961 field recording M-AU-101 The Musketeers. 12 selections. flp 2021 VFW Nationals, Vol.3 Garfield Cadets, Cavaliers, Detroit Lamplighters, Buccaneers flp 2023 American Legion Nationals Vol. 1 Caballeros, Boys of ’76, Black Knights (Kewanee) St. Lucy’s Cadets flp 2025 Vol. 2 Skokie Indians, Spirit of St. Louis, Conn. Yankees, Morristown Colonials flp 2027 Vol. 3 Musketeers, Appleknockers, Lamplighters, Royal-airs flp 2029 vol. 4 Garfield Cadets, Bracken Cavaliers, Andrews Sabres, Vikings flp 2031 Vol. 5 Sky Ryders, Vanguards (FL), Audubon All Girl 1960 fslp 2004 Mission Drums Hurricanes, Appleknockers flp 2027 American Legion Nationals Vol. 3 Archer-Epler Musketeers, Appleknockers, Edison Lamplighters, Royal Airs 1963 flp 2109 Through the Years. NY Skyliners 1964 fclp 2120 Vol. 2 Blessed Sacrament, Ballantine Brewers, Geneva Appleknockers (“sit down” performance) 1965 N.Y. State American Legion Championship fclp 2142 Vol. 1 Brigadiers, St. Joseph’s Patrons, St. Joseph’s, Kingsmen fclp 2143 Vol. 2 Crusaders, Magnificent Yankees, Statesmen, Interstatesmen 1968 scs-100 Symphony in Brass (indoor) Caballeros, St. Joseph’s, Crusaders, Kingsmen VFW Nationals (Complete set) fclp 2216 Vol. 1 Kilties, Des Plaines Vanguard, Blue Rock, Argonne Rebels fclp 2217 Vol. 2 Cavaliers, St. Joseph’s, Blue Stars, 27th Lancers fclp 2218 Vol. 3 Troopers, Royal Airs, Racine Scouts, Norwood Park Imperials 1969 fclp 2225 Fresh Air Fanfare Skyliners, Yankee Rebels, Sunrisers, Caballeros fclp 2227 Shriner’s International Vol. 1 Kilties, Boston Crusaders, St. Joseph’s, Golden Knights (Sac) 1971 fclp 2287 Tournament of Drums Crusaders, Brigadiers, Kingsmen, St. Joseph’s 1976 United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (studio recording) 14 selections directed by CWO Truman W. Crawford DCA Championship Albums 1969 fclp 2243 Yankee Rebels, Sunrisers, Royalaires, Bonnie Scots 1970 fclp 2273 Vol. 1 Caballeros, Yankee Rebels, Hurricanes, Rockets fclp 2274 Vol. 2 Sunrisers, Hamburg Kingsmen, Rochester Crusaders, Les Diplomats 1971 fclp 2300 Vol. 1 Skyliners, Yankee Rebels, Rockets, Commanders (2) 1984 dcas 131 Vol. 1 Caballeros, Matadors, Empire Statesmen, Crusaders 1985 dcas 134 Vol. 1 Bushwackers, Skyliners, Sunrisers, Royalaires fclp 2277 Hawthorne Caballeros (2 record set) Into. Sounds of the Fifties. 1958, 1960, 1961 (outdoor “concert”) 1966, 1970 (DCA), 1971 (4/17/71 in New Haven, CT) DCI Championship Albums 1974 DCI Championship Albums (Ithaca) Vol.1 Vanguard, DeLaSalle, Kilties, Purple Lancers Vol.2 Scouts, Phantom, Troopers, Cavaliers Vol.3 Kingsmen, Blue Stars, Muchachos, Blue Devils 1977 Vol. 2 Phantom, Scouts, Freelancers, Crossmen Vol. 3 Vanguard, 27th, Seneca, Kilts Vol. 4 Kingsmen, Guardsmen, Squires, Royal Crusaders Vol. 5 Oakland, Boston, North Star, Troopers Vol. 4 Kingsmen, Guardsmen, Squires, Crossmen 1978 Vol. 1 Vanguard, Scouts, Crossmen, North Star Vol. 2 Phantom, Bridgemen, Blue Stars, Guardsmen Vol. 3 Blue Devils, Atlanta, 27th, Kilts Vol. 4 Cadets, Cavaliers, Offensive, Kingsmen Vol. 5 Freelancers, Boston, Oakland, Troopers 1979 Vol. 1 Blue Devils, Bridgemen, Guardsmen, Troopers Vol. 2 Phantom, 27th, Atlanta, Cavaliers Vol. 3 Vanguard, Scouts, North Star, Blue Stars Vol. 4 Crossmen, Cadets, Royal Crusaders, Avant Garde Vol. 5 Freelancers, Offensive, Royal Brigade, Boston 1980 Vol. 3 Bridgemen, Scouts, Vanguard, Cadets 1984 Vol. 4 Troopers, Sky Ryders, Knights, Florida Wave Vol. 5 Bridgemen, Boston, Avant Garde, Les Eclipse Vol. 6 Valley Fever, Blue Knights, Colts, Dutch Boy Vol. 4 Troopers, Sky Ryders, Knights, Florida Wave (still in shrink wrap) Vol. 5 Bridgemen, Boston, Avant Garde, Les Eclipse ( “ “ “ “ ) 1985 Vol. 1 Cadets, Suncoast, Troopers, Freelancers (2 copies)
  3. Echoes in the Valley, a 50 year history of the Watkins Glen Squires, Legion Cadets, Seneca Chiefs and Pages drum & bugle corps. $27.50 shipping included. More details below. From: Jud Spena 333 Loughlin Rd., Binghamton, NY13904 judspena@aol.com Echoes in the Valley Watkins Glen’s Squires, Pages, Legion Cadets andthe Watkins-Montour Seneca Chiefs. A Half-Century of Drum and Bugle Corps Activity in Schuyler County, New York. Echoes in the Valley is a history of the drum and bugle corps activity in Watkins Glen and SchuylerCounty in rural Upstate New York. It chronicles the development of this unique activity from its beginning in the early 1930’s with a dozen or so Boy Scouts to its pinnacle in the late 1970’s as the ‘corps’ grew to well over one hundred members, crisscrossed the county in a caravan of school buses and became state and national champions. Further it paints a picture of a small community proud to support its young people in their musical endeavors. The history comes alive with personal anecdotes and reflections throughout from the people who were a part of this history. From the thrill of that first hometown parade, to war bond rallies and the ‘V-J’ Day celebration in 1945, to winning state championships and tours in the early years of DCI (and almost sneaking into the DCI Finals) from Boston to Denver to Montreal more; it’s all here. “Echoes” is quite possibly drum corps’ most comprehensive history. It is paperbound (8/5” x 11”) with 228 pagesand 256 pictures. Included are scores from over 130 contests held from the 1950s through the 1980s. “Echoes” is available from the usual on line sources including www.buybooksontheweb.com. “Echoes” can also be ordered directly from the author at the above address for $27.50 shipping included. Copies will be happily signed at the purchaser’s request. Reactions and reviews for Echoes in the Valley “This book is a prize. It captures a storied piece of the history of SchuylerCounty and Watkins Glen that touched so many people in so many ways. Jud Spena has done an amazing job of tracing the history of the drum & bugle corps activity in SchuylerCounty from the very beginning. I lived a part of that history during the Squires’ years in the 60’s and 70’s and never realized what a legacy we were a part of. Drum corps was a major part of the fabric of this community for decades. It’s a fascinating book for a drum corps fan and/or a fan of local history. A masterful job!” Steve Rondinaro, Broadcast Journalist & Host of the DCI World Championships on PBS Television “Jud Spena’s wonderful exploration of the drum and bugle corps activity’s impact on Schuyler County, NY is an excellent example of what the groups meant to a small community and how they related to the bigger movement across the United States over a half century. The book is well worth the price for a snapshot of one segment of the activity’s history from someone who lived through it in Upstate New York.” Steve Vickers, Drum Corps World “Echoes in the Valley is a loving, in depth look at a half century of drum corps activity in Schuyler County, New York…. an enjoyable look at a great period in drum corps. It brought back many fine memories.” Masters of the Marching Arts Magazine “I've been reading Jud's fine book for the past several evenings. It is thorough and full of insight, and goes beyond a simple recounting of events into the history of the activity in the western part of New YorkState, and the phenomenon of community-based drum corps nationwide. In that regard it's a metaphor for a very important era in the development of the drum corps movement. The photos alone comprise a wonderful documentary. This is a story worth the telling, and it's told very well. I highly recommend Echoes in the Valley.” Frank Dorritie. “Echoes in the Valley is very well written by someone with a great knowledge and love of the activity. The section on what happened to drum corps on the community level and the activity in Upstate NY is the best-written treatment of this topic which I have read. The book is loaded with historical photos. A great job of injecting life into the yellowed articles of many years ago” Geoff Whiting “Wow. What an incredible piece of research! (This is) an impressive chronicle of a small town drum corps striving to compete and survive during this era of drum corps evolution (or devolution?). While many have editorialized on this evolution, this book provides a case study rich in detail and revealing in candor.” Dennis Morris, Squires alumnus, Schuyler County Assistant District Attorney. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a flood of memories and emotions! Rich Carland, Squires alumnus. Reading your articles on the history of the drum and bugle corps brought back a flood of great memories. Joe DelRosso, drum major of the Legion Cadets and Seneca Chiefs. Authors’ Biography Jud Spena grew up in Watkins Glen, NY and attributes his interest in music and his career choice to his involvement in the drum and bugle corps activity there in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. He is a retired band director and freelance trumpet player.
  4. For sale: Volumes 4 and 5 of the 1984 DCI Championship contest. Albums are brand new, unopened in shrink wrap. Corps on discs are Vol. 4: Troopers, Sky Ryders, Geneseo Knights, Florida Wave Vol. 5: Bridgemen, Boston, Avant Garde, Les Eclipse $35.00 shipping included.
  5. 1968 VFW Nationals complete set for sale. Volumes 1,2,3. Fleetwood FCLP 2216 ,2217, 2218. Kilties, Troopers, Vanguard, Royal Airs, Cavaliers, Blue Rock, St. Joseph's, 27th Lancers, Blue Stars, Argonne Rebels, Racine Scouts, Norwood Park Imperials $49.99 shipping included.
  6. Just re listed book on Ebay. Echoes in the Valley. The 50 year history of the Watkins Glen Squires and 50 years of drum & bugle corps in Schuyler County New York. Great Christmas gift. Ebay item number 223264745178.
  7. Indianapolis. Thursday tickets Section 340. Row 1. Seats 1,2. Friday same two seats. Email address below for all the information. Contact: garrynayl@aol.com
  8. Selling a complete 5 volume lp set of the 1960 American Legion Nationals. Recorded at the Orange Bowl. eBay item 223036534761. Check it out and get in touch directly if you like. Thanks for reading. Jud
  9. Ebay item : 223036488976. 2000s vintage Cavaliers zip up jacket. Champion size medium for sale. Check it out on eBay. Contact me directly if desired. Thanks for reading. Jud
  10. Items for sale: Just get in touch and make an offer. Thanks 1978 DCI Championship Program D.C. Records: 5 lp set of the 1960 American Legion Nationals. Portrait in Brass (flp 2056) Skyliners Through the Years. Skyliners (2110) Yankee Rebels, the corps from the Chesapeake Bay (2080)
  11. A friend sent me her Dad's dc record collection. Here is a partial list. Get in touch if you're interested. The Troopers are Coming Hawthorne Caballeros 2 record set (fclp 2277) 4 sides with indoor and outdoor performances. 1960 American Legion Nationals 5 volume set NY Skyliners Through the Years I have more if you're interested I can type up a complete list. Jud
  12. If anyone's interested I have DCI championship albums volumes 3,4,5 from 1977 for sale. Just get in touch. Jud
  13. Selling volumes 1-5 of the 1978 and volumes 1-5 1979 DCI Championship finals recordings. Discs are in great shape. Get in touch if you're interested. Thanks, Jud
  14. 1984 DCI Championship program for sale on eBay. Item #222949687672. Check it out or contact me directly.
  15. I have a 1984 DCI Championship program book for sale. Get in touch for details.
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