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  1. Well, for the 2nd week in a row, I voted in the “decide the ending and who wins” for TSOPE.
  2. Decided on my Boston Crusaders baseball style 3/4 sleeve t-shirt with the "B" on the back.
  3. One thing I’ve learned following this activity is that nothing happens by accident.
  4. @Liahona Are you finished trying to discredit me yet? I get on tour and members and staff are complaining to me about not getting enough to eat. I go to Walmart to buy ice and the corps card is declined and I have to pay for it out of my own pocket with not one person apologized said thank you. Those are just two small examples of what I personally experienced. I really don’t want to continue this conversation as I’m not interested in airing dirty laundry. It is my opinion but after spending 09 and 12 with Cadets and 17 with Boston, working the food trucks and making food purchases, the food was lightyears better at Cadets. Truth be told I could almost care less about this season of DCI in general. I’m not even interested in reading DCP anymore. Probably won’t go to the theater or the one show near me this season.
  5. The use of the word “terrible” is subjective on my part. Those photos were mostly, if not all, from spring training. Yes, I was on tour for an extended period of time and went on many food related trips to stores. I also know how many mealtimes I went without eating for various reasons. I also know how things changed during the season. I’m glad this year the corps is getting to utilize the campus dinning hall. Hopefully, this season will be an improvement over last regarding food service on tour.
  6. Glad to hear this because food last year on tour was terrible and those controlling the money wouldn’t allow ops team to spend money to make sure members ate quality food in appropriate quantities for the level of activity.
  7. As a result, I am not buying show tickets or movie broadcast tickets until I know the shows and see if I’m interested.
  8. Just saw it posted online by director that the average age of the corps this year is 20. File this away for when the topic comes up every year about the age of each corps.
  9. Agree that it makes sense in the activity, however they are just now switching to that schedule. Why haven’t they had that schedule prior to now?
  10. I got to thinking and wonder how coincidental it is that YEA just changed its fiscal calendar to end the end of March. They just got tax stuff done for 2017 and Jan-March 2018.