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  1. Here is a fun Finals night trivia question: Which corps and in what year did the top bass drummer rip their drum head during their finals performance? (I was a top bass drummer back in my day.)
  2. I used the Flo app back in April and got just a single month in order to watch WGI finals for both weekends.
  3. I’ve been underwhelmed this season. Not sure why perhaps just show designs that didn’t speak to me. I hope Bloo pulls out the win tonight and BAC with top guard.
  4. Just speculating but another corps could have easily positioned themselves to force BAC to move location in order to have ample warmup space knowing it would cause them to get a penalty.
  5. I was referring to The Cadets social media, not the staff members. (Just clarifying in case what I said was misleading.)
  6. Looks like the focus is already on 2020 based on their Instagram this morning.
  7. My iPhone app is “ FloSports” it is black with a white wave.
  8. More: “Spirit... Well, now that's one of the most unique shows I've ever seen. Love the costume changes, and the drumline killed it. It didn't feel like the hornline is confident in the show though. And I feel like it needs a "signature moment" to make it stand out.”
  9. More quotes: “Spirit's getting the crowd clapping before the show starts, that's fun haha”
  10. Quotes from friend there: “Crown felt a little off but that brass line and Sacktig drill do not quit. Drums were on their game too.” ”Crown kinda needs a new ending but I'm sure they will do that because that's what they do lol” “Phantom very clearly turned on the "#### it" switch because they were AGGRESSIVE. Dirty as sin but the crowd ate it up. Bigger reaction than Crown and it wasn't particularly close” “Music City was campy but a lot of fun. I wish they'd give the hornline more to do, but I kinda get why” “Surf was a lot of fun. I loved the fishies lol. Super colorful and the hornline was really quite good”