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  1. "Austin previously instructed The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps from 2012-2015 and served as Visual Caption Head from 2014-2015." From the bio.
  2. Your response is confusing to read. The historical recaps show that up until 1990, the guard caption was judged, but not included in the final score. It wasn't until the year 2000 that there was a Color Guard Caption that was a part of the final score.
  3. No way in hell the greatest performance of all time includes Hair flipping, ###### tambourine, and banging on a table. Crown had better brass, SCV had better percussion, Bad Children's theater acting. Rehashing props for the few previous years. Lawn Chairs and Cloths Racks. Tilt was a much better show, with a better ballad, a far better ending, and better GE.
  4. I'm just excited to see which white-colored prop the hornline and drums get to take off and fold some part of their uniform on next year. That's always the best part of Blue Devils shows, the dressing room section. Will it be Ladders, Chairs, saw-horses, or actual clothing racks...
  5. If I was marching in that corps, that's the question I'd be asking. That question what any professional journalist would ask. It's like ask the College Football Playoff Champion, "Hey, you just won, but what do you think about Clemson and Alabama not playing post season football this year?" It's awkward, but that's the story.
  6. Not so hot take, Bluecoats 2015 is the best show from 2015.
  7. Devils Advocate take: BD Perc. scores that Finals Week were #1 #2 Average 18.8 (5) 19.5 (3) 19.15 (3) 18.9 (5) 19.3 (3) 19.10 (3) 19.0 (5) 19.0 (5) 19.0 (5) He was Judge number one, so Prosperie actually scored BD better on Finals night in 08 but still in line with where they had been placing. Where as this year he made a big call the raised their perc. Score 3 tenths higher than it had been and above the reigning Perc. Champs on Finals night. But if anybody is going to make that ballsy a call, it’d be him.
  8. It’s also just a complete ripoff of Ennio Morricine’s Deborah’s Theme from the movie Once Upon A Time in America.
  9. I’m just waiting with baited breath to see which shoes each corps will be playing next year. 👞👟👠 Maybe blue Stars will finally put their timberlands to good use. 😁
  10. Well the design team really did it. This is the first time since 1981, the year before the first use of Rocky Point Holiday, that The Cadets have not scored a 90 at DCI Finals. That’s a 38 year streak ended tonight.
  11. Easy answer is there is at least 7 percussion sections that are just better.
  12. Yeesh, people always mean the salary for the staff in this context. Calm down.
  13. The last time those three corps were at a show together, Winston-Salem on the 28th. BK and BS both beat The Cadets. Also, to not go on in the 9th slot at Prelims, The Cadets need to score 2.613 points higher than the Blue Stars last night. A 90.638, which isn’t happening.
  14. If they stay in 9th like at Atlanta, the highest 9th place score every is 90.53 2004 Boston and the highest 7th place score is 94.05 2007 Bluecoats.
  15. You’ve got to be kidding. In no way, shape, or form, did the 2019 Santa Clara Vanguard take any chances with this year’s program. It’s literally the exact same structure and type of repertoire, with similarly inspired uniforms. they did the exact opposite of what the champion is supposed to do. The members are doing am amazing job with a show that is a pale imitation of Babylon with props that don’t work(Why do you climb up to go underground?) and an entire visual design build around tarps that a lower level BOA designer would know wouldn’t work. I think they thought they could just do the same thing and still win.
  16. No, Maybe, just maybe, I show about counter-culture that is pretty much just a repeat of last year's winning show(Monochrome corps uniforms with bright colorful guard, Loud Staccato opener, Jazzy Rock Ballad with super squeak trumpet, Dance break Drum Feature, and Brass Band Closer with a romantic melody,) shouldn't be scoring well in GE because a show about counter-culture shouldn't be aping from what worked and people loved. It doesn't make any sense thematically.
  17. "Does that mean the judges are telling Bloo the show is too easy right now, like playing a video game on easy level, and dominating? Can that catch up with Bloo in two weeks? " You raised the question. You implied that, by literally implying that. Why bring it up and say that if you weren't? We all know you're a BD Homer.
  18. The last few years the Blue Devils crank the heck out of the Goo. To the point that they should take a hit in Music Analysis scores. BD is also adding artificial reverb and a ton of goo to their ballad hits, which I think is hilarious compared to say Crown, which is pristine brass. It sounds awful and it sounds like they are using it as a crutch this year.
  19. From the recap the total difference in All 11 Rep subcaptions between Bloo and BD is +.25 for BD. Sure, Bluecoats are playing this game on easy...