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  1. Did the seats used to come free with a Friends membership? I joined at the lowest level for the first time this year, solely because I wanted access to the Friends seats. (Though I do hope the donation helps the organization in some small way.) I emailed the office upfront to confirm that the right to purchase seats in the Friends block were guaranteed with a membership. They said they were, and I got my assignments a few days ago. I got my second choice of section, which was better than I thought I might get for a first-time membership. The reason I joined is because I haven't had luck getting seats in the sections I want for quite a few years. I used to be able to get good seats off DCP Marketplace, but those seemed to be fewer and more far between over the last 10 years or so. Maybe I'm just too much of a noob to know what I missed out on with the Friends program of the past, but I'm pretty happy with what I got.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think everything that's locked at TM is either allocated to a corps or to Friends of DCI. I don't know whether any of those ever get released for general sales on TM or whether people who have those tickets can re-sell them on TM. Maybe someone else can answer that part.
  3. Kathy's not confused. You're talking about reporting. I'm talking about investigating, counseling, advocating, and adjudicating. Educators of all ilks are trained in reporting, as you note. They have an important role in the process. Investigating, counseling, advocating, adjudicating, etc. are very specialized skills that require a deep knowledge base. My point is that the current model in drum corps (if I'm understanding correctly) puts more responsibility on corps staff (i.e. for investigating and adjudicating) than it should. Mandated reporting can be taught in a few hours. I know this because I take the training every other year. Functions like advocating, counseling, investigating are specialized skills that require a lot more than mandated reported training. This I know because one of my reporting units at the university I work for is the student conduct function. Even though I've had oversight of student conduct for decades, I have to defer to the experts in my operation since I don't have the detailed knowledge and skill they possess. The DCI model gives responsibility for all the above to corps staff. My experience in education leads me to believe that it's not realistic to think that corps staff can adequately fill all roles. Reporting...yes. Investigating, adjudicating, etc...no or at least not consistently. The model I'm talking about is that corps staff do the reporting and DCI or a contractor provides the victim advocacy, investigation, and adjudicating. I think I insulted a few people (BrassTeacher, for one), and for that I apologize. My intent was not to say that music educators as a whole aren't smart enough or dedicated enough or caring enough to do the right thing. My experience with educators is that most will go to the wall to support their students. I believe we're all on the same side. We all want members to have a great experience in a safe environment. I'll leave it there.
  4. I've worked in higher education for 36 years. One of my reporting units is student conduct. I understand.
  5. How dare you?!?!?!? How DARE you make such a sweeping generalization?? THIS music educator would like a retraction of this statement I wouldn't expect music educators to be experts in student conduct. It's a complex and challenging field of work that people devote entire careers to mastering. Music educators shouldn't have to possess that level of expertise. Let the music educators do music education and let the people who are expert in handling sexual assaults, harassment and misconduct take care of those cases.
  6. So many thoughts and questions... Taking the reporter's account at face value, why wasn't the respondent told to stay away from the reporter while an investigation was going on? That's de regueur with any investigation. Or if he was told to keep his distance unbeknownst to the reporter, why wasn't his comings and goings monitored and addressed when he violated the stay-away direction? I get that you can't immediately dismiss a respondent when an allegation is made, but you can certainly take better care to protect the reporter. Why wasn't the staff on high alert after an initial report was made? Why wasn't the fact that the members blocked the bus driver's view during the talent show a tip-off that something wasn't right? While I acknowledge that I don't know enough about how drum corps operate on tour in the modern era, it strikes me that music educators are ill-equipped to manage issues of member conduct. Schools and universities have entire departments that are dedicated only to student conduct. The University where I work has separate departments dedicated to conduct, sexual assault, Title IX reports and investigations. (Editorially speaking, I think it's a bit of overkill, but I blame ourselves since historically we haven't done an adequate job of monitoring behavior and holding violators accountable. Finally, the government stepped in to mandate all these measures because we weren't addressing issues ourselves.) In the new era of accountability in drum corps, do corps have to have a dedicated and well-trained staff member on tour to manage these kinds of situations? If not, why not? Seems like the best way to ensure incidents like these stop is to have a DCI staff member on tour who fills this conduct role and reports only to DCI, not to corps management. The conduct role can then enact protocols developed by DCI when an incident occurs, and if the corps management doesn't comply then pre-determined sanctions can be triggered, like denial into upcoming contests until the necessary steps are taken. Again, I'm so out of the loop on how things work on tour these days and what the DCI's new accountability measures involve that maybe there are very good systems in place. It does seem inevitable, though, that bad behavior will continue until there's a pretty harsh ouch in place for violations, both for the individual respondent and the corps as a whole.
  7. I think I'll wait to hear what their programs are before I start trying to slot them. 🙄
  8. More and more, by trying to stand for everything and everybody we stand for nothing and no one.
  9. Pretty sure Blue Devils would win. Ditka would be a close second. 😜
  10. With the $4.7M grant, DCI can buy 9,400 of us a vest. Since it was my idea, I get first dibs.
  11. Seems like these kinds of things happen at all grade levels and with all kinds of teachers. It's awful, but is there a sense that it's more prevalent with band directors or staff?
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