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  1. In most (I believe all, actually) states where possession has been decriminalized, you can't consume in public. Almost everywhere a drum corps travels, stays and rehearses would be public. Hence, you can't consume on tour. Some corps may look the other way, but whether or not the corps is in a decriminalized state has nothing to do with that.
  2. I got bored with Indy after Year 2 and haven't been back since. That said, I would be willing to go every four years. My choice would be a rotation in four zones... West Rotation Pasadena - I live close. It never rains in August. I'm superstitious about bringing bad luck if you say something out loud, but it REALLY never rains in August. Denver Midwest Rotation Indy Madison - Totally ok with dealing with the parking issues for a town as drum corps friendly. South Rotation Miami Atlanta East Rotation Boston NJ
  3. Bluecoats Cavaliers Crown Blue Knights SCV Boston Blue Stars Phantom Crossmen Blue Devils Mandarins Cadets
  4. The judges Money California Stability in staffing Unflinching, unapologetic commitment to winning. They write shows with more focused priority on winning than most other top placing corps. Just enough innovation to win. Just enough art to win. Just enough demand to win. Just enough playing to win. Just enough marching to win. They rarely dabble in anything that's too risky. I don't remember them ever being the most innovative corps any one season. And the few times they have pushed it a bit (e.g. Tommy), they recoil from the placement results and soon veer back to the tried-and-true BD approach. Some will counter to say that other top corps want to win, too. I wholeheartedly agree...and in truth other corps don't win as much because they fail to place as much laser focus on prioritizing wins. If I sound critical of BD, I am. I find this approach rather soulless, but I will never deny their success.
  5. If I were the victim, I would be horrified if YEA or DCI put out a statement. Unless they were authorized or asked by the victim to release a statement and failed to do so, they showed appropriate restraint by staying mum on the topic.
  6. Read “The Art of Community.” Author Charles Vogel talks about the seven principles for building and maintaining community and belonging. He makes the point that every community has membership boundaries. It’s through those boundaries that identity is created. Without the boundaries, the community ceases to know who, what and why it is, and it will fail I think what many are saying is that the boundary of male membership is so core to Scouts that the Scouts community will fail. And I think that’s absolutely right. It will fail. Scouts as we now know them will fail. The question is whether a new community with new membership boundaries that will call itself the Madison Scouts but have totally different boundaries can thrive in its place. That’s the scary part. In an era where there are plenty of other Corps with established communities and in-tact membership boundaries, it’s going to be difficult sell for the Scouts. In essence, they are a new organization.
  7. I thought part of the allure of the multiyear deal with the stadium was that the city was providing DCI with HQ space at a great discount.
  8. Back in the day, lower placing corps, even some of the lower placing World Class corps, would fill holes still vacant in mid-summer by poaching members of smaller corps who were only touring regionally. Does this still happen?
  9. One of the Drunk Corps guys sounds like Seth Rogan. I cannot tell you how much I dislike Seth Rogan.
  10. Color guard "roles?" When did that happen? I marched a spot. I think modern drum corps is too fancy for me.
  11. First thought on Beyonce and Jay-Z... No. Second thought on Beyonce and Jay-Z... Yuck. Third thought on Beyonce and Jay-Z... How many NASA weather balloons could be bought with the money they spent on their 13th home? Values.
  12. First thought... No. Second thought... Yuck. Third thought... How many housing and food insecure people would those things feed a year?
  13. I miss the days when folks were, on the balance, more loyal to organizations that helped them get along in their careers. I get the myriad reasons people err toward looking out for themselves these days. I'm just not sure that mentality is good for anyone...the individual or the organization or the activity. That said, I don't know the the entire story of why SG is leaving SCV for BD. I do acknowledge that.