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    Lasalle Cadets '73 (last year) Marching Saints '65-'71, Golden Trumpeters '63-'65
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    Phantom Regiment, 27th Lancers, Kilties, Madison Scouts
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    Madison Scouts 1995 - 27th Lancers Anytime
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    Buffalo 1995, World Open 1969, with Lasalle Cadets in 1973
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  1. The first time I remember seeing Phantom was in Buffalo in '95 at semifinals. What a show! And the most outstanding thing was Phantoms' hornline. My girlfriend and I arranged to get tickets for Orlando as soon as they went on sale. She was going to see Cavaliers and Madison, I was going to see Phantom. And what an incredible show that was!! And the corps has never failed to impress me since. There is something in the writing, the instrumentation, the passion for excellence and striving for that.....sound!, I have never quite heard from any other( sorry, champs). How do you do that? Just incredible....incredible.....awesome......thank you
  2. Just got through the play by play...thanks to dedicated Div. II/III to the so called professionals....congrats to Dutchboy and all the corps!! :P
  3. I don't know...I've been known to play without the mouthpiece on occasion..
  4. Still trying to catch my breath after that awesome PR show!!! WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW........................FANTASTIC!!
  5. Formerly know as the White Lyners until they were run out of L.A. ^0^
  6. Isn't that the "Relining the Field" Corps that caused so much havoc last night? I always thought they were kind of small for a Div. 1 Corps..
  7. Ah well....I guess we'll get the scores eventually (official). Hoping to see Dutch Boy at the WATERLOO BAND FESTIVAL on the 18th, in Kitchener, Ontario Canada, along with the great and talented Canadian all-age and Alumni Drum Corps. Should be a great show!!(Hint,hint). See you there..