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  1. I don't have camp reports or any other "inside info", but I do like frosty cold adult beverages. Having typed that... Troop
  2. One of my pet peeves too. It does matter in the caring continuum. If one cares to any degree at all, it is possible to care less. Those who care a great deal, could care less. But, if one "couldn't care less" one will always be at zero in the continuum as it is impossible to care less.
  3. The whole passive aggressive, but I'm a victim too thing really is tiresome.
  4. C'mon, you KNOW that was just patchouli you were smelling.
  5. In another thread it was pointed out that GH was/is and most likely will always be a manipulator and that manipulator's rarely benefit from intervention. In this case the intervention evidently takes it's form in finding the deity of his choice. As a result of your beliefs, you believe in change and forgiveness. However, I believe that it also means that you don't recognize that you too are being manipulated. With every new post you show this..... at least to me you do. I can't speak for the others.
  6. GH's "conspiracy theory" would make Glenn Beck #### his head like a German Shepherd and say WTH?!?
  7. I would imagine the Troopers Board of Director's letter in response to the second attempted take over (2012 ?) would have gotten the Troopers permanently banned for disparaging others in today's DCI. There were a few not so subtle shots in that letter, as I recall.
  8. It's because you manage "things" and lead people. Many who are taught to manage those "things" are never taught how to lead the people required to manage the "things".