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  1. Wind. No wind. Grass. Turf. The recaps would indicate that it doesn't matter one way or the other, evidently.
  2. Maybe they should have thought about that during design meeting? I dunno, not snarky enough for a discussion board? Sheesh
  3. In their drum break, the Genesis pit is wailing on all sorts of auxiliary things and two off the pit picks up what appeared to be a kitchen sink and they wailed on it too. They reprise it at the end of the closer.
  4. C'mon, nobody else isn't thinking the same thing? I mean, the joke wrote itself.......... They can do better. 😂
  5. Naw....... screw it. Come hang out with Troop and Scouts. The water's fine.
  6. Most non-finalist corps are, I would imagine.
  7. They just announced anticipated 9pm start for stand still .
  8. They still have the lightening warnings up in the stadium. They're not wrong.
  9. So, after the one hour delay. They announced that they are still in a holding pattern. It rained hard for that hour. Its lighter now, but still raining and the lightening has picked up again.
  10. This is more like cows and flat rocks and what not.