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  1. Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, George Dickel, Jim Beam. Friends of mine!
  2. Naw, I'm just channeling my inner Jeff Ream! 不
  3. The colors on the shoulder are consistent with the show announcement.
  4. Did you jitter-bug to 157 Riverside Avenue? 不
  5. "political correctness', whatever that means Political correctness is nothing more than living with the delusion that you can pick up a dog turd by the clean end. 不
  6. Is there 31 votes or 22 in the next round and is it simple majority? Forgive me, in traveling and dont want to look up the current by laws.
  7. I'll be coming here to Schadenfreude my a$$ off on a regular basis. Snarky enough?
  8. Just got a chance to look at the interview with Ms Black. My initial thoughts are that she is an attorney, so she is practiced at speaking in public and chooses her words wisely. Her eye contact/engagement and anchor points are appropriate. She uses the pronouns of "we" and "our" to express the point that this is about the collective to make the listener feel at ease that this is just business as usual. However, when the pronoun changes to "I" and ownership is implied, then she is clearly uncomfortable and her nervousness is apparent to me. The anchor points change, her voice inflection changes as well as her body movements outside of the cone. My opinion is that she is not comfortable with this proposal, or that her name is on it ; but that she will own it regardless of the outcome. Her body betrayed her when it became about her, IMO, and the rest is just practiced attorney stuff that she is comfortable with. I also believe that she knows already what we suspect and that this will pass. As other's have written, they don't care about the "me's" in this. As was stated, they are only concerned with potential future revenues. But, they are also aware that there are a few more "me's" out there. They are willing to sacrifice the "me's" for the potential future revenue. I also agree with others who believe that they should be careful what they wish for. Just the thoughts of a long time fan and supporter (1976)
  9. And yet, it is often pointed out through the Mission/Vision Statements of the various corps that's it's about the kids. (Cue the Maude Flanders "Won't somebody please think about the kids" meme's) 不
  10. It would appear that the Troopers brass tech involved is affiliated with the folks from Costa Rica in some way. My guess? The folks from Banda Comunal La Fortuna are footing the bill on this one to bring the experience to their young folks. From FB: To advance music... Today we would like to announce that The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps will partner with Banda Comunal La Fortuna to bring auditions to every student in Latin America! TROOPERS IN COSTA RICA This is a dream that I have had for years and now it is possible! Im so happy to see that DCI and The Troopers will be now within reach of thousands and thousands of students! I would like to thank, Kristy Jackson Director de Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps and Erick Quesada Director of Banda Comunal La Fortuna for putting together this life changing opportunity!
  11. You did it now. You challenged the Great and Powerful OZ on his knowledge of all things Drum Corps.