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  1. Daave

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    There is the subjectivity of defining competitive, I suppose; but their average finish since coming back in 2007 is 15th. And, I had no idea Fred had been fired or that it was deserved. One usually isn't fired and it is publicly released that they are still with the corps, albeit in another role. Interesting.
  2. Ahhhhh, but what happens if they put her on the podium in a BB skirt? Decisions, decisions.
  3. In the portion of the release that addresses the return of the bus, the writer changes pronouns; from "we" to "I" and back to "we" again. I have my suspicions who wrote it and, if so, then it might appear that the interim board is possibly not as engaged as they should be. JMO
  4. Daave

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    From the DCI website listed as the DCI board, I only recognize three as directors? It would appear there are more independents? Are the interested directors really calling shots? Kathy Black, Chair Chris Komnick, Vice-Chair James Doyle Charles Frost David Glasgow Fran Kick John Masterson Jim Tabuchi
  5. Daave

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    Given the circumstances, the assumption I make is that anyone in that room that is not seriously taking the counsel of those two lawyers would be in the minority. I would also assume that given these same circumstances, (If motions were even made that required a vote) Dan would not go against that vote and go rogue. Again, if they are even making motions to vote on what they want Dan to do, the votes would have carried, would they not?
  6. Daave

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    It's been pointed out before that the current President of the DCI board and at least one other member of the DCI board are lawyers that are not directors of any corps. I'd lay good money that Dan is not operating in a vacuum on any of this.
  7. Daave

    Pioneer What Next?

    Did they not essentially do the same to Troopers in 05? Regardless of the circumstances, were they not asked to go away and come back to get re-evaluated once their feces was coagulated?
  8. I love that movie! Presidential flash cards?
  9. Yep... You're gonna have a bad time. He french fried when he shoulda pizza'd
  10. Fewer shows also means fewer paydays and for some corps the snowball is already rolling downhill.
  11. Daave


    I believe the current President of the BoD and at least one other at large member are lawyers. It is carefully worded for a reason.
  12. Daave

    The State of Drum Corps

    For all of the talk of getting "Torched" over the years by various corps, the Troopers guard got a 1.1 point bump in one performance from the "Torchinator". I know, I know.... numbers management, last performance of the year, etc. I get it. I asked a member of their board about that a couple of years later. His response was that at that moment, on that night, she stopped judging and was a fan soaking it in like the rest of us. I think the tape reflects that. Listen closely to the other judges in the background doing the same thing. "She's in white! Oh my gawd!"
  13. I believe that Colts and Scouts have already beaten Troop head to head and Troop still has individual visual stuff that has persisted since May. So, I'd go with Troop not making the telecast. The mark in me hated typing that. I'm gonna go with Scouts because (Putting on my Glenn Beck tin foil conspiracy hat) there are those that need it to be so.
  14. Daave


    http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php?/forum/5-dci-all-corps-show-amp-event-reviews/ Some who have written reviews have stopped because whether they wrote a review from watching live or a review fro Flo, etc, at come point it almost always gets around to the usual attacks on the poster for not knowing what they are talking about. Most of the time because they don't see it the same way at the home team mark, or it becomes an attack on the sheets and the judges, or the typical Maude Flanders form the Simpson's, "Won't someone please think of the children" response because the review (whether here or the show night threads) are brutally honest. This then leads to another round of what are your qualifications to post this review. Lather, rinse, repeat. Same as the prediction threads most of the time. There are often good and thoughtful reviews of shows and corps performances that are greatly appreciated by those not able to attend shows; but they are not always the norm, in my opinion. As always, just me thinking out loud.
  15. I dunno about the rest, but the bold part brings three words to mind, for me. Reuben Studdard's Mom