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  1. Some will if my theory holds that they'll have to get a Flo subscription in order to have their child submit video auditions though Flo.
  2. Calling it now. This contract will now allow for corps to be "encouraged" to use Flo as the platform to conduct video auditions, etc. For a small fee (of course).
  3. The Kubler-Ross grief model applies to many things these days.
  4. I was at a Troopers camp in 2014 and asked Robert W. Smith about Brian Wilson's music. I suggested that "Heroes and Villains" might make a fun encore for the Troopers, not unlike how the Blue Knights do "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You". He cocked his head like a German Shepard, and looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head and said he doubted anyone had the kind of money to get permission to perform a Brian Wilson song in today's environment.
  5. Intended or not, there's a joke in there somewhere! 😂
  6. Last time he was around he went by "Howdy", right?
  7. I'm pretty sure that in the history of calming down, few if any (adults) have ever calmed down... after being told to calm down. 😂
  8. Two ends of the DCI food chain in more ways than one.
  9. Stephen Sondheim. You know... Sunday in the Park with George 🤣
  10. Only because this thread fell off the front page and I'm tired of the doomsday prepping at (insert the box store of your choice) on the news, where the people doing the prepping are eating the food samples sitting out for everyone to touch... but, when are you going to come back with some more over the top hype?
  11. Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, George Dickel, Jim Beam. Friends of mine!