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  1. Mine was chicken legs. Blondie was already taken lol To reply to the original poster Brasso um quite a few are censored. We were not as nice then as we are now :smile:
  2. Me too. Courts sent a fine; creditors called long after he didn't pay at last known address. Keep accurate records, track process and know you are the truth. Hugs.
  3. As am I. Hush, don't tell. Thank you both.
  4. I tend to agree with you. Earning respect and trust takes time. Before I was DM, I was in guard, winter and summer for 4 years. In 1972, I was the first female DM since 1965 that wasn't a horn player or drill instructor. I had to learn music, read notes on a score and understand the terms of crescendo and decrescendo and more. The transition from movement to music took lots of practice, however, I knew the people I conducted and as a young marching guard instructor knew my friends on guard well. My friendships helped with my huge newly assigned responsibilities in which I didn't audition. I was told to be DM in 1972.
  5. I was DM 1972-1975 with a competitive corps and received assistance from 3 brass staff with an average 10 hours mentoring each at rehearsals with no experienced DM/s to mentor me ever. I took a break in 1976 and marched spare flag with a DCI finalist. I was then again DM 1977-1979 with a non-competitive corps. The DM experiences were completely different. The early years I had to learn and earn respect as a female DM for a corps with males on drums and horns, females on guard while I was their guard instructor. The second shift was for a young, talented all female corps that were musically dynamic and fun to conduct as a DM. You don't need a DM mentor when the corps is good. The DM simply gets to enjoy the music as did I. I was a lucky ducky:)
  6. I was a DM 1972-1979 with 2 corps. You speak truth. No coaching except from 1 bugle instructor and 2 arrangers. Hugs to you and the family over the holiday season.
  7. Bought two in 2013. Time to get my passport again. Hope to visit Indy again soon. Thanks for the videos BD.
  8. The monologue of Joan of Arc in the play Saint Joan by George B. Shaw is powerful. All the best PR.
  9. Dan has been judging for perhaps 40 years. What is your significance to 1987? It's one year of many for many of the pageantry arts. I'm curious.
  10. lindap

    Remember What......

    Guard staff was me and rifle lead from 1972-1975 during winter (guard). When the hired drill instructor showed up in May, I'd brief him of what we were up to for 8 months and we'd figure out how to go from floor to field in a week. During 1972-1975, I was also DM (multi-tasker). Learning from arrangers and horn instructors during the summer was also fun, however, winter guard rocks imo
  11. lindap

    some old corps photos

    This thread is why I was on DCP. A picture is worth a thousand words as can see. Drum corps history and research thereof has made me free. Hugs and thank you.
  12. I've been a fan of SCV since 1973. Thank you SCV for 2018 and through the years. Get some rest and get it again. Hugs.
  13. We traveled to Indy 2010 to satisfy my curiosity. The audience at our seats were wonderful. Quiet during the performances and standing ovation for each corps. I chatted with Mom and son behind me between corps. She gifted him a trip to DCI for his 16th birthday. He said I want to march drum corps and this is the one. He pointed and I knew he knew and smiled. I loved Into The Light and seeing DCI finals in 2010 since 1983. Big gap but glad I did. We traveled to Indy 2013 and the audience was loud. When we went to the bathroom or concession our seats were taken. We politely showed our tickets twice. I loved e=mc2 and Rite of Spring but can't purchase the DVD. No worries. I remember the experience. My travel companions returned west while I flew to Ontario to visit family. At the Indy airport I met members of Cadets, Crossmen and more on their way back to Texas. I thanked them.
  14. You are correct. That would be annoying. I go to local guard shows. We simply applaud, cheer and give a standing ovation at the end of the show if deserved. I've never been to a guard show where the audience screams. Sorry to have confused you.
  15. Thanks. edit not sure why italics? If I wasn't at the show, I'm assuming I have no opinion on what I've been able to see online for free?