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  1. From Brian Tolzmann Alberta Girls Alberta Girls ‘B’ Alpine Girls Arbella Bandettes Bandettes ‘B’ Belles of St. John Belles of St. Mary's Bellettes Bellettes of St. Mary’s Blue Sapphires Bon Bons Brantford Girls Brockelles Buffalo Gals Capitolaires Catholic Daughters Of America Cavelettes Cavalieres Cendrillons Chaparrelles Charisma Chatelaines (2 different all-girl corps by that name) Chatelaines 'B' Corvettes Cranbrook Tri-Schools Girls Debonnaires Debonettes Demoiselles Duchesses (3 different all-girl corps by th
  2. Forgive me for replying late. I rarely view DCP these days. Dining before or after a drum corps show is good ::wink::
  3. 4 cities for me within proximity? Possible direct flights, public transit, good weather or a dome? As for dining, no whining as I had granola bars in my purse Indy 2010 and 2013. Pasadena Santa Clara Minneapolis Chicago
  4. I had tried to warn others with posts here and there to say the bucket was funky for some time. I truly apologize for trying a free service and posting a few of my scans and photos here. Also, my scanner broke a few years ago and have had other technical difficulties. No worries, decades old original programs and photos are intact. The memories are priceless and the cat came home. It's all good. It was a good run. Hugs to all.
  5. 1970's Marion Ohio - good competition 1970's Butler Pennsylvania - good people 1970's Watkins Glen New York - good fun 1970's Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario - good variety
  6. Thank you for sharing the video. I'm not entitled to Flo due to my proximity. SCV 2019 has a fine example of staging, transitions and texture to provide a 3-D stage quality on a flat field with lines. Vanguard is a word that fits well with this corps. Thanks for exploring yet another dimension SCV.
  7. Non-lurker reader that likes posts like this. Thanks for making me
  8. I've often used the word camaraderie when reminiscing years drum corps and winter guard. Thanks for your insightful and poignant posts. He, she, we can equate to whee.
  9. I like Ambrosia
  10. As do I and had drum corps experiences in both cities. Good times.
  11. My brother marched in Del and I knew a few more Dels;) Watched them practice or do half time shows at Del's college football games. Nice campus. Good corps.
  12. I used to doodle with pen and paper in class; was reprimanded; discovered water colour painting. Can a first-year digital media class student doodle? I'm curious.