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  1. Thank you for sharing the video. I'm not entitled to Flo due to my proximity. SCV 2019 has a fine example of staging, transitions and texture to provide a 3-D stage quality on a flat field with lines. Vanguard is a word that fits well with this corps. Thanks for exploring yet another dimension SCV.
  2. Non-lurker reader that likes posts like this. Thanks for making me
  3. I've often used the word camaraderie when reminiscing years drum corps and winter guard. Thanks for your insightful and poignant posts. He, she, we can equate to whee.
  4. I like Ambrosia
  5. As do I and had drum corps experiences in both cities. Good times.
  6. My brother marched in Del and I knew a few more Dels;) Watched them practice or do half time shows at Del's college football games. Nice campus. Good corps.
  7. I used to doodle with pen and paper in class; was reprimanded; discovered water colour painting. Can a first-year digital media class student doodle? I'm curious.
  8. Mine was chicken legs. Blondie was already taken lol To reply to the original poster Brasso um quite a few are censored. We were not as nice then as we are now :smile:
  9. Me too. Courts sent a fine; creditors called long after he didn't pay at last known address. Keep accurate records, track process and know you are the truth. Hugs.
  10. I tend to agree with you. Earning respect and trust takes time. Before I was DM, I was in guard, winter and summer for 4 years. In 1972, I was the first female DM since 1965 that wasn't a horn player or drill instructor. I had to learn music, read notes on a score and understand the terms of crescendo and decrescendo and more. The transition from movement to music took lots of practice, however, I knew the people I conducted and as a young marching guard instructor knew my friends on guard well. My friendships helped with my huge newly assigned responsibilities in which I didn't audition. I was told to be DM in 1972.
  11. I was DM 1972-1975 with a competitive corps and received assistance from 3 brass staff with an average 10 hours mentoring each at rehearsals with no experienced DM/s to mentor me ever. I took a break in 1976 and marched spare flag with a DCI finalist. I was then again DM 1977-1979 with a non-competitive corps. The DM experiences were completely different. The early years I had to learn and earn respect as a female DM for a corps with males on drums and horns, females on guard while I was their guard instructor. The second shift was for a young, talented all female corps that were musically dynamic and fun to conduct as a DM. You don't need a DM mentor when the corps is good. The DM simply gets to enjoy the music as did I. I was a lucky ducky:)