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  1. Don't be ridiculous; you know exactly what I mean. If you saw the corps in June you know they were a ton better by the end--quite frankly more so than I expected with how raw and shockingly unprepared they were that first week. I've worked as a music educator all of my adult life. Some years, I have ensembles that are supremely talented and for whom achieving anything less than near perfection is failure. Other groups I'm just proud that they are able to put on a semi-competent performance. All I ever ask of my kids is that they bust their tails and give max effort while maximizing rehearsal time. And that is all I ask of the Scouts on the field. Now, the adults running the corps? That is another discussion for another thread, and suffice it to say I don't feel the same about them. But that is another discussion for another thread, not the "hype" thread.
  2. I have been so proud of the improvement towards the end of this season. Bring it a few more times, Scouts!
  3. I had a great time watching the show with you last night. I agree with everything you said about the Scouts right now.
  4. So happy for the Skinny Scouts! Go out tomorrow and enjoy the moment.
  5. Those men make this alum proud. Blown away by how much this corps has grown the past few weeks.
  6. When I marched Scouts I absolutely ate up the crowd reaction. There was nothing quite like the roar at the end of the closer or the boos when scores were announced and we didn't win. As a performer making the audience happy is what it is all about.
  7. I still have my gauntlets and cords from Madison in the late 90s. Not sure what they do now, though. I know that members receive a nail with the name of a Scouts alum as part of a program connecting members across generations.
  8. Go Herd! As a Marshall grad and Scouts alum I am thrilled by this. I think he is an excellent hire for MU.
  9. Madison Alum here. That's a pretty broad brush you are painting with. A good summary of why so many of us (from all corps, not just Scouts) stay away from this board now.
  10. Both corps have a ton of history behind them. I don't think one year will cause a seismic shift one way or the other.
  11. Congratulations! The extension is well deserved.
  12. When I marched Scouts we stayed in a hotel for Finals week. Of course, I somehow still ended up sleeping on the floor. The joys of being a rookie.
  13. The g7 proposal concerns me and I feel it is disastrous for the future of the activity. But I will never take out my frustrations on the performers. I work in music education and understand completely how arrogant, ego-driven directors can ruin what is supposed to be a youth centered activity. I hope that adults--both directors and audience members--will behave as such.