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    French Horn St. Joseph Patron Cadets / Mellophone St. Rita's Brassmen - 1965 - 1972
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    Skyliners/Troopers/MadisonScouts/Anaheim Kingsmen/Brassmen
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    Brassmen "Woodstock" / Star of Indiana "B&B"
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    Had to be 1971
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  1. Hi. I am working on a history of Horlick Field and saw your account of your 1969 performance in Horlick Field. I was there. I gathering first hand accounts of members' memories of performing in Horlick Field. Do you have the time to send me some thoughts? I'd really appreciate it.

    Al Karls

  2. I, for one, will miss you. I understand and have tried to stay away (and maybe above) some of the snarky antics that go on here sometimes. But I have always enjoyed your company, insight and sense of humor on these pages. Thank you, Keith.
  3. Great postcard ... but this guy scared the bejeezuz out of us outside of Racine!
  4. Right with you on that, Mike. One thing that is different though, our Music Director and Instructor and Arranger did not have to negotiate the rights for any of his charts. That, today is very different from back then when Hy could put his own spin on whichever piece of music he wanted to arrange for whichever corps he was arranging for ... and probably holds back many of even the elite corps from playing many pieces.
  5. Can you imagine that in this day and age a show like that in 1971? There had to be about 50 Junior and Senior Corps competing that year! Plus that weekend in July was one of the most heavily contested like ... ever! The CYO Nationals in Lowel, The World Open in Lynn and then the Danny Thomas Invitational in Lawrence. What an awesome weekend and yes, although we did not make it to the finals (for some strange reason placing 16th in the prelims) The next day we placed 5th. Good luck on your research because Lynn, MA was the ticket BITD. Maybe a toss-up with Marion, OH for "Best Drum Corps F
  6. Everything makes a difference. Time, thought processes, music, too. We can either grow and change or sit back and let the world go by. Back when I marched this forum wasn't available. Neither was this laptop or our ability to communicate the way we do. Would I want to go back to the time when I needed to find a pay phone just to call home? Heck NO! But when we travelled across country from New York to Wisconsin we had no idea what the corps we were competing against even looked like ... aside from maybe shots in Drum Corps News or Fleetwood album covers and back then it was difficult to
  7. What he said ... mostly. As to being elite, well I never was ... in our day most Drum Corps were of the blue collar variety ... we worked our butts off all fall and winter and then went out and did what we were taught. We were judged according to how well we executed - pretty much cut and dried unless you got a cadre of judges who plain didn't like you (and there were a few of them!) All in all (and I totally don't know anything much about the mid seventies to about '81/'83 because I was just plain angry at DCI!) Have come to like many shows during the past few decades and have every fait
  8. And what a wonderful thing that was for some of us on the East Coast! Added a whole new dimension to the corps! Just have to add though, (with the mention of Ms. Opie) that Garfield had one of the best ever Mellophone players I've ever heard - she would be Barbara Maroney!
  9. I wouldn't begin my marching career for a couple of years after this date but the idea of this is not lost on me ... I checked around and oddly enough there didn't seem to be a lot of shows held on the 4th for some reason that probably had a lot to do with the day it fell on the calendar ... I know those of us who marched in local circuits in and around the Tri-State (NY, NJ & Conn) had shows every weekend. Thanks for the memory.
  10. I will try not to be redundant, Keith and first say I know what you mean. Indoor instruments (to me) just don't sound as good as those that were meant to be played outdoors. That said, the sound we are listening to (what little there is from the horn lines, however embellished) is not as full as our meager little horn lines long ago. I like what was said about Boston and to that I will add the pre DCI intonation quality of the Anaheim Kingsmen, St. Joe's of Batavia, and even some of those from the little town of New York like the Bronx Kingsmen, St. Rocco's Cadets and yes, even the St. Rita
  11. Well, my friends, there are so many With the late St. Joseph Patron Cadets and St. Rita's Brassmen ... David Smith - French Horn circa 1965-1969 Anthony (Tony) Franco - Director circa 1962-1968 Howard Jensen Sr.- Quartermaster 1971-1973 Steve Choronzy - Soprano 1973 John (Willie) Williams - Drummer 1967-1973 Norris Sutton - Solo Soprano 1967 -1972 Phil Maldonado - 1st Baritone circa 1964 -1967 Edward (aka Goldfinger) Hernandez - Solo Soprano 1970 Mario Melita Sr. - Business Manager 1968-1973 John Santana – French Horn 1970 Joel Glover - Soprano 1970 Anthony (Tony) Lacks - Rifle S
  12. Yeah, Keith. You're right. The thing we should do is not slap you down for not including like every single corps in your poll. No one will get them all - I know that. Of course, Nanci said it best.
  13. A few stand out for me but I go way back. I think the guard stuff during the Pines Of Rome Star show was pretty awesome. There's also a few rifle sections that stand out - most notably Anaheim, SCV and of course The Blue Stars for their uniforms alone. But way before that there were the young women in St. Joseph Patron Cadets who ( I believe ) in 1966 were the first to actually twirl their flags as part of the show ... That was pretty awesome for the time.