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    French Horn St. Joseph Patron Cadets / Mellophone St. Rita's Brassmen - 1965 - 1972
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    Skyliners/Troopers/MadisonScouts/Anaheim Kingsmen/Brassmen
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    Brassmen "Woodstock" / Star of Indiana "B&B"
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    Had to be 1971
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    New York City
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    I write and produce television and radio commercials.
    I love reading - my primary source of entertainment.

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  1. Hi. I am working on a history of Horlick Field and saw your account of your 1969 performance in Horlick Field. I was there. I gathering first hand accounts of members' memories of performing in Horlick Field. Do you have the time to send me some thoughts? I'd really appreciate it.

    Al Karls