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  1. Darn, Keith. You got me again. I thought you were opening a thread about soda.
  2. Yep. Jacksonville, FL. Been there, same here. Ugly stuff. Please see below. Ah, $0.00 dues. Hotels and Motels. Most notably the Marco Polo on the Beach in Miami one year ( speaking of the VFW Nationals) And oh yeah! There were no fast food joints so we actually ate FOOD! Wow ... did you ever see those Charlie Brown specials and whenever one of the parents spoke it was like a muted trumpet or something? That's what that stuff above looks like to me. But I'm here to help. The good old days for the Garfield Cadets was hearing Barbara Maroney play those solos like nobody else could. And with all the flowery blah, tradition blah, blah, they still have not given her a berth in their own Hall Of Fame. Yeah, I'm still upset about the non service in Jacksonville, too. Equally shameful. Just saying.
  3. If I were to answer the posted question I would have to begin by asking one of my own: What means "Show"? Is that the venue or a particular performance by an individual Drum Corps? If it is the former then I will say the most famous Drum Corps Show was Evening With The Corps If it is a performance for me it can only be Star of Indiana 1993 - Music of Barber and Bartok Because Everybody in Drum Corps knows it and Everybody either hated it or Loved it and not to take anything away from what I consider to be a far better executed concept by Star in 1991 with the stunning George Z "double cross" we never saw coming, the '93 performance cannot be even tried again. Just as DCI is completely afraid of having anything like another Evening With The Corps ...Just saying.
  4. Yes, and of course, you're right ... just got caught up in the moment there. Of course my excuse could be that after Barbara's solo I was done.
  5. And most of us who have gone through this thread more than once have heard it said that Anaheim was possibly the most photogenic Drum Corps or a certain era and that rifle line ... totally kicked it to a new notch!
  6. No matter what your list, no matter what the era (even if you don't know enough to know that there were players before 1974 or what ever. No one Junior Drum Corps soloist ever, ever made my hair stand on end like Jim's awesome performances (show after show!) during that Conquest OTL! If you haven't heard it, find it ... listen to it ... be amazed because even for the recording technology from back then you will hear a virtuosity surrounded by a horn chart that could only be called inspired.
  7. Well if you're going to go there ... It was really Our Lady of Loretto Knights St. Lucy's Cadets St. Joseph of Batavia Cadets The short-lived always up and coming St. Joseph Patron Cadets The Bronx Kingsmen The Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights Speaking of girls in the corps: The Trumbull Troubadors (45 girl color guard - no joke!) Staten Island Lawmen ( I think) The Bon Bons St. Ignatius The Appleknockers from Upstate NY Then I have to give a nod to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, many members of which went on to become Directors and Instructors of some of the best Drum Corps in the East.
  8. Keith, Keith ... Keith. You could have used American Express and I still would have opened this thread because it was you. What happened as I see it began well before '85 or even '76. It was because it was the end of 1971, it was because of a group of selfish, greedy Mid-West Corps directors wanted to make money from a great activity, because of a very stupid conflict in Vietnam, because of the breakup of many communities, the lack of families having dinner together because of f-ing McDonald's, 50,000 young people not coming home, Nixon, gas prices ... 1971 was (as has been discussed before) "The Year Drum Corps Died" Drum Corps went into a cocoon for just about a decade then emerged to scamper around with little or no focus until the another group of people got together from Indiana with a real plan on how to run a Drum Corps as a business and not use anything other than talent and focus and not politics to build an organization that if others had followed their model they'd be successful, too and within six years they were the corps everybody had to get out of the way of ... and then ... like any great champion quit after realizing no matter what, they could be better than any other corps but they would never beat the system. (Was that a great run-on sentence or what!?) So after the mid 90s Drum Corps went back into the cocoon again and coasted along uninspiring me at any rate until a couple of years ago when Phantom, and Carolina Crown, and SCV and even BD and the Troopers got some life back ... but even though Juliet had a spark that made my heart skip a couple of beats ... well you know.
  9. I must agree to disagree and while saying that agree to agree with Mr. Fallon on this. While taking into consideration the adoration any horn player of note could have for Mr. Ott and while Spirit's closer was great ... there remains one song, one player and one corps that stands out from any other closer, solo performance (show after show and year after year) that could just have me in stunned awe. The year - 1984. The song - I Have A Love The Corps - Garfield Cadets. The caveat - I to this day have absolutely no love for Garfield and except for a couple of George Zingali years and the peace sign No More War show, I have been underwhelmed for decades. Actually the only thing that impresses me about The Cadets (or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays) is their longevity. But Barbara ... Barbara is and was the player who could make me tear up - even when I knew it was coming - even on CD or DVD. So like Ray says. Hold that thought for Mr. Ott and that performance ... and I'll just cuddle up with mine.
  10. 1969 - Pagliacci Overture, Thunder & Blazes Billboard March, Make Our Garden Grow 1970 - Three Blind Mice In Symphony Hall 1971 - Ride Of The Valkyries, Point Alma Mater, Woodstock! Played some great stuff in St. Joe's, too. Dance Macabre and Minnie The Moocher which featured one of the great Euphonium players of our era, Rubin Ariola Just as a side note: I think that the 1970 CMCC Warriors' Voodoo Suite was one of the most innovative and imaginative OTL Hy Drietzer ever created for Drum Corps. And that my friends, is saying something.
  11. [*]Waitresses in southern diners who refused to take our orders because we were racially-integrated. Yeah - I feel you on that one. 1970 Jacksonville, FL. Similar scenario. Ugly for a bunch of 12 to 17 year olds from the most diverse city (NYC) in America. We never knew what hit us most of the bus ride down was like that ... until we got to New York's 6th borough - Miami!
  12. Please refer to posts #6 #7 and ah... #8 Not to mention shows like the Dream, the World and U.S. Open where the fans were rabid and the stands were full!
  13. I have been saying that yonnenana's thread is the single most complete pictorial history of Drum Corps as we know it ever compiled. No where else will you be able to find the depth found within those now two thousand plus pages. It is virtually (now!) impossible to view everything therein in one sitting or even one day. I am proud to be a contributor and even more proud to have been around when Mr. Quip, Tommy Tymp wrote: (as the 109991th post on page 1100) ETA: 1100 PAGES, Y'ALL. 1100 Mickie-Fickin' pages. The Best. Thread. Ever. The comments are sometimes better than the pics and the insight shown by some of the writers is as entertaining as it gets. Keith Hall, Apoch003, Lindap, Jocko the Wonder Llama, DPEmerald, Lancer Legend, Lancerlady, A27Lancer, (lotta 27 here) randomnoise, Malibu, the very venerable MikeD and so many others whose names I can't remember (these were all off the top of my head) have kept me laughing and remembering all these years. Now as I've said before ... now I'll shut up.
  14. Keith ... dude, you have got to be more specific. I mean, I've got all kinds of memories of all kinds of things I'd like to share before I forget them. Like this is what I looked like just before the VPW Nationals in Florida ... that year when the Belleville Black Knights edged us out of the finals. Want to talk about 1970 the year the Troopers romped around the country whipping up on everybody?
  15. Anyone notice how the prelim numbers dropped off considerably after (ahem!) the DCI era began? Interesting to note that The Crusaders practically owned the show until about 1968 and appeared in every one until 1972. Much props for that! Please note also the aforementioned double bass drum configuration in this Color Presentation shot from 1967.
  16. They all look good in uniform ... but I can see what you're getting at or want to get at or...
  17. I'll go as far as saying that just a few years later the triple crown would become that glorious weekend in MA. that included not only the CYO Nationals, but also the World Open and The Danny Thomas Invitational. More corps that weekend and more incredible fans assembled in one small area in the late sixties than ever before and not ever since. I don't think there were ever anything less than 35 corps in the prelims for the W.O. (I could be wrong, though!)
  18. Pretty much the same thing I said when a Facebook friend posted this a couple of weeks ago!
  19. Good and funny catch! Soon as I read your post I looked at the color guard's hands ... yep reversed the photo is. Cool shot, though!
  20. Is there an Emoticon for scratching your eyes out?
  21. It's really good to know that Drum Corps and particularly the Scouts will be around eighteen thousand years from now. How's the video from there, or can we actually play that technology now?
  22. I was a fly on the wall during a couple of conversations that Eric and Hy had before we purchased our first two tymps. They were rather heated because Eric was not liking the idea of adding instrumentation that was not "drum corps". Once it was settled though, it was all about the music. And if you didn't have an ear, you were not in the section no matter how well you played in the section you were transitioning from.
  23. I do wish you lots of luck with corpsreps. I'll tell you they are pretty unreliable when it comes to the real history. If you go back it's really spotty. It's better the closer we get to current stuff and I have tried to submit info on shows we've competed in to no avail. It's weird when you do a scores search and don't see your corps in a show you know your were in and then you go to another corps score page and there you are. Missing info happens a lot the further back you go.