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  1. Except one soprano lead guy that didn't I once heard.
  2. I might just add here that speaking of Eric and Hy and the use of the tymps it wasn't until a couple of years after 1968 that most Corps' tymp sections actually understood the use of the instrument(s). Our guys, and no doubt, by default all Dreitzer and Perrilloux's corps, were playing music from day one! They gave those cranks a real workout every show. And please notices ...there was no resting ... they strapped those bad boys on at the starting line and didn't put 'em down 'til we were done.
  3. May I then say: Welcome to the "Sorry Puppet" Show. I really thought the the two female DM thing was going to fly. Or the two female DM's named Kathy. :doh: And I really thought the peace symbol show was '71. sigh.
  4. I thought the Garfield show was called No More War. And could these two young women be the first female Drum Majors (both named Kathy BTW, I think!) to lead a co-ed Drum Corps ... ever?!
  5. OMG! Did the Pope transition, too! It's only been like one page ago I found out this guy named Elvis died ... now this! Oh, the tragedy! Next thing you know Jim Morrison gonna keel over ....
  6. Of course it is ... Drum Corps Piccolo OK I know it's not a piccolo but a flute but I take my punch lines where I can find them
  7. Now that's really weird. Why would I have a shot of the Kingsmen drumline? Loved their hornline Loved the guard. Especially the rifles. B&W doesn't do their uniforms any justice at all, does it?
  8. Am I mistaken or are these guys them? Or the Appleknockers? I think this is from 1968. Now that I'm old I can't see colors in B&W the way I used to.
  9. Great questions! But who was the first to use theatrics?
  10. Somebody had to have tymps before 1968. As to the drums mentioned above ... Pick just about any corps in '68. We marched them and if we did, then just about every corps Hy and Eric worked with had them ... We had them at the Felt Forum (remember Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum?) for Evening With The Corps so that means we'd been rehearsing with them all winter ... remember rehearsals (not camp) in autumn, winter and spring before the season, anyone? BTT - But c'mon! 1968? Only Boston? Our tymp line in '68 - Barry and Rod - our last year as St. Joseph Patron Cadets. By the next year we had 4 - all different sizes and those guys actually did a lot more than just help row a big boat, if you know what I mean. They played music! Somebody from down East help me out here. Didn't SAC have them and the Bronx Kingsmen? Like I said, nobody was using them any more than the tuned bass drums that year - but they were out there. So find me someone from 1967 'cause there is no winner for '68. But wait! Apparently someone did the research for us and even us old guys can find stuff on the web here's a page out of history so to speak. What do I know? I played French Horn.
  11. Wait. Elvis is dead?! Well, if that's the case, I was sitting right here in New York City, right now. C'mon, this is some kind of hoax, right? Like The Onion or something .... right?
  12. I was looking for the "like" button all through this post. Just an addition to the highlighted paragraph. If you go back ten more years there were double that many world class drum corps in the Boston area. The Tri-State area of NY, NJ & Conn had dozens of championship caliber (We called them Class "A") competing corps. And there were literally thousands of smaller parade and Class "B" corps up and down the Eastern Seaboard from Canada to Delaware. Three of the best shows you could ever march in during my era were right in the Boston area and all during the same weekend. The alum and fans who attended those shows will always flock to a show that reminds them of the Good Old Days when you didn't know who was going to win but you always knew who was going to be in the top five.
  13. Whenever I come to a new post about a provocative subject I am loath to wade in without reading other posts and get the lay of the land (as it were) and then tread lightly as to not hurt anyone's sensitive nature. But, see ... there's that one line. And I must respond before I forget why I have had more than concern over this youth activity for well over a quarter of a century. I'm old, and I will forget. In answer to your question: "Where's the youth?" Dude, there is no youth! Because it is no longer a youth activity. It stopped being so when there were no more young men and women under voting age competing at the very highest levels. It stopped being so when consenting adults starting marching. It stopped being so when everybody in a particular Drum Corps all came from the same particular town or city. It stopped being so when the marching members stopped spending nights in Holiday Inns and other (albeit cheap!) Motels during their tours. It stopped being so when it stopped being about the youth and became all about being the money. Cynical thoughts and probably some that sound all too old school and damningly familiar, but kids want to be kids! They want to have that "oh and ah" of driving into a town for a weekend show and see other Drum Corps they've never seen or heard of and compete against them. Yeah, yeah ... whoa is me. What is that word: Tangent. Sorry. Play through.
  14. Most important second rule: Just saying ... Or is this just your way of asking me to dredge up more shots of the Blue Stars guard?
  15. And, when you've only got four in your line you better have at least twice as many bells! Just one of the reasons (after two decades of not!) I liked the Mello line of Star. They played charts like a house on fire and during the cross-to-cross section of their 1991 show not to mention that the entire show seemed to be written for the "bells" of the Mello line.They are the only reason after 1986 I became interested in Drum Corps again at all. The horn line's control and George Zingali's masterful use of the entire field has never been repeated. Check it out and I swear this is not their best show ... it's just the one every Drum Corps since should study and try (see the star at 8:40 and the build up and the pure dynamic rapture that follows ... and only gets better ... these guys are playing and moving with such acumen it's almost impossible to go from there to there and still keep your lip on the horn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcnTwGgJ8nM
  16. Ray - where have you been? OK. I played one for one season - I don't even think Hy thought it was qood idea ... but what did we know? I was just commenting on the idea of hitting our soft parts with the bell of a Mellophone!
  17. Of course when I said wacky I was thinking of all the stuff below the belt line and who might have seen some stars then and again. Remember, I played Mello and .. you know.
  18. I always thought the low parade rest was kinda wacky but if it got the job done and the entire line did it (How so Contras!?) cool. Speaking of cool how about those Flugle horns ... huh?
  19. But you had to have the all the metal stuff hanging on your uniform to make it work! And speaking of the Commandant's Own ... many, many props to the white leather gloves!
  20. Ok - so as good as anything can be from over 40 years ago is this shot from '69 during the "Calliope" section of our Entry Of The Gladiators OTL. Featured: Me on French Horn, Reginald Henry on Mellophone, Joseph Luginsland on French Horn and Hall of Fame lead soprano Jimmy Maldonado. What was to follow was (and probably still is!) one of the loudest, most devastating knock your hat off expositions of Euphonium Brass licks that if you were ever in the stands to hear it live you would to this day still be asking yourself how the heck could (and you can't even see them here in this photo - more Carmen and Hy genus at work because it all was slammed at the audience from the outsides of the formation!) only 8 horns sound like that in perfect unison?!?!?! I loved that OTL.
  21. If you recall that, then you have to remember all the corps who appeared at the Mosque Theater in Newark, Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum who did the clink! They are on all the Fleetwood recordings.
  22. You have to pick a corps, any corps on the east coast BITD all the ones who wore cadet style uniforms ... from Blue Rock all the way to St. Joe's Batavia, the Crusaders, Polish Falcons, virtually every corps from Brooklyn who represented a Catholic parish - there was much Chinking going on at every show retreat! There were some corps who would stand on the line, go to parade rest (just for the chink!) then come to attention to begin their show. It was like "pre GE."
  23. Wait. "Crash!" I don't remember much these days but I do remember seeing and reading about a player named Baby Huey but I thought he was with either the Kilties or 27. There are shots of him on that other (the greatest collection of memories and pictures in all the history of Drum Corps!) thread found elsewhere on this site and worth just taking the time on a rainy day and checking out over 2000 pages of stuff. You might even find some cymbal shots here and there.